Introduction To TapNCharge Wireless Charger 

Charging up your phone be it an android or IOS device is really one of the most annoying things to deal with because we really have to deal with the issue of the cord/cable that comes with the charger which can actually be uncomfortable more especially when you really need to make use of the phone while its still connected to an electric source

TapNcharge wireless charger offers you the real exclusivity of having to charge you phones without having to deal with the annoying cord/cable/wire dangling around you. It makes charging your phones easy and very convenient for you as all it takes from you is just to drop your phone on this very gadget and watch your phone charge with speed and precision

In this article we are going to let you know all you can about this very gadget and from telling you what it is, how it works, its technical specifications, and benefits you get from being a proud owner of it. We will give you some customer reviews on it and also answer some frequently asked questions on it just to clear the air

TapNCharge Wireless Charger Is Available For Purchase At The Company’s Official Website At Discounted Prices

What is TapNcharge 

TapNcharge is an upgraded and wireless charger that charges your electronic gadgets using the principle of inductance. It is very portable and weighs around 200g and it can easily fit into your car dashboard and even on our work desk while you are driving and working respectively and it allows you make use of your device without the discomfort that comes from the regular cable of other conventional chargers

TapNcharge wireless charger is made from high quality materials and it is durable, lightweight and portable gadget that gets your phone really charged up by allowing energy travel through magnetic fields rather than the conventional cord or cables which can actually be very discomforting especially when you wish to make use of the phone while it is still connected to an electric source

It is user friendly and very affordable gadget which helps you get your phone charged up without you having to deal with the cords that comes with all the other regular phone chargers that are common in our environment

It is portable and wireless and really efficient in the art of getting your phone really charged up. It works on all phone devices be it an android or IOS device and it is very safe for your phone and phone battery. It is a next generation technology that really takes our world to the next level

How does TapNcharge work 

TapNcharge works by the principle of inductance, the presence of coils in it which allows energy to travel through magnetic fields and get your device charged up rather than the conventional chargers which uses cables to convey energy into your device

It is embedded with copper coils and the bigger or wider the coils which is also proportional to the distance traveled by the charges and this determines the amount of energy that is being transferred as the distance between the phone or device and the charger is being suppressed

To use this all you got to do is place your phone on charging pad of TapNcharge and link the adapter to your phone. As easy as it sounds that’s really all you need to do and watch your phone charge very fast and efficiently

Technical specifications of TapNcharge Wireless Charger 

  • It has a dimension of 80 X 70 X 165mm
  • It has a weight of 200g
  • It has an input voltage of 5V
  • It has a charging power of 5W
  • It has a wireless conversion of 73%
  • It has a charging distance of 1cm
  • It comes with a free adapter for you


Features of TapNcharge

There are a lot of lovely features that comes with this wonderful gadget and some of them include,

  • It keeps your device stable while charging

It keeps your device stable while charging it, this makes it impossible for your device to slip off it during charge. That means you can use it at anywhere and everywhere even while driving as you don’t have to worry about your phone having to slip off it

  • It does not make use of cables

Just like the revolution that happened on earphones that got the wire earphone cables into extinction. TapNcharge is here to offer you the next generation of chargers which will also see the era of the wire chargers come to an end

  • It is very efficient

TapNcharge gets your phone all charged up just in no distant time. It is very efficient as you will literally be amazed on how fast your device gets to be charged up without delays. Inefficient chargers use more energy to get your phones charged up and this can actually cause a problem for your device and its battery

  • It is very fashionable

TapNcharge is being made in such a way that you will be a proud owner to carry it about. It comes with a sleek design and it is very fashionable

  • Hassle free

This is by far the easiest way to get your phone charged up in todays world without any discomfort or problem. Simply by placing your device or phone on the charging pad of this next generation gadget your phone battery can get to full charge in no distant time without having to discomfort you

Pros of TapNcharge Wireless Charger 

  • It is very affordable
  • It is very easy to use as there are no technical knowledge required in its usage
  • It comes with a very sleek design
  • It is wireless
  • It has a very high charging speed
  • It is very user friendly
  • It is portable
  • It is light in weight
  • It is very compatible both on android and IOS devices
  • It has a 100% refund policy in the first 30days should you have any reason to return it
  • It comes with free adapter
  • Takes you away from the stress of having to do with cables in your conventional chargers

Cons of TapNcharge

  • It can only be gotten from the online store of the official website of the manufacturers by using the link on this very article
  • It has a very limited stock available so you really need to hurry should you wish to have it

Price list of TapNcharge 

TapNcharge wireless charger comes in different packages and the different packages have different prices attached to them but they are all of the same quality. The packages and prices are,

  • One TapNcharge for $59.99
  • Two TapNcharge for $99.99
  • Three TapNcharge for $134.99
  • Four TapNcharge for $191.99

There is a 100% refund policy in the first 100 days after delivery of the gadget should you not be satisfied with the product or have any other personal reason to return it and this is if you use the link provided in this very article.


