Neuro-Balance Therapy Reviews: Can It Recover Dead Nerves?

Neuro-Balance Therapy Reviews: Can It Recover Dead Nerves?

As you get older, slipping, tripping, and falling due to balance becomes common. It may cause you serious head injury or fall to death.

In elder age, losing your balance and falling are widely common, which is dangerous for your health or even cause a serious head injury. Research also found that this problem is now common at a younger age. Neurological disorders are getting common, which causes instability and balance disorder in men and women.

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Older people may feel afraid of going out alone due to this neurological disorder which can happen anywhere. This disorder also increases with age. Many scientists found that 97% of people falling may cause serious injuries or death.

The nerve in the foot which is not functioning is the major cause of a trip or fall, regretless of age. Numbness, paresthesia, and tingling symptoms occur when the nerves are not functioning correctly. This problem is similar to Peripheral Neuropathy, where the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord are broken.

The most effective and natural method to regain your dead nerves in the foot is discussed in Neuro-Balance Therapy Program.

Chris Wilson is the founder of The Neuro-Balance Therapy program. He is a certified fitness instructor and an American sportsperson. He discussed the complete strengthening balance technique from which anyone can prevent them from falling.

Many people think that these dead nerves can’t work again, but it is absolutely wrong.

By reading Neuro-Balance Therapy reviews on their official website, I learned that many older and younger people use this therapy, which works perfectly for them.

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What is Neuro-Balance therapy?

The major cause of death in old age is falling and losing balance due to dead nerves in the foot. We are not wrong because researchers found that most people die due to falling.

The founder of Neuro-Balance Therapy is Chris Wilson. He recommended this therapy method to most of his old-age clients, and it works for them.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy program consists of a video series and coaching video called 10-second ritual, which helps you awaken your sleeping nerves in the foot. The author explains the therapeutic approach of how your dead nerve in the foot will communicate with the brain.

Neuro-Balance Therapy uses the therapeutic approach to revive your dead nerve in the foot and then communicate with the brain, this may last for at least 10 seconds, and it can be done at any time when you have some time. It does not require any instrument. This approach is easy to do, like cutting a cake.

Chris found the idea of making the Neuro-Balance Therapy Program after attending the conference held in Switzerland. The conference presenter showed the findings of Kenyan men and women of older age and younger age people who walked barefooted all their lives and don’t have any nerve damage problems.

Chris found that Kenyan people don’t wear shoes by which their foot is widely connected to the floor. Wearing shoes for a long period creates a weird situation for the foot.

Chris started thinking about making a program that could save people from getting this problem so they don’t need to go for knee replacement surgery or any other physical therapy in old age, which costs a lot of money.

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How Does Neuro-Balance Therapy Work?

Neuro-Balance Therapy consists of only 10 seconds of daily routine activity that will help to awaken your sleeping nerves in the foot that cause tripping and falling. You don’t need to work hard in the gym, go to the doctor, or purchase special equipment.

Neuro Balance Therapy tells you that you just need to roll your feet on the rubber ball called spike ball for 10 seconds or more while sitting on a chair. This process will activate your sleeping nerves in the foot. This therapy is 100% safe and natural, and you do not feel tired. After doing this therapy for more than two or three days, you will start enjoying it.

Neuro-Balance Therapy is the most effective program to prevent you from falling or tripping. The program tells us how to reactive the dead nerve in the foot called The Deep Peroneal Nerve. Upon activating this peroneal nerve, you will get stability, strength, balance, and strong feet.

This program explains how mind and body nerves communicate, the main reason for trips and falls. It also eliminates the fear of falling in old age, and you will be back on your feet once again in your life.

You must follow the therapy that this Neuro Balance Therapy Program suggests, which is helping many men and women to get stability and balance in their old age.

You can do this simple therapy by starting your day with a 10-15 minutes morning exercise routine that will activate your foot’s peroneal nerve.

With this therapy, all muscles in your lower body, like the ankle, feet, and legs, will work with this nerve. Sit on the chair and roll your foot on the rubber spike ball. It is the simple daily activity routine suggested in this program.

