Optimize Your Website Promotion Using Google Cache Checker

Optimize Your Website Promotion Using Google Cache Checker

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Can Google web cache work for your competitive advantage? Certainly “yes”, if you know how to handle it. In the digital world, it functions as human memory, only open to everyone. And if you learn how to benefit from the stored information, you can make qualitative changes in the promotion of your company.

What Is Google Web Cache?

Google web cache is the result of search engines crawling web pages and storing them in a cached form. They do it at regular intervals. When a page is indexed, its cached version is updated. Site owners, along with users, see the results of the Google robotic systems, but unlike the active page of the site, they cannot change the content of the cached page.

How You Can Use Google Web Cache to Optimize Your Website

Turning to the Google cache checker, you can improve the results of promoting your Internet resources in search engines.

Put Yourself in the Searching Engine’s Position

By viewing a scanned version of a website, webmasters have a better idea of ??how the website is seen by Google search engines. If some information eludes them, for example, useful functionality, the site’s rating goes down. This means that the consumer will see it somewhere at the end of the list generated at his request. Also, the search engine may not recognize the photographs, drawings, and tables presented on the website. This technical problem must be solved for its better promotion.

Keep Track of Page Indexing Time

If there is a decline in sales, be sure to check the indexing time of the web page. The frequency of page crawling by robots is an indicator of the optimality of its presentation in search engines:

  • If indexing occurs daily, this is a good indicator.
  • If Google is no longer interested in your page for technical or content reasons, it will crawl less frequently. So, this is a signal that it is necessary to take certain actions for its SEO optimization. Platforma PR posting will help to attract to your web page not only potential customers but also search engines.

Research Competitors

When it comes to studying competitors, Google cache is an invaluable treasure trove of information:

  • You can compare your and your competitor’s page caching frequency. If the second is higher, look for the reasons. By finding and eliminating them, you will strengthen the competitive advantages of your website.
  • You can also track the dynamics of the development of the competitor’s site in relation to the services and information offered. Have you fallen behind in the implementation of some important features, thereby making way for others?

Use the numerous analytical tools offered by Google to evaluate and improve the performance of your website. PR posting will help you master and use them to your advantage!

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