Thinking about a Breast Reduction? Are You a Candidate?

Women have many reasons for reducing the size of their breasts. One of the primary reasons is that they feel their breasts are asymmetrical and don’t match with the rest of their body. Another reason may be that their heavy breasts are causing them shoulder and back pain. Other reasons may include that it distracts others from paying attention to who they are and instead places focus on their breasts.

There are many treatments available for breast reduction but the best treatment is with liposuction. You can consult the skilled New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parakh who provides consultation and treatment facilities at her Englewood, New Jersey office of Parakh Plastic Surgery Center. Once you meet Dr. Parakh, your breast reduction concerns will be solved with ease.

The Breast Reduction Liposuction Procedure

The liposuction procedure has typically been performed to remove excess fat from body parts like thighs, belly, buttocks and hips. Some surgeons use the procedure in order to remove fat from delicate parts of the body like the chin and breast. It is also being used, during the breast reduction procedure, to remove excess fat from breasts so that the breasts are  lifted giving the breasts a more beautiful and appealing contour.

The liposuction procedure results in less complications. Many women have reported that it is the most suitable help for middle aged and older women who are looking to regain the shape their breasts had when they were younger.

When should you consider consulting a Dr. Parakh for a breast reduction liposuction procedure?

  • If you are troubled with back pain. Big heavy breasts have an adverse effect on the curvature of the spine. Eventually, over the years, overly large breasts lead to back pain that can become unbearable.
  • If your shoulder and neck start to be feeling heavy and painful. Large, heavy breasts can make a woman stoop over resulting in neck and shoulder pain.
  • If you have trouble breathing, have rashes underneath your breasts because of excess sweat or moisture, experiencing headaches and feeling an uneasy sensation in your
  • If you feel emotionally upset and upset because you are unable to wear clothes that are flattering to your figure because your breasts are overly large. Basically you don’t feel comfortable wearing trendy dresses that fit your figure perfectly because of your big breasts.
  • If you experience pain in your breasts while doing vigorous activities like exercising in the gym or doing cardio workouts.

It has been shown that a breast reduction with liposuction is a safe treatment and the recovery time after the procedure is faster. You may experience some pain for a few days, which will gradually vanish. There may be some tiny scars for a couple of months, but you will feel a reduction in the weight of the breasts and be happy that your breasts are more shapely.

All you need to do is contact the Englewood, New Jersey office of Parakh Plastic Surgery Center and make an appointment with Dr. Parakh who has expertise in using liposuction to perform a breast reduction.