This Neuro-Balance Therapy is divided into three categories; beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level. This Neuro Balance Therapy program recommends starting from the beginner level to the high level. To get maximum benefits from this program, you must do these exercises every day or alternative days.

While doing this exercise in the morning will help you feel stronger throughout the day.

This program includes some light stretching exercises for all ages to get flexibility in your legs and arms. It’s up to you; at what time you want to do these exercises.

If you are already doing any high-level exercises, you can include these exercises in your warm-up or include these stretching exercises at the end of your day. It makes the Neuro-Balance Therapy program very simple to use, as Chris doesn’t suggest any specific time to do it.

You only need to play these videos and start doing these exercises anywhere. You can also track your daily routine and save it on your computer so that you may know what you did yesterday.

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Mistakes To Avoid

Here are the three mistakes that you should avoid to maintain stability.

Balance Exercise:

The author explains that doing extra balance exercises and rolling your legs on a spike ball for long hours will also weaken your energy level, and you may fall. Chris defines that these exercises are for those in good shape and have good stamina. Chris recommended that older people can only roll their feet on a stability ball for only 10 seconds while sitting on a comfortable chair; it may reduce the chance of getting fall.

Connect Feet To Floor:

Thousands of nerves in the foot cannot get connected with the floor. These nerves get damaged due to wearing shoes for long hours. It causes the nerve to lose stability.

Age Not A Problem:

This program teaches us that getting older is not a problem of falling and tripping. Many people in the 90s also benefited from this program and gained stability, strength, and balance.

Where To Purchase Neuro-Balance Therapy?

When you purchase Neuro-Balance Therapy from their official website, you will get a good discount. It comes in two packages which are explained below:

1st Package: After buying this program, they will send 1 DVD and 1 spike ball to your doorstep. This DVD will be playable on any DVD player or laptop. You can sit anywhere and watch these video series that help you reactivate your peroneal nerve in the foot. The cost of this program is $97, but after a discount, you can get it for only $47.

2nd Package: In this package, you will get 2 DVDs and 2 spike balls at your home address. The price of this package is $194, as the discount period is going on, so you will get it for $77. This package is the best-selling package.

Both packages include free shipping, and you don’t have to pay any handling charges. So hurry up and buy it from the official website before the discount period ends.

Another benefit is that you will get a 60-day money-back guarantee from If you feel that it is not working for you, you can ask for a refund; Chris will not ask any questions.

Note: Chris recommended that you cannot use any other spike ball. They made this spike ball with crystal material to increase its durability. It is also made to awaken your sleeping nerve in the foot and make you feel relaxed the whole day.

Does Neuro-Balance Therapy Help?

This program has helped more than 116,000 men and women in the world to regain their balance and make their bones stronger. If you don’t believe it, go to their official website and read the success stories of Neuro-Balance Therapy customers.

Those older people who fear falling also get confidence after using Neuro-Balance Therapy Program. 96% of customers reported that they get strong feet/legs and get balance in their life from this program.

Benefits of Neuro-Balance Therapy

  • The main benefit is that you don’t need to worry about where to buy a spike ball.
  • Rolling your foot every day on a spike ball make your legs stronger.
  • Neuro Balance Therapy will make you feel strong and stable.
  • It will also help to control blood sugar level.

Final Conclusion

Neuro-Balance Therapy explains that falling and tripping are not old age problems. You can get rid of this problem with therapies and regain your balance.

Peripheral Neuropathy happens when the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord get weak, so they cannot connect to the hands and feet nerves which may cause instability and imbalance. It may also affect other body functions like digestion, blood circulation, and urination.

These therapies helped many men and women in different age groups, and all get an amazing boost in their health.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy program also improves your nervous system from getting damaged. It takes care of personal health. Users of this program who are in their 50s start seeing results within 14 days, but those in-between 60s to 90s see results slowly and feel stability and balance while doing daily work.

This program teaches us to do walking barefooted in our home so that our feet get a strong connection to the floor, which will improve balance.

That’s all from our Neuro-Balance Therapy review. We hope you like it and make an informed decision to buy it or not.

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