Fuze Bug Reviews – WARNING! Is FuzeBug Electric Mosquito Zapper Device Legit?  

Fuze Bug Reviews – WARNING! Is FuzeBug Electric Mosquito Zapper Device Legit?  


Fuze Bug Mosquito Reviews – Does FuzeBug Mosquito Zapper Gadget Really Work? Is it the most effective device to eliminate all of your insects? Read this review to check out how it works!

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Product Name Fuze Bug
Purpose Insect Repleanant Lamp
Made  USA
Price  $39.99
Availability Only through the official website
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What is Fuze Bug?

The Fuze Bug is an insect repellent lamp that naturally kills bugs without the use of smelly oils, sprays, or greasy substances

The insecticide lamp can be purchased from GetFuzeBug.com and is effective in any environment where insects are present. Even though it is safe to use around children and pets, it can eradicate insects within a 375-foot radius.

The Fuze Bug operates in a manner analogous to other insect repelling systems that can currently be purchased online: the lamp contains a light that entices mosquitoes and other insects. 

The insects fly towards the lamp, where they are instantly exterminated after becoming entangled in the electric coils.

You can set the Fuze Bug down on a table or hang it up high. Because it is portable, you can transport it to wherever it needs to go. 

You could, for instance, transport it to your backyard and then transport it to your patio to ward off insects for the entirety of the evening.

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How does Fuze Bug Zapper work?

The Fuze Bug employs visible light to lure insects, dispatched by electric coils inside the device. 

The Fuze Bug is a bug zapping system that uses visible light rather than ultraviolet light to trick mosquitoes into thinking the lamp is a source of food. Other bug zapping systems use ultraviolet light.

Insects are drawn to the color, and as a result, they fly toward sources of visible light. 

As soon as they enter the apparatus, they contact the electric coils, which results in their instantaneous demise. The Fuze Bug emits a high voltage zap of 1,000 volts, killing any insects that come into contact with it

The system operates without using any chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, or other problematic elements. 

You can get rid of those annoying bugs for hours on a single charge with the Fuze Bug, which can zap and get rid of any insects around you.

In the meantime, the brightness of the Fuze Bug light is rated at 6,000 lumens. You can change the brightness of the light to suit your needs.

You can choose either the 75% or 100% setting on your brightness control for use outside during the day. After being fully charged, Fuze Bug has a run time of between 20 and 24 hours

As long as necessary, the unit will continue to zap and kill insects. It is simple to use, does not weigh much, and can go with you wherever you go. Some people tend to leave it lying around the house. Some individuals go fishing, camping, or hiking with it.

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Instructions on how to use the FuzeBug Mosquito Repellent

The FuzeBug mosquito repellent is a one-piece unit that does not require any assembly on the user’s part. The operation of the device is comparable to that of any other electronic appliance.

The USB charger with the Fuze Bug makes it simple to charge the device. However, to make full use of the Fuze Bug lamp, it is necessary to fully charge the device first.

After being charged, the device can be used without a cord and taken with you wherever you go. 

The Fuze Bug has a coverage area of 375 square feet and can be hung or placed anywhere for your convenience. The bugs are effectively eradicated by the high voltage of 1000V.

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Where the Fuze Bug Mosquito Zapper is best utilized?

You are always at risk from insects and bugs, regardless of whether you are inside or outside, and none of the preventative measures lives up to their claims of effectiveness. 

The Fuze Bug is a solar-powered lamp that is 100 percent safe and effective, and it serves as the highest quality insect repelling and killing service regardless of whether you are inside or outside.

You can take advantage of it in any room of your house, workplace, or other commercial establishments. It is also possible to demonstrate that Fuze Bug is effective in its performance while being used outside. 

Have fun camping, hiking, and engaging in other outdoor activities without being concerned that insects will get caught in your hair or cause you harm in some other way. 

The long battery life of 24 hours makes it ideal for use in the great outdoors.

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Advantages of Fuze Bug Device:

  • Rechargeable:

The Fuze Bug comes with a micro USB charger that can be used to power the device after it has been purchased. Because of this, you will be able to charge it regardless of where you are. 

