Explore Microsoft Power Platform

Explore Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a group of products offered by Microsoft to develop and build complex business solutions, analyze, and draw data visualizations, automate a business process, or build virtual agents for communication. All these products offer a platform in which no code is required to build the applications. These products are in the form of simple GUI which can be used by any business users or developers, thus helping to reduce the need for IT in the organization.

There are four products under the Microsoft Power Platform:

  • Power BI – Used to analyze data from different data sources
  • Power Apps – Used to build powerful mobile apps for internal use by the organization
  • Power Automate – Used to design automated workflows to reduce manual tasks
  • Power Virtual Agents – Used to develop flexible chatbots that can communicate with external customers

One app platform for Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella “For the first time in fact, in our own Microsoft history, we have an extensibility model that is the same for Office 365 and Dynamics 365. This has been a dream of mine for, I don’t know, for 15 years probably. And we are finally here and we are executing super well.”

Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate

If you’re a business professional with deep expertise in your solution domain and you want to leverage your passion for building Microsoft Powerspp to simplify, automate, and transform tasks and processes for your team, this Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Associate certification is designed for you. You must have the skills to accomplish key technical business analyst tasks, such as data modeling, basic UX design, requirements analysis, and process analysis.

You fit the profile for the app maker role if you’re self-directed and solution-focused, and you work with the maker tools of Microsoft Power Platform to solve business problems. You might have experience with Visual Basic for Applications, Excel PivotTables, Teams, and other tools. Although you might not have formal IT training, you’re comfortable working with IT administrators and Microsoft Power Platform developers using technology to solve business problems. You’re responsible for:

  • Designing and creating apps and automating workflows.
  • Analyzing and visualizing data in the context of an app or automated workflow.
  • Implementing and managing apps and automated workflows.

Are you a Power Platform App Maker? Now’s the time to get certified. If you need more experience before you try for this certification, you could:

  • Volunteer on a project to get real-life experience with data modeling, basic UX design, requirements analysis, or process analysis.
  • Take learning paths on Microsoft Learn.
  • Sign up for an instructor-led training course.

Job role:

Business Analyst

Business Owner

Business User

Data Analyst, Developer

DevOps Engineer

App Maker

Technology Manager

Required exams:           PL-100

Exam PL-100:                Microsoft Power Platform App Maker

Languages:                   English

Retirement date:          none

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: design solutions; create solutions; analyze data, and implement and manage solutions.

Exam PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker

The app maker builds solutions to simplify, automate, and transform tasks and processes for themselves and their team where they have deep expertise in the solution domain. They are skilled in key technical business analyst tasks such as data modeling, basic UX design, requirements analysis, process analysis, etc.

The app maker creates and enforces business processes, structures digital collection of information, improves the efficiency of repeatable tasks, and automates business processes.

The app maker uses the maker tools of Power Platform to solve business problems. They may have experience with Visual Basic for Applications, Excel pivot tables, Teams, and other tools. They should have a basic understanding of data models, user interface, and processes. The app maker is aware of the capabilities and limitations of available tools and understands how to apply them.

The app maker is self-directed and solution-focused. They may not have formal IT training but are comfortable using technology to solve business problems with a personal growth mindset. They understand the operational need and have a vision of the desired outcome. They approach problems with phased and iterative strategies.

Part of the requirements for: Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate

Related exams:  none

Skills Measured

Design solutions (10-15%)

  • Create a high-level design
  • Identify required Power Platform components
  • Design data models
  • Design User Interface
  • Design output
  • Design security, privacy, and compliance
  • Understand Power Platform environments

Create solutions (55-60%)

  • Manage Power Platform development environments
  • Create model-driven apps
  • Create canvas apps
  • Create and Use Controls
  • Create and configure data stores
  • Create business logic
  • Create Power Automate flows

Analyze and visualize data (5-10%)

  • Create Power BI reports
  • Implement other reports
  • Describe AI Builder models

Implement and manage solutions (15-20%)

  • Configure Common Data Service security
  • Test apps and flows
  • Secure a solution
  • Deploy the solution
  • Manage versions of canvas apps

Preparing For The Exam

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Microsoft is one of the favorite platforms in the enterprise world. Microsoft has introduced a lot of new solutions in productivity, business intelligence, and low-code application development.  Microsoft Power Platform is a great product for enterprise productivity. Microsoft’s popularity among the enterprise customer is due to vast product portfolio covering most of the requirements of the corporate world. Microsoft Azure and 365 platforms have contributed a lot toward this popularity. All these factors make Microsoft Power Platform be a great job-oriented skillset. The Exam PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker is a single exam that can earn you a great startup certification Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate.

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