Dan Hollings The Plan Reviews (DISCOUNT) 2022 – Crypto Trading Bots Analysis

Dan Hollings The Plan Reviews (DISCOUNT) 2022 – Crypto Trading Bots Analysis

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If you’re thinking about joining The Plan By Dan Hollings mentorship program, this will be the only detailed review you’ll need to read in order to make an educated decision regarding buzzing training program, The Plan.

Our dedicated team of crypto experts have spent the last 2 researching The Plan’s Training Program and decided to share our critical conclusions with you.


  • The MINIMUM Capital Required to build profitable crypto bots?
  • What should you expect when it comes to Startup Costs?
  • How to get the BEST PRICE & DISCOUNT for The Plan?
  • Do you need to have Experience in Crypto to succeed?
  • Much More!

We’re confident that our Dan Hollings’ The Plan review will be enlightening as it contains controversial facts and realistic expectations you can have for The Plan’s training program.

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Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

What is The Plan By Dan Hollings?

Created by Dan Hollings, The Plan is a cryptocurrency and trading training program that teaches beginning investors how to make passive income with automated crypto bots. With so many scammy investment programs out there, it is important to first clarify what The Plan is not.

  • It is not a fund that takes investors’ money and promises to invest it for them. 
  • It is not a binary or day trading system.
  • It is not a multi-level marketing scheme.
Coaching Program The Plan by Dan Hollings
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Course Content Cryptocurrency Course & Trading Mentorship Program
The Plan Pricing $3,497 Full Payment or 4 Payments of $997
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What The Plan does offer, and what we believe to be one of its main qualities, is a collection of strategies and automated rules that can be applied and then left relatively hands off to generate passive income. However, this ease of use did not come for free; Dan Hollings has described spending most of the last three years and about $10 million perfecting his strategies.

How Does Dan Hollings’s The Plan System Work?

Here’s the thing, Crypto is quite volatile and, in a high-risk space; so the question is how do you know this will help you? In fact, how do you know this system is legit?

The good news is that The Plan was designed to be conservative and minimize risk from the beginning, with no risk of saturation when it comes to The Plan’s strategies as it leverages a loophole in the way cryptocurrencies work (more about that further down in the sections).

And each one of Dan Hollings’ crypto secrets and strategies has been extensively tested for safety and replicability. Again, many of the thousands of beta testers had zero previous experience in crypto and still managed to make their initial investment back in The Plan within weeks, then made reliable and predictable amounts of money after that.

How Much Is Dan Hollings’ The Plan?

The Plan mentorship program costs $3,497 (Discounted Here!) If that’s a little hard for you, Dan Hollings also offers an installment plan to pay $997 per month for 4 months.

The Plan By Dan Hollings’ Discount?

Yes, if you pay for the program in full, $3,497 (one-time payment). If you opt for the payment plan, you don’t receive the Instant $503 Discount and you’ll have to pay the full $4,000 price for The Plan training program over 4 months.

So, the point is, it would be wise to go with the one-time payment option if you can. It just makes sense to save $503!

If you plan to trade live rather than in demo mode, it’s recommended that you have around $3,000 to invest in making The Plan work.

One of the best parts about The Plan is that it comes with a no-risk ‘demo mode’ where you can try out all of the strategies and bots on ‘practice’ cryptocurrency before you’re ready to go live. This is how many previous students developed the skills they enjoy today.

NOTE: The Crypto & Trading Software to run the bots costs between $20 to $110 a month, depending on how many automated live bots you have. (The more bots you have, the more profits you’ll be making!)

More about The Plan’s “Extra Costs” in later sections!

