CoolEdge AC Review – Does CoolEdge Portable AC Work?

CoolEdge AC Review – Does CoolEdge Portable AC Work?

The best part of the year for almost everyone is in the warmer seasons of the whole year when they get to spend quality time with their friends and family, going on picnics and garden dates. Ideally, this makes summer the best time of the year because of the fun and relaxing activities attached to this season.

You may end up hating this summer as fun as this season sounds. This discomfort is especially true if you do not have a well-laid-out plan to get rid of or moderate heat. Many people can’t afford stable and standard cooling units. You can even develop a headache when you try to analyze the entire cost of buying a cooling unit. The cost of maintaining the cooling units puts most buyers off.

Another hassle of the season is the exhaustion and dehydration tied to the season. However, the best solution you need to take care of all of these hassles is CoolEdge. This conditioner has gained a lot of consumers’ trust because it is very portable, mobile, affordable, and very much available in the market. It doesn’t just cool your environment. The gadget likewise cleans the air.

This review will provide all you need to know about the product’s features, functioning, cost, availability, and frequently asked questions.

What Is CoolEdge?

CoolEdge air conditioner provides a stress-free approach to tackle increasing energy expenses and low quality of indoor air. It’s compact and light. It’s mind-blowing how quiet it is.

You don’t have to fret about disturbing other people if you use it while resting or if you need to put your child to bed. Another fun fact is that you will never have to stress about the heat again because of this handy gadget. You can enjoy chilly air regardless of where and how you spend your day at work, in the playground, or in bed.

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Two of CoolEdge’s most striking features are how simple it is to use and how compact it is. If you’re considering time and money as crucial factors, it’s a great option. The device’s purpose is to chill, purify, and improve the air quality surrounding you.

A pair of filters ensures that you are inhaling cool, pure air. Because it utilizes water, it prevents the air from being overly warm, dry, or stuffy. The outcome of all of these is that it provides a tranquil and relaxing sensation.

Does it work?

Yes, it works effectively and efficiently. This air conditioner would surely meet and surpass your expectations as a consumer. This air conditioner operates by regulating the circulation of air in a room. It draws in humid air, pumps it via a vessel with chilled water, and releases chilly air.

You should consistently replace the water in the storage vessel. This activity ensures that the water is chilly. This system of operation is the evaporation or Hydro Cool technology. Simultaneously, this machine acts as a filter for dust and pollutants. This filtration process helps keep your surroundings devoid of germs and reduces sensitivities and asthma threats.

This air conditioner also contains a fan that can vary its speed.  This feature makes it usable even in winters. Due to the humidifying properties of this air conditioner, it gives dampness to the surroundings and protects the body from dryness.

Features Of CoolEdge:

The CoolEdge air conditioner comes equipped with several remarkable features, some of which are as follows:


This device, known as an air-chiller, performs the duties of a cooling system. It fights uncomfortable hot air by producing dampened, mild, and cold air that keeps the surroundings warm.

You should know that this product cannot serve as a substitute for enormous air-chilling or centrally controlled cooling systems. You have to be very much aware of this because its perks and mind-blowing effects can only be in confined areas.

So if you need to cool a massive space, you need more than one of these air conditioners. It is expedient to keep this at heart.


It has a storage vessel that can accommodate water. It is a part of the air conditioner. This tank helps the gadget ensure that it emits moisture to dampen your surroundings and prevent drying.

Dryness can be a source of discomfort to your eyes and nose. You could also develop chapped lips. Simply put, the humidifier makes sure that the AC emits moisture.

Air Filter:

The appliance can clean the air thanks to the filter built right into it. It accomplishes this by accumulating dust, pollen, and other minute particles and substances.

In addition to causing allergic reactions, they can irritate the skin. This process improves the air quality and creates pristine air all at the same time.


One of the advantages of this air conditioner is that you can vary the fan’s speed at any time to ensure that the user is satisfied.

You can elevate the speed or lessen it, depending on your preferences.

During the colder months, you can put it to use. You might even use it to spruce up the air of the house.

Other Awesome Features:

Uses Less Energy:

The CoolEdge Portable AC is incredibly efficient with its use of electricity. Freon gas is not expedient.

You can get by with just some water or ice cubes as your only component, and you’ll be all set.

It has a water reservoir that can go for up to 8 hours without needing to be refilled, so you won’t have to worry about that.

USB Port For Charging:

Recharging a CoolEdge only requires a USB cable, which is one of the many benefits of owning one of these products.

