Get full information about ethical hacking course

Get full information about ethical hacking course

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A Certified Ethical Hacker, or CEH, is a professional who knows and is an expert in discovering vulnerabilities and weak points in targeted systems. They are also known as white hat hackers. When it comes to information security, CEH-certified people are the most qualified professionals available, regardless of the vendor. They are ethical hackers, also known as “white hats,” and they have been trained to think and behave in the same manner as harmful hackers, also known as “black hats.” Someone who possesses the skills necessary to be a hacker but whose moral code constrains them to keep within the boundaries of lawful activity is referred to as a Certified Ethical Hacker. This phrase was first used to describe someone who possessed these skills. Over the course of the past several years, the meaning of the phrase “ethical hacker” has evolved to include all types of security professionals who offer offensive services, such as red teams, pentesters, and independent offensive consultants. Enrolling in an ethical hacking certification gives all the necessary overviews and insights towards cracking the CEH certification. 

What is CEH?

CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker is an entry-level certification that is suitable for individuals who do not perform penetration testing and those who do not have in-depth knowledge of security. Despite the fact that it covers some of the same topics as CISSP and offers a good range of penetration tools and testing, CEH is appropriate for those who do not perform penetration testing. The only requirement for a beginner CEH student is a solid understanding of networking that can be put to use.

What are the prerequisites for taking the CEH exam?

Applications for CEH certification are evaluated to determine which of these three categories best fits the applicant. To be qualified to take the examination, an applicant needs to be able to fulfill one of the following conditions:

Consider the following scenario: the candidate is younger than 18 years old. If this is the case, the candidate will not be permitted to participate in an official training session or try to pass the certification exam unless they can produce written consent from a parent or legal guardian as well as a letter of support from a higher education establishment that has been granted approval on a national level.

The requirements for the CEH certification are not as stringent as those for many other famous professional certifications in the cybersecurity field. For this reason, the CEH is typically considered an entry-level qualification; yet, it is an absolutely necessary possession for anybody who is looking for work that involves offensive elements.

After earning their CEH certification, a prospective expert in cyber security training in India may wish to investigate their options for earning their CISM certification. 

The Cyber Security Expert Master’s program that Simplilearn provides is designed for IT professionals who seek to study a comprehensive range of cyber-security courses and achieve a higher level of expertise. The curriculum consists of a total of six different classes, some of which are as follows: CEH, CISM, and CISSP. In this manner, the one who aspires to become a master of cyber security would acquire all of the necessary skills for a cyber security expert, including becoming a hacker who wears a white hat.

When it comes to penetration testing, CEH takes a more theoretical approach and provides less hands-on laboratories than other certifications.

The 125 multiple-choice questions that make up the CEH certification exam are spread out throughout the course of a four-hour test.

The CEH certification training course in Atlanta offered by Simplilearn gives you the hands-on teaching you need to master the strategies that hackers use to break into network systems and strengthen your own defenses against those strategies. You will be successfully prepared to scale up your blue team skills after completing this ethical hacking course, which is linked with the most recent version of the CEH offered by the EC-Council and is CEH v12.

CEH Training Essential Components

  • Included in the cost of the exam
  • 8 times more student participation in live online classes led by experienced industry people
  • Partner in training that has been granted accreditation by EC-Council
  • Free access to CEHv12 iLabs for a period of six months
  • EC-study Council’s material, also known as an e-kit (e-kit)
  • 20 active security domains at this time


This ethical hacking certification verifies that the candidate possesses the skills necessary to succeed in the field of information security. In many IT departments, having a CEH certification is now required to work in a security-related role. Wages for CEH ethical hacker experts who are certified are 44% more than earnings for ethical hacker professionals who are not qualified.


This training in ethical hacking is intended for network security officers, site administrators, IS/IT specialists and analysts, IS/IT auditors, IT operations managers, IT security officers, network specialists, and other professionals working in computer support and information technology departments that are linked together.

As a result of the fact that the CEH certification is applicable to a diverse selection of security responsibilities across a wide range of organizational settings, the usual salary will also differ. The acquisition of this certification will, without a doubt, make it possible for a candidate to advance to roles that offer higher salaries or entitle them to a bigger income in their current function.

Acquiring a CEH will allow you to enter and progress through roles that are entry-level and intermediate-level due to the rising demand for seasoned cybersecurity experts in the market today. When advancing in one’s job as a security specialist, it is important to keep in mind several additional professional certifications and degrees. You may learn more about how to select the most appropriate cybersecurity credentials by reading more here.


It is arguable that the CEH is the greatest alternative for professional certification available to security professionals who are interested in demonstrating to their current or prospective employer that they have the knowledge and abilities necessary to think like a threat actor.