The Fast Tracks Review – Is It For You ?

The Fast Tracks Review – Is It For You ?

Maybe, you have heard from somewhere about it, and inside here The Fast Tracks Review below, you will find more information about it, it was previously known as The 1k A Day Fast Track. Keep reading, if you want to learn more details.

What Is 1k A Day Fast Track(The Fast Tracks) ?

When, you get inside the training of Merlin Holmes, the founder of the training, who is over seven figure earner guides you an ultimate and powerful way to do affiliate marketing in a certain way.

A really powerful way that includes growing email list and two page websites, a quiz/poll and a thank you page, a really powerful strategy that gives great results, as the students and marketers use them and achieve very good results with this approach.

It’s a proven strategy that not many marketers even know, but inside of Merlin’s it is being taught and it provides the students with very good results. Merlin has used them as well, but majority of the people don’t implement them, which is unfair advantage for the people that will learn about it like the students inside.

Get Access To 1k A Day Fast Track Webinar

You will get the hang of growing email list, because that’s really important for a serious business, a big problem is that many marketers and businesses don’t take this step, which leads to failure, that’s really important step to take.

Merlin has placed everything, you need to learn to set up your system with email marketing and the two page websites, templates and everything, you need.

To get started, you wouldn’t need skills, because you will build the skills inside, as you will be taught all the things you need, getting traffic on very profitable native advertising networks, that are a lot cheaper and affordable than the usual ones like FB and Youtube.

He will share the advertising networks, that you need to know about. These powerful methods are used by affiliates, some affiliates have scaled to a lot of numbers.

It doesn’t matter, where you live, age or something like that, you can start and achieve results by getting the knowledge from Merlin, that he has used many years and years of experience placed inside the training to craft quizzes, which convert, combining with email marketing, which is a huge advantage, because most people don’t do it or if they do it, they don’t do it the right way.

Inside Of 1k A Day Fast Track

Lets get into the modules of the training, so you can understand more about it.

1k A Day Fast Track Week 1 – Fast Commissions

This is the starting part of the course.

There will be information about the commissions as well as ways of promotion.

This is really important for beginners, also for more advanced, it will be good.

More general information, of different affiliate networks and programs and others.

The proper way and mindset, you would need to succeed, presell pages, also affiliate links and other information. Being consistent, staying motivated and focused, which are some of the most important things, when it comes to having success long term.

1K A Day Fast Track Week 2 – Knowing Polls

Here, you will learn the main secret Merlin uses, the polls/quizzes. How they work and how high converting they are.

It’s important module for getting success and the second week, you will get inside the research part of the way to utilize quizzes/polls in your advantage.

Multiple things will be covered like the psychology behind the quizzes and how to create them, getting your domain name, landing pages, customization of poll pages, privacy policies, TOS and others.

1K A Day Fast Track Week 3 – Emails

Previously mentioned about the emails, mixing them with the polls, they are really high converting. This is related with your leads and customers.

Inside of this, you will get important information about email marketing, configuration, domain integration, landing pages, email templates and email sequence.

1K A Day Fast Track Week 4– Automation

When, it comes to the automation part, it’s crucial to have part of your business automated, because it save times and allows you to focus on important things.

Inside of this one, you will learn the whole process, from the affiliate networks, CPA Networks and knowing important metrics inside your business, dealing with competition and being one step ahead, untapped methods and more.

1K A Day Fast Track Week 5 – Native Ads

We mentioned about it earlier, when it comes to traffic, there are many paid traffic sources, but it’s important, where you get it from, inside of this, you will be shown the popular native platforms MGID, Revcontent etc and other quality and cheap ones to get traffic.

Native ads are widely used from many marketers and there is huge potential by using these traffic sources, also there are no FaceBook suspends.

Inside, you will learn what are these native ads platforms and the way to drive traffic, also setting up the traffic, content, ads and all the things you need to know targeting. The good part as mentioned is that, there is no disabled account like with Facebook.

1K A Day Fast Track Week 6

The last module will cover the future material from Merlin and he goes through the the future income streams and inside you will also find additional information for making money.

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