There are some accessories that comes along with each package of TapNcharge and they include:

  • A charging station
  • A smartphone mounting bracket
  • A clip to adjust
  • A USB cable for charging it up
  • A manual to simplify its usage for you

Customer reviews on TapNcharge

I always have problem in trying to get my phone to charge with the very regular chargers with cables and that really made me not to use the phone as I would have because it always gives me problem to charge. Heard about this gadget and I decided to try it out because I was even fed up with the use of cable chargers and since then I went back to using my very lovely phone –CATHERINE

Got this gadget and wasn’t really expecting much but I was really amazed that it did everything I have read about it and even more and I will recommend to anyone because I have been there –HARRY GARCIA

I carry this gadget wherever I go and it is really convenient and very fashionable. I am not afraid of my battery running down at all because it is very handy and I can easily get it out anywhere I am to charge my phone because of the very cool design it comes with –ELSIE MIKE

Having to deal with the cables of my chargers are really uncomforting and I have really been looking for a way to get rid of that, not until long ago I stumbled on this while surfing the net. First I had my doubts but seeing the refund back policy, I had to then try it out and believe me since that day I have been so happy that I actually did try it out –MILLER WILSON  

At the current price this is going I will really advise everyone to get this gadget because it really returns a lot of value for your money and it is really affordable and to me it is actually a steal at the current price it is going now –RON DAVIES

Now I don’t really bother about my phone battery being low anymore as I always carry my TapNcharge with me wherever I go and it is so convenient for me and it is really portable and doesn’t really weigh much and the sleek design it comes with makes me want to show it off everywhere I go, hahahaha –ROSANNE HOWARD

Frequently asked questions on TapNcharge Wireless Charger 

Does it really work?

It really does everything you have read about it in this very article and I will encourage you to get it for yourself and your loved ones and if your scared about getting something that is not worth your money thrn you can actually make use of the refund policy that comes with it should you not be satisfied with the gadget when it get delivered to you

Is there a warranty on this very TapNcharge?

Yes, there is a warranty on this gadget because it is comes with a 100% refund policy in the first 30 days of the gadget being delivered to you and that’s actually enough time for you to know if you are satisfied with the gadget or not

Wont my phone slip off from it?

No, it holds your phone very strong to it that your phone cannot slip off from it. You can just drop you phone on it and go on with what you are doing without thinking about it slipping off from the gadget

How efficient is this?

This is actually the most efficient charger you can get for your phone as it takes little or no time to charge you phone or any other device to full storage without you having to deal with the discomfort of cables from your regular charger. Some people call it a wireless power bank

Bottom Line Of TapNCharge

We have successfully reviewed TapNcharge which is a wireless, portable and durable gadget which charges your phone in less than no time without you having to deal with the stress of the cables of the conventional chargers which can really be very discomforting

It works on the principle of inductance which makes use of the magnetic field collecting coil to charge up your phones and other electronics. The coil captures the magnetic field formed by the charging pad and converts it into electricity to charge your device

It comes with a lot of lovely features which includes High AMP fast charging, it is very durable and it holds your phone so tight to it without letting it to slip off while charging, it is very portable and has a light weight which makes it easy for it to be carried about

It comes with a very sleek design which makes it really fashionable and very appealing to the eye, it is very affordable and with the value it offers you can literally say it is among the cheapest gadgets out there for you without eating deep into your savings

It is a gadget that can be used by all not minding whether one has advanced technical knowledge or not as it is very easy to use.

TapNcharge wireless charger comes along with some other packages which makes it easy for use and some of the accessories that comes along with the gadget are:

  • A clip that helps in its adjustment
  • A smartphone mounting bracket
  • A USB cable for charging
  • A charging station
  • A manual that helps you familiarize with it and makes its usage easier and more simplified for you

Having gone through this “TapNCharge Wireless Charger Reviews” till now I believe you should be convinced enough to know that this gadget is for you and you should go get one for yourself and your loved ones


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