Enway Smart Door Reviews – Is it Legit & Worth Buying? Must Read Before Order!

Enway Smart Door Reviews – Is it Legit & Worth Buying? Must Read Before Order!

The Enway Smart Door is an innovative device to protect and monitor your doorstep 24/7. Where to buy it? Check out its features, price & discount in this detailed review.

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Product Name Enway Smart Door Reviews 
Purpose Security Device
Made  USA
Price  $49.99
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here

What Exactly is Enway Smart Door?

Enway Smart Door is a security device to give additional protection to your home. It is designed with many cutting-edge features; this security system provides your home with safety and lets you see who is at the door in real-time.

With the help of the app, which can be downloadable, it is possible to use various options. When you link your mobile device to the Enway Security Door, you will constantly receive a notification when the doorbell rings.

This Enway Smart Door device fully works even at night with the help of infrared technology, so there is a high possibility of recognizing people at night. 

Additionally, you can easily protect yourself with the smart video bell. The in-built PIR motion sensor detects the motion in front of the door, and instantly you will get the notifications.

Moreover, the Enway Smart Door is equipped with a two-way audio system, permitting you to precisely hear everything and anything that happens at your door and identify who is ringing the doorbell. 

This innovative device is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa Echo so that it can connect with both devices easily. 

A card slot is also available there, which can lead to likely saving videos. It works with memory cards ranging from 8 to 64 GB, allowing you to watch the video whenever you choose.

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Specifications of Enway Smart Door device:

    • A Crisp Night Vision
    • 155-degree viewing angle
  • 1080P Full HD
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa Echo
  • Available in White & Black Colour
  • Biometric Lock Type
  • Built-In PIR motion sensor detection
  • Android & IOs Apps are support

Does Enway Smart Door Provide Safety to Your Home?

Enway Smart Door frequently sends you the alert notification on your phone anytime. Even at night, with the help of the Enway Smart Door, you can also easily recognize humans on your doorstep.

If someone rings the doorbell, you’ll get a notification on your phone, and you’ll be able to see and speak with them. 

It is possible to connect the Enway Smart Door to your phone over Wi-Fi, and it has a range of features such as cloud video storage, motion detection, and a speaker.

Enway Smart Door appears secure and gives you the realistic option that safeguards you from theft and other potentially harmful scenarios where hundreds of consumers have already tried it and are thrilled with the outcome. It gives you total protection for both young and old individuals. 

The videos can also be saved on a memory card, allowing you to watch them anytime and anywhere. The device includes a long battery life and a wide range of features you will get at an affordable cost.

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Why is Enway Smart Door Unique?

  • Two-way audio system: The Enway Smart Door has the best feature, and one of them is getting notifications on your phone whenever the doorbell rings. As a result, you’ll be able to view and communicate with whoever is present. You may check on the situation at your front door anytime and from any location. As a result, it improves the security of your home. 
  • Infrared night vision: The Enway Smart Door features infrared night vision, and it is specially included with the infrared facility and will give you night vision. So you can also quickly identify who is on the other side during the night. 
  • Motion Detection: Enway Smart Door is also developed with the built-in PIR motion sensor that will easily detect even the most minor movement in front of the door, and an instant notification is sent to your phone. 
  • High-capacity battery: Enway Smart Door is made with a high-capacity of battery that can also last for many days, and you can be recharged using the USB cable. 
  • Real-time video: Real-time video helps protect your home and keep track of who is phoning you; additionally, you will also watch the real-time video via the app from any device and location. 
  • Excellent protection: It is equipped with a motion detection sensor and a 155-degree viewing angle. No one can gain access to your home without your permission. Talk about a well-designed security device.\

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Pros of Enway Smart Door:

  • Enway Smart Door gives you the maximum protection in your home.
  • It will help quickly to identify who is ringing your doorbell.
  • Enway Smart Door will prevent scares and theft and give you total protection. 
  • The Enway Smart Doorbell includes an integrated night vision that automatically activates at dusk to keep you safe.
  • Enway Smart Door device also ensures that young and older people are safe.
  • Enway Smart Door gives you the security for the children and older people in your home. 
  • Easy to connect with Google Assistant and Alexa and has long battery life.
  • This intelligent doorbell improves alerting you when someone walks on your doorstep.
  • You can easily monitor everything that happens with the help of your Smartphone. 

Cons of Enway Smart Door:

  • Enway Smart Door is purchasable only from the official website online and is not available in offline mode.
  • There is a high chance of getting the device hacked.

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Pricing & Discount of the Enway Smart Door:

You can also choose colors; additionally, a two-year and a one-year warranty is available. For the time being, the Enway Smart Door is only available through the company’s official website. However, getting the device only from the official webpage is always recommended. The Enway Smart Door device may be purchased for a reasonable price and is also available in different packages listed below.

  • 1x Enway Smart Door – $ 99.95
  • 2x Enway Smart Door – $ 179.95
  • 3x Enway Smart Door – $ 259.95
  • 5x Enway Smart Door – $ 399.95

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How to Use Enway Smart Door?

Because of the built-in microphone and speaker, you may talk two-way in real-time and see, hear, and speak from your mobile phone or tablet. 

You may use the app to monitor and control your door remotely! There are simple steps available below that let you provide you with the proper way to use this Enway Smart Door. 

  • Step 1: Download and install the app on your mobile phone from the play store or AppStore. 
  • Step 2: Mount your Enway Smart Door to the door frame or wall according to your comfort zone. 
  • Step 3: Check the status of your door anytime, anywhere via the mobile app.

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Enway Smart Door – Why Choose?

Enway Smart Door is a simple and essential device to ensure the security system that every senior person and children have at home; you can protect your house and manage who rings the doorbell from your Smartphone. After connecting to your mobile, you will get an alert by using the notification. Parents and kids will be able to answer the door and recognize the caller as this Enway Smart Door is featured with a surveillance camera and two-way audio system, regardless of where they are.

Does The Enway Smart Door work at night?

Yes, Enway Smart Door works even at night because the six infrared lights on the Enway Smart Door make it an excellent solution for your home’s continuous protection. You’ll be able to see who is lurking around your house, even in the dead of night, giving you 24/7 protection to your home.

Is there any shipping charge to purchase?

Enway Smart Door is available with 50% OFF, and there are different packages available to you where you can also easily choose the one that will suit you. Also, the manufacturers currently provide free worldwide shipping for the product. 

Is it compatible with Alexa?

It may be used on any smartphone or tablet and is incredibly simple to install, and yes, the Enway Smart Door is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. You may operate the doorbell from outside the house. This device is generally in-built with a vision of more than 150 degrees and an anti-glare lens.

Why do you need Enway Smart Door at your home?

Thanks to its sophisticated device with the various features recognition feature, the Enway Smart Door will immediately notify your Smartphone if it notices any movement close to your front door. Is there someone smashing in at your front door? 

With the help of the Enway Smart Doorbell’s built-in speaker, you may effortlessly and rapidly scare them away. You may talk two-way in real-time and view, listen, and speak from your mobile phone or tablet from anywhere by using the microphone and speaker. 

Enway Smart Door Reviews – The Bottom Line 

Enway Smart Door is the most straightforward approach to protect yourself against property theft, house invasion, porch pirates, and even unwelcome solicitors is to identify who is at your door before opening it. 

The video doorbell is the first line of protection for homes because it not only permits you to see and communicate with guests outside your door.

At the same time, you’re out or unable to answer it, but it also archives videos of visitors approaching your doorstep.

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