4 Things New Golfers Should Know Before Their First Lesson

4 Things New Golfers Should Know Before Their First Lesson

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Golf is one of the sports that require the most preparation before starting a lesson or simply having a day out on the golf course. If you are a beginner, you should definitely research the rules of the game and how you should behave on the course.

To ensure that you have the best experience possible, always check the requirements of the club you will be attending and make sure to ask any questions beforehand. Here are a few things to keep in mind before your first lesson:

1. Pack the Essential Equipment

Golf is entirely dependent on having the appropriate equipment. At the very top of that list are the golf clubs and balls. Beginners tend to lose a lot of balls on the way. Therefore, it is advisable to get used practice balls until you improve your technique. You will find them online at a much lower price.

Renting or borrowing golf clubs will help you save up for a new set. You will eventually need a complete set as each golf club has a specific use and will be required as you train. It is recommended to bring a notebook or use your phone to take some notes on the feedback you receive from your coach.

2. Appropriate Clothing Is a Must

Suitable clothing can either make or break your performance on the golf course but worry not! Your instructor will advise you on the type of clothing you should wear. Even though there is a specific dress code to be adhered to, you should check the requirements of the golf club you’ll be attending.

Some facilities are strict with their dress code, while others allow other sports-related attires such as athletic wear. When the weather is cooler, you can layer up and lose the extra layers as it gets warmer. Other clothing items to bring along when it is sunny include sunglasses, a towel, and hats. As a side note, always ensure that you apply some sunscreen before hitting the golf course.

The recommended clothing for men is soft-soled shoes, and a t-shirt with a collar tucked into knee-length shorts or trousers. The consensus among golfers is that most materials are acceptable apart from denim.

Women have a broader range to choose from when it comes to clothing, such as appropriate-length skirts, shorts, and dresses, or sleeveless collared shirts with trousers.

3. Good Timing Is Key

As with any new experience, it can be pretty intimidating to start with the full glare of an audience. Therefore, you must ensure that you pick a time slot when the golf course is not overcrowded. To work off the excess nerves, arrive early and tour the facility and grounds. A few minutes before the lesson will give you enough time to hit a few balls and warm up.

The best times to start your lessons are in the afternoon and on weekdays. The online tee sheets have all the information you need to plan your routine. Most private courses will schedule suitable slots for their beginner golfers. But if you are using a public course, you will have to book a slot.

4. Other Golf Beginner Tips

It is crucial to remember that golf demands a certain level of physical and mental preparedness. You should stretch out before you start to avoid any injuries. The exercises should target your hamstrings, shoulders, hips, arms, and neck as they are most prone to tightness.

To avoid any misunderstandings, always confirm the acceptable forms of payment. Most private clubs will charge a membership fee, while the public courses accept payment by cash or credit card.

Your relationship with the trainer should be based on honesty for you to learn what you need to. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask questions before, during, and after the lesson.

Bottom Line

Golf is a relaxing sport and leisurely pastime for many people, as long as they adhere to the set of rules and etiquette. Golfers play for the overall experience, and respecting their time goes a long way to showing sportsmanship and building relationships with the other players. If you wish to get a head start, you can always use online golf courses from pg Performance Golf to practice at home and learn more about the basics.

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