How Challenging Is The Real Estate Exam?

Now, if you are an aspiring REALTOR® or real estate agent as they are called, then one of the first steps to launching your career is to pass the state exam. Regardless of whether you are good at taking tests or feel sick hours before the exam, there is no getting around the fact that you need to take it.

Like many people in your shoes, you’re probably wondering, how hard is the exam? Well, that mainly depends on how well you’ve prepared.

The exam can be challenging but requires the right preparation to achieve a good or passing grade. To become a real estate agent, you must pass the exam, so make sure you’re prepared. Fortunately, we can lend you a hand via a few tips in this article.

How Challenging Is The Exam?

Now before we get into the test prep tips, it is worth understanding how hard the exam will be.

This exam intends to be challenging so that they can weed out all the unprepared, non-serious people from those who have skill and knowledge. However, the number of people that make it through these exams varies. Generally, they hover at 50% on average. So, half the people who take the exam pass.

Some applicants are simply not good at taking exams. Sometimes they can’t secure approval from real estate education and don’t have the material. Regardless, since a fee is involved with taking the test, you want to try not to fail.

The tips below should help you overcome the challenges associated with the exam and hopefully get your license to practice.

Start With A Pre-Licensing Course

You must take a pre-licensing course before signing up for the state exam. During the exam prep course, students are taught the material that they will be quizzed on during the exam. This also ensures that they become successful real estate people.

Ideally, you will want to take a real estate exam prep course in your area or state. That’s because the program in Michigan and the state exam will be different from the one in California. Understanding the differences is key to passing.

You can also enroll in an online school, which will prepare you for the exam. However, you need to ensure that it caters to the state you want to get a license from to become a realtor. 

Take A Couple of Practice Exams

A practice test is a great way to understand if you are ready to take the state exam. You will get to see how the exam works and the questions asked. That’s why it would be a good idea to choose a pre-licensing course that allows you to practice.

If you want to take the exam multiple times, that should also be an option. Like all other things in life, practice is the key to success. Also, you won’t waste money by failing the exam.

When practicing, you will want to note what questions are being asked and how they are being asked. Most times, the simplest questions are asked in a manner meant to trip you up. If you require more practice with math, you can focus on taking more practice questions with real estate math. 

Master Test Taking Skills

The state exam preparation will mainly cover all the points you might be quizzed about during the exam. However, it also should offer advice on getting a passing score by adopting best practices. A couple of tips you might want to include: 

  •   Attempt all the questions you know.
  •   You will want to work backward by mainly eliminating all the wrong answers and then choosing the best possible right one.
  •   It is best not to second guess yourself.
  •   Start by skipping all the challenging questions, then circle back to them if there is time left.
  •   You will want to read every word of the question. That’s because sometimes, even terms like “all” and many” will impact the meaning of the question and thus its answer.
  •   Remember to keep breathing. Not breathing correctly will lead to a lack of oxygen, hindering your ability to remember what was studied.

Your goal should be to pass; that does not mean getting everything right. That’s why answering the questions you are confident about will improve your odds of getting a passing score.

Make Sure To Take Notes

You always want to continue taking notes and have note cards. You can also use a digital program to take notes. This will make it easier to review them before the exam.

It is important not to get stressed out by the note cards. They are a tool to help ensure that the information remains fresh in your brain. Repetition is an excellent learning aid, which means that the more you practice, the better prepared you will be. Have more cards to remember more challenging things and practice those things more.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Make sure you remain in good health in the days leading up to the exam. Get plenty of sleep and eat well. Don’t cram information a night or two before because that isn’t going to help your cause. Regardless of how well you have prepared, being exhausted isn’t going to make taking the exam easier. That’s why getting a good night’s sleep is essential.

It Isn’t A Sprint

They don’t teach this in real estate school, but the exam isn’t a race. Sure, other applicants will complete the exam sooner and faster. You will want to pace yourself just so that you remain within the time limit. Finishing early does not get you extra points!

Remain Positive

Your attitude has a significant impact on your overall success. The important thing is never to get bogged down by thinking about the pass rate in your state or any other intricate details. Remain positive and do your best. If you take the test with the right frame of mind, your odds of passing it are higher.

Even if you don’t pass, don’t worry too much about it. It is possible to take the test a second time. The important thing is that you walk away, learning from your mistakes.

What To Do After Passing the State Exam?

After completing the work and passing the exam, your career is about to start. However, there will be challenges in getting your career off the ground. You will want to search for a sponsoring broker. Sponsors are mainly a managing broker that oversees all the inexperienced agents. They will introduce brand recognition to the business, helping you as a newbie find clients.

After a few years of working as a real estate salesperson, you can consider further education to hone your skills as a broker. Once you do, you will be ready to start your independent real estate agent career. Independent agents don’t require or need the oversight of a sponsor.

Think of the real estate exam as a mandatory step towards getting your license. Take your time to study and prep for the exam, which will improve your odds of passing it. If you are struggling, do not shy away from retaking the course, which will help you solidify what was initially learned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the exams conducted online?

You can take the pre-licensing course online, but the actual exam will have to be taken in person and usually at the premises of a third-party proctor. Though there are a couple of states that allow people to take the test online. The best thing here is to check with your state’s realtor commission.

Are the questions multiple choice?

There are two parts to the exam. The first part is state-specific, and the second is a more general section. Each one is made up of multiple-choice questions. The state section has up to 80 MCQs, and the general one may have up to 100 MCQs.

What is the price of taking the exam?

The exact pricing will vary depending on your state. However, you can expect to pay around $50 or, in some cases, a little more.

Where can I take the exam?

You can take the exam at a testing center. There are three types you have AMP Testing Centers, Person Vue, and PSI Exams online. The centers usually have dozens of locations across the US, so there is a good chance of one being near you. After qualifying for the exam, you can schedule a test at one of the locations. You can get more information from the real estate commission in your state.

How long does the exam take?

Generally, it takes around 90 minutes to attempt both sections of the exam. This will vary depending on the state you’re taking the exam in.

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