What You Should Know about CLT Panels

CLT construction has revolutionized the global residential development. Cross-laminated timber technique, which stands for CLT, enables a unique eco-friendly way of building tall wooden structures. Until recently the development of high timber buildings was impossible because of the weakness of the classic timber construction technique.

However, today the usage of panels made of glued timber opens up a lot of new opportunities for the building business. Follow https://clt-rezult.com/en/products/kleenyj-brus/ for more info on how to start a new project implementing innovative techniques.

Main benefits of CLT panels:

  • Energy efficiency and thermal insulation. Panels are solid, so, the airflow through the construction has little potential.
  • Low cost. Both manufacturing and installation of panels require less energy than other materials, which makes them most affordable.
  • Environmentally friendly construction. Wood is a renewable and natural material, which has a lighter carbon footprint.
  • Fire protection. A thick cross-section assures slow charring.
  • Simple installation. This construction does not require a lot of time because panels are prefabricated.
  • Structural stability. CLT panels are resistant to seismic waves due to the rigidity of the construction.

Moreover, CLT panels are a universal material that can be used as ceilings, roofing, walls, etc.

Where to Buy High-Quality CLT Panels

If you are looking for a reliable producer of high-class CLT panels, you will be satisfied with the service and products provided by Rezult HOUSE. This is one of the greatest projects in Eastern Europe, which was founded in Ukraine in 2011.

For more than 10 years the company provides building constructions from different types of glued timber including CLT panels.

To get to know the experience and achievements of the company better, go to the official site following https://clt-rezult.com/en/clt-panel/clt-paneli/ and contact the support team via phone number – +38 067 215 72 68 or email – office@rezult.pro.

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