Because of this, it has a low energy footprint, and you can always power it with your laptop or your phone if you need to. The battery is not only efficient but also has the potential to last for a significant amount of time.

Rapid Cooling:

The CoolEdge may look diminutive but has a large cooling capacity. Just as momentarily as the gadget is on, the temperature will drastically decline in the area within an hour.

It has three fans to aid the chilling activity, so you have no reason to fret about the size.

Minimal Maintenance and requires no installation:

According to the manufacturer, this gadget does not need to be installed and does not call for any complex configuration. Since it does not necessitate fixing, you may have it function for use in a matter of time which is usually minutes.

The process of cleaning is stress-free, which permits you to sustain it at home, dwindling the expenses allied with its sustenance and procedure.

What makes CoolEdge better?


It comes in two aesthetically pleasing colors—white and dark green. These colors can enhance the beauty of any area or office place.


It’s lightweight and can be moved around with ease making it suitable for use at events inside and outside.


Because it is square-shaped and has a compact design, it does not take up a lot of room and can be kept in any corner of the room.


Because of its lightweight, it is easy to transport in your vehicle or elsewhere, making it an excellent choice for outings such as picnics.


This device does not produce any noise and is quiet, allowing only the results of those functions to alert you to its existence.


You can charge it by linking it to a power source. Its batteries can endure for a considerable time— a minimum of seven to eight hours.

Reduced energy consumption: in contrast to several gadgets, it requires a small amount of energy to get charged.

Reduce power costs:

Your monthly power cost would drastically lessen.  It is due to the trivial energy quantity this air conditioner consumes in parallel to other devices.

Cons Of The CoolEdge:

When considering the purchase of this product, make sure you are aware of the potential drawbacks listed below:

Only accessible over the internet:

You can only procure this gadget through the manufacturer’s official website. You can’t procure it in retail locations, including shops and outlets.

Short supply:

Because of the ever-increasing interest level in this product, they only have a limited supply available because it sells out so quickly. Put in your order as soon as you can. You would avoid missing out on this opportunity by doing so.

Is CoolEdge AC a Good Product or Just Another Online Scam?

There is no use in trying to persuade you to purchase a CoolEdge Portable Air conditioner because you already know the answer. Allow your discernment to enable your decision.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to point out that the CoolEdge is a legitimate product and not a hoax. Even if you are misled by misleading reviews and infomercials into believing that you would get more than you actually will, the CoolEdge is still one of the most effective portable air conditioners for the summer.

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The CoolEdge is an evaporative air conditioner that may provide anyone with the comfortable assistance necessary to tolerate the occasional stifling effect of the summer’s heat.

The mind-blowing features of this AC are custom-made to the necessities of customers. It is classy, not too heavy, easily transportable, and simple to operate. It is safe to designate it as a Small AC. You must remember not to compare its capability to that of a conventional air conditioner.

Where to buy it?

It is time to start thinking about where you can purchase a CoolEdge now that you know how to use it to obtain the mind-blowing cooling effects and humidifying perks it offers. Regrettably, you can only procure CoolEdge through the website of the manufacturer.

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To buy this, choose the package that best suits your needs, and then fill out the form with your payment information. Almost quickly, your item will then be made available for shipment.

Additionally, you do not need to be concerned about the specifics of your transaction because they are all encoded.

  • 1 CoolEdge costs $79.00
  • 2 CoolEdge, plus a free one, for a total of $137.00
  • 3 CoolEdge Devices Plus 2 Free Devices Totaling $197.00

You will pay an additional $9.00 for the free shipping on all orders you made. Although, the organization provides free shipment.  You would also get to enjoy a three-year warranty on the products. Just see the $9.00 as your commitment fee.

In addition, when you are checking out the various options, you can select whether you want your CoolEdge to be white or dark green. If you have any questions regarding the CoolEdge or necessitate a handy-pull, please do not hesitate to contact their customer service division.

Are there any side effects?

Use CoolEdge without fear of any consequences. Because it is silent, it does not upset anyone. Put it next to your bed if that’s more your style and get some rest. The product is also child-friendly.

Bottom line

CoolEdge AC is the best choice for those looking for a low-cost alternative for dealing with the heat of summers. This gadget is a treasure, thanks to its numerous features and genuine customer reviews!

It absorbs the heat present in the area, removes dust, delivers dampness, and lets you choose the fan speed, all at the same time.

This requires just little energy use. You do not need to set aside funds for its maintenance. You can easily buy this gadget at the stated price by the company and the complimentary air coolers in the deal.

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