Even if you are outside during the day, you should not have to worry about being bothered by bugs because the battery life is so long.

  • Weatherproof:

Even in the harshest climates, the Fuze Bug will function reliably regardless of how hot or cold it may be.

  • Free Lantern:

When you purchase Fuze Bug, you will receive a bug repellant and zapper, but you will also receive a free lantern with an extremely bright LED light

It can provide illumination for your area and is perfect for camping and other activities outside. 

You can also adjust the brightness of the light, which does not emit any UV radiation whatsoever, according to your preferences.

  • Simple to clean:

The Fuze bug requires little maintenance and is straightforward to clean. The product includes a brush that can clean any debris that may have accumulated on the coil. 

After you have finished cleaning the coil, the only thing left to do is remove the waste from the bottom shell, and then you will be all set.

  • Portable:

You can take advantage of this feature, which is one of the most significant advantages, wherever you go. 

It takes up very little room, weighs only 7 ounces, and can be packed and unpacked with minimal effort.

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Pricing details of Fuze Bug Zapper

  • 1 Fuze Bug device price – $39.99 each
  • 2 Fuze Bug devices price – $37.99 each
  • 3 Fuze Bug devices price – $35.99 each
  • 4 Fuze Bug devices price – $33.99 each
  • 5 Fuze Bug devices price – $31.99 each

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What Attracts Mosquitos to the Fuze Bug?

The Fuze Bug utilizes visible purple light to attract mosquitos, as opposed to the ultraviolet light utilized by other mosquito repellant systems. 

According to several studies, mosquitoes are attracted to ultraviolet (UV) light because they believe it is associated with a source of food, such as humans. 

Mosquitoes are attracted to UV light because it resembles a human to them; as a result, they fly toward it.

The Fuze Bug uses a similar but distinct idea as to its foundation. The Fuze Bug is designed to lure insects by emitting a violet light in the visible spectrum

The people who developed the Fuze Bug assert that it is possible to lure insects with visible light while avoiding the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. This means that you get all of the benefits of light that can attract mosquitoes, but you don’t have to deal with any drawbacks.

As soon as insects fly in the direction of visible light, they attempt to land on it. They believe that light is a source of food and the desire to consume that source of food. 

As soon as the insects attempt to land on the light, they are met with the electric coils, which immediately zap and kill them.

At the very bottom of the Fuze Bug, you’ll find all the dead bugs gathered together. When it’s necessary, you empty the zapper. 

After using the Fuze Bug, you should find dozens or even hundreds of dead insects in the unit’s base if you have correctly configured it.

The light produced by the bulb on the Fuze Bug can be used as a lantern. It has a lifespan of 10,000 hours and can produce 6,000 lumens of light. 

You can adjust the brightness to one of four different levels, which are 0 percent, 20 percent, 50 percent, and 100 percent, respectively.

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Fuze Bug Refund Policy

The Fuze Bug comes with a money-back guarantee valid for 30 days (although the website also mentions a 90-day refund policy). 

You have between 30 and 90 days from the date of your initial purchase to submit a request for a full refund. 

Your product must still be in the same condition that you received it in, along with the original packaging, to be eligible for a refund. 

First, get in touch with the company to begin the procedure for receiving a refund, and then send the product back to the address listed for returns. 

You will not be reimbursed for either the initial shipping costs or the return shipping costs.

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Fuze Bug Mosquito Reviews – Final Thoughts

Fuze Bug is a portable insect repellant that lures in pests and puts an end to their existence once and for all. 

This device runs on solar power and uses a solar-powered LED to emit a comforting purple light, which mosquitoes and other insects find reassuring

The electric coil embedded in Fuze Bug takes care of the rest as these unwanted creatures approach it. This strategy has only relatively recently emerged as the industry standard in insect repellent.

For this reason, the entirety of Fuze Bug does not call for an excessive amount of questioning. 

On the other hand, certain aspects call for additional elaboration compared to others. For example, the Fuze Bug is also said to be waterproof

In a similar vein, it would have been helpful to have more information regarding the components used in the production of this apparatus. The same can be said for the instruction manual, which has not been made public yet.

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