5 Artists You Should Certainly See Perform Live

5 Artists You Should Certainly See Perform Live

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The music industry always has several performers that are better than everyone else, and the rule applies even today. The music genres may change, and the style is different in various decades, but there are always some artists that carry the music scene forward.

Also, everyone has a chance because of the online world and the complete change in the record label dynamics. Still, it is more challenging to succeed in the music business since there is a lot more competition.

Nevertheless, there are some musicians you should pay attention to, so here are the five artists you should certainly see perform live in 2022.

The Weeknd

One of the trending singers of today, The Weeknd, has become popular all over the globe in recent years. He is a performer that is always loyal to his fans and loves to collaborate with many stars like Lana del Rey, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Ariana Grande, and many more. Also, he knows how to write interesting lyrics, create music videos inspired by cult movies by the best directors, and he loves to change his style both physically and musically.

In addition, one of the main reasons why people love him is because no matter if you buy The Weeknd Fresno tickets or tickets for a concert in Las Vegas, it doesn’t matter since he always performs at the highest possible level. This charismatic singer deserves to be on this list, and it seems like he will improve even more in the years to come.

Lady Gaga

There is one thing for sure when it comes to a Lady Gaga concert; you will remember it since she gives an amazing performance every time she steps on the stage. She is probably the number one pop singer in the world right now, so it’s not surprising why Lady Gaga tickets are continuously in huge demand.

In fact, there is no need for a large Lady Gaga introduction since she has been at the top for many years now. Gaga also tried her luck in the movie business, acting in several roles, and her dance abilities are very well known among audiences around the world. Therefore, you will get the whole Lady Gaga experience if you buy tickets for one of her live performances.

Lenny Kravitz

The famous rock musician has been active for more than 40 years on the music scene, but he still performs as he is at the beginning of his career. Lenny Kravitz has a great stage presence and incredible singing voice, and his guitar playing is also phenomenal. Creating many hit songs over the years, Kravitz is considered one of those musicians who is always electrifying the audience with his tracks.

Furthermore, having sold more than 40 million records all over the globe show how successful he is as a musician, and he is able to mix music genres like rock, soul, blues, hard rock, R&B, pop, funk, and even folk. One thing is for sure, Lenny is proof that age doesn’t mean anything for a musician, especially one whose primary genre is rock music.


If there is one singer that is on the same level in the pop music scene as Lady Gaga, it is Adele. She is also a musician that has proven how important singing abilities are and has conquered the world with her many hit songs. Singers such as Adele don’t come around too often, especially in today’s music scene where there are many performers with lyrics that don’t mean anything. Still, luckily for you, Adele is continuing to create impressive songs for all of her studio albums.

What is even more fascinating about her is that listening to her live sounds almost the same as on the record. In fact, listening to Adele sing live is even better. Therefore, buy Adele concert tickets the first chance you get because the British superstar will warm your soul and help you have fun at the same time.

Tori Amos

Last but not least, the classically trained musician with an impressive mezzo-soprano voice, Tori Amos. In fact, there are many reasons why you should go to a Tori Amos concert, but the two main ones are her fantastic piano playing abilities and her excellent singing voice.

Also, Tori Amos has been on the music scene for more than 40 years, but she has still created new music since she released her latest studio album in 2021. Part of the reason for the Tori Amos tour is the new album, but of course, she will also play many of her older hit songs. Furthermore, Tori Amos usually plays for two and a half hours, which is around twenty tracks, so you will have the chance to enjoy most of her best songs.

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