Home Doctor Reviews: Crucial Update From A Survivalist

Home Doctor Reviews: Crucial Update From A Survivalist

There are many health problems in the body and all of these problems are treatable naturally. Some people start taking care of their bodies when they get sick. Most people go straight to the doctor or take over-the-counter pills whereas this problem is easily treatable with home remedies.

However, the problem arises when there’s a weekend or you are stuck in a place where medical treatment is not possible. If the phone facility is also unavailable, you have to look at the Home Doctor book, which has solutions for all health problems and includes home remedies recipes.

These remedies can solve minor health problems like headaches, stomach pain, gastric pain, abdominal pain, teeth pain, etc. These remedies will treat your common health problems without professional advice and aid you to solve this problem at home rather than rushing to the hospital or using over-the-counter medicines.

The Home Doctor can teach you how to identify between minor problems that can be solved at home and other health problems that need doctor or professional advice. This book gives you the knowledge to treat your problem on an emergency basis if you are alone at home, at work, or stuck anywhere.

Some people are afraid of going to doctors for their small health problems because they give various medicines which contain side effects. So they are trying to solve this problem with home remedies.

The Home Doctor book is created for these people to know the problem and solve it independently. It will give knowledge about self-treatment.

If you want more information about this book, read this Home Doctor review till the end to learn more about it.

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What is Home Doctor Book All About?

The Home Doctor Book is also called Practical Medical Book because it contains all the natural healing treatments and remedies that you can make at home. It also allows you to deal with other health problems.

Sometimes we need emergency treatment and the doctor has a long waiting line. Waiting for a longer period will make your problem get worse. In this case, the patient is suffering from pain for hours, so you need Home Doctor Book advice to get a timely solution. It also helps people to save their money, which they pay for taking special appointments from the doctor for the small health problem that can be cured at home easily.

I am writing this Home Doctor review to inform people that this book will help solve your prevalent health problems like stomach pain, heartburn, hypertension, etc. It also guides you on how to stop this disease from coming in the future.

The Home Doctor Book is designed perfectly because it contains brief information about every part of the human body by showing diagrams, practical training, and step by step guide about treating health problems. This makes the book long which is 300+ pages.

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How Home Doctor Book Will Help You?

In this Home Doctor Review, I will explain how it works for you. We all have basic knowledge about the first aid box, but this book will guide us in detail and train us on how to use it.

The Home Doctor program is specially designed for people to give practical knowledge and tools to cure a minor health issue by taking first aid training to an advanced level. This advance first aid training includes life-saving surgery like making broken bones and treating burns and wounds stitching.

It also explains which health or mental problems need professional advice and which you can cure by yourself. It advises people to treat their medical problems on an emergency basis at home if the hospital is too far from their house.

The Home Doctor book supports you in treating your health problem with homemade remedies (a mixture of household items) which will at least give you some relief while going to the health care center.

It gives instructions on how to make herbal medicine, recipes for curing flu or cold, burning a fire in a jungle without a matchbox or lighter, treating back pain, curing bee strings, etc.

Further, Home Doctor also teaches to cure various health problems such as skin infection, head or neck nerve damage, gastric, improving the immune system, maintaining mental health, and treating the nervous system, etc.

In this Home Doctor book, you will get specific topics about each health problem: its cure, treatment, and emergency healing process. The Home Doctor program is specially designed to remove the doctor from your life for minor problems, not big ones like cancer.

Author Overview:

This Home Doctor book is made by two doctors and an alternative health researcher. They have shared their knowledge and effort to make this program successful.

These authors are:

  • Claude Davis (alternative health researcher)
  • Maybell Nieves (Breast Surgeon)
  • Rodriogo Alterio (oncologist)

Claude Davis is also a survival expert who gives survival training to their clients. He wrote many books on survival and also regularly updating his survival blog.

Dr. Maybell Nieves is a breast surgeon and is popular in Venezuela.

Dr. Rodriogo is an oncologist surgeon doing practice in Dallas, Texas.

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Components of Home Doctor Book

The Home Doctor Practical Medicine Book provides complete advice, knowledge, information, and treatment methods to cure your common health problems. It explains that every person should have this physical medical kit at home.

This physical medical kit contains modern medicine, tools, and the latest remedies that will help solve your health problems and you don’t need professional advice.

The wide range of common health problems are as described:


Blackout means that you know the problem but are not treating it, which may become dangerous from time to time. You cannot leave that problem for very long. Like diabetes, you know it but cannot leave it unmanaged for very long. You can treat diabetes at home with Home Doctor Book Treatment methods which are successful.

Expired Medicine:

Today all people know that expired medicine can harm them but not all expired medicine are unusable. Read Home Doctor book to know which medicine you can take in case of emergency or don’t have other alternatives available.


By reading this Home Doctor book, you will discover which superfoods you can grow in your garden or backyard. Further, you learn how to grow it and how many days it will take to grow. These superfoods work as pain killer pills.


You cannot ignore the signs of stroke, which need emergency action. When seeing symptoms like dizziness, heat stroke, headache, numbness, and disorientation which need rapid medical treatment to recover quickly from it.

Flu and Cold:

This flu and the cold problem can be treated at home but sometimes it is not possible to treat them. This Home Doctor book can tell you the remedy that definitely works and the important thing is that it can be made at home. This will help you to save your hard-earned money.

Skin Treatment:

Skincare products are very much expensive. If you have a skin infection, take help with this guide to make herbal medicine at home without going to the skin doctor.

Apart from these health problems, you will find many other health care solutions in this Home Doctor Guide.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • You don’t need a doctor to treat your minor health problems.
  • This Home Doctor guide is available in both digital and hard copies.
  • Two doctors designed this book, so it is realistic.
  • Home Doctor book also explains every health problem with the help of a human organ diagram.
  • This book has a refund policy; if you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund.
  • All their treatment remedies are easily made at home.
  • The price of the Home Doctor book is very reasonable.
  • You will get 2 bonus books with Home Doctor Guide.


  • You can only find it on the official website.


You can buy this Home Doctor book from their official website only, which costs you $37 for digital print; if you want a hard copy, you have to pay $8.99 more for the shipping and handling fees. The authors have not authorized any third-party seller. If you find this book anywhere except their official website, consider it fake.

You have a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, ask for a refund at any time. They are giving a money-back guarantee, meaning that the Home Doctor book will guarantee work for you.


You will also get 2 bonus books that will increase your knowledge. These bonuses will only be available in digital format.

Bonus 1: Wild Edibles You Can Forage for or Find around Your House

It also contains photos of those wild food that can be edible.

The people of Venezuela don’t have money to buy food as there is a shortage of food so they eat the wild plant to survive. These people grow plants and fruit in their backyard and eat them. This book includes a list of wild edible plants that Venezuelans eat.

Bonus 2: Natural Healing Secrets By Native American

In this book, you will find all the remedies used by Native Americans, which are made of plants. Many companies are now using these plant extracts in their medicine.

These Native Americans know the importance of these plants; that’s why they are growing more and more plants that will benefit them in the future. Even today they only live on eating these plants and depend on the natural resources. These natural plants deliver various benefits ranging from reducing pain to improving blood flow.

Final Thoughts

Coronavirus has affected the world badly due to which doctors are getting busy and expensive.

As of today, the Covid-19 is not yet finished, so many people cannot reach the doctor on time because of their busy schedules, so they have to treat the minor problem independently.

People should get primary knowledge about curing minor health problems, like stomach pain, headache, cold or flu, etc. If you don’t know about curing these simple health issues, then you can buy Home Doctor Book, which contains all the knowledge from simple to advanced levels. This will help you save money and time by going to the hospital again and again for your simple health issues.

The Home Doctor book also gives you treatment remedies that are easy to make at home and do not need any expensive ingredients.

If you are young or old doesn’t matter, all have to face these minor health problems in their life. It is a part of life.

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