Dan Hollings’ The Plan Modules

Here Dan Hollings is going to break down:

Module 1 : Digital Gold – An Overview of The Plan & Crypto

  • Why the goal is to generate daily revenue with minimal effort and maximum safety (while still acquiring and HODL’ing high value cryptocurrencies!)
  • What coins are popular “HODL” coins… and why
  • The four core strategies to make crypto wealth (and why “trading” is frowned upon)
  • The 3-circled concept to help you manage risk
  • The Strategy-HODL-Reserve approach to crypto capital (boost returns, lessen risk)
  • The portfolio effect (and why you should strive for this as soon as you can)
  • Why “DO NOTHING” is our go-to strategy nearly all the time, once the crypto automations are up and running
  • Ignore headlines, rumors, and moonshots in crypto (do this instead)
  • And more…

Module 2: The HODL Bot

Here you’ll discover:

  • A walkthrough of the automation software interface (what few things to focus on, and what to ignore)
  • The HODL bot – how to set up the safest, most powerful long-term bot (do this if you believe crypto is the future)
  • The step-by-step process for setting up a bot. Watch as Dan takes you through each step in real time
  • The magic of DCA (dollar cost averaging) with a real-world example of how dollar cost averaging BTC produced a 5X greater return.
  • The 20-30-50 approach to capital risk management (maximize your upside while simultaneously minimizing your downside)

Module 3: Exchanges, Stable Coins, & Standard Coin Bots

In this module:

  • Why your crypto (and money) are always 100% within your control (neither we nor the software will ever have access to your crypto)
  • What to look for in crypto exchanges (to safely and easily turn whatever currency you have into crypto and vice versa) with a detailed analysis of the world’s leading exchanges
  • The benefits of being in multiple exchanges (and when to do so)
  • Stable Coins – a breakdown (what they are, how they work, which ones to consider, etc.)
  • The step-by-step process for setting up “standard bots” – from coin pair selection, to setting up the bot parameters, and more
  • The only 5 things you need to know in order to set up your “standard coin bots”
  • What “cleaning the couch” means, and how it allows you to take your cash-flow profits off the market and into your pocket at will
  • How to find “wiggly” coins, to get the most cash flow out of your crypto bots
  • A little known website to find the “low risk” crypto coins to put into your bots
  • And more…

Module 4: Standard Coin Bots Part II

Here you’ll discover:

  • The bot setting “sweet spot” (to maximize your chance of getting the most wiggle profits out of your bots)
  • How to time the start of your bot to amplify your gains
  • The basic concept of “dips” and “runs” (you filter it through this one time-window and you’ll gain powerful insight into the profit potential of a coin/bot)
  • How to spy on the “lower half of the channel” to launch your bots with confidence
  • What double bottom zones are, and how you can take advantage of them
  • Why you should avoid crypto coins that are “new” to exchanges
  • What FUD is, and how not to be a victim of it (like nearly every other crypto buyer is)
  • How to easily sidestep FOMO (fear of missing out) so you can make your gains the stress-fee, fun way!
  • And more…

Module 5: Crypto Savings Vaults

Here we’ll break down:

  • What “bank like” crypto savings vaults are, and how you should consider using of them as part of your portfolio
  • The “pay yourself first” HODL rule (to lock in your gains, and elevate your lifestyle)
  • Why you should never HODL all your assets on one crypto platform (and what to do instead)
  • How to always keep your crypto liquid (and never have it locked up)
  • The scoop on Crypto savings platforms (most people never find out about these)
  • And more…

Module 6: Closing Bots & Bot Regridding

Here Dan Hollings is going to break down:

  • Why you should never be in a hurry to close a bot (remember, whether the coin goes up or down in value, the bot can still wiggle you out cash flow profits most of the time)
  • Why most bots stay within the “wiggle range” a majority of the time, and what to do in cases where they fall out of range
  • Why the most common reason to close a bot is because of how profitable it is, not because it’s not wiggling
  • Step by step instructions on how to close bots (easy and simple)
  • When you would want to “re-grid” a crypto bot (and why it’s rare to ever need to)
  • And more…

Who Is Dan Hollings?

Dan Hollings is the man behind the Plan mentorship program. Dan Hollings is also the brain behind the sensational film The Secret, which is still changing how people see crypto investing ten years later. It was a huge success, and they made over 300 million dollars in revenue in the first year.

The Plan was first made available to a few thousand beta students, and they’ve overwhelmingly indicated that the opportunity to be part of The Plan was life-changing. It wasn’t Dan’s intention to share this in his original thoughts. But, within four months, it is now in 129 countries. The Plan works for anybody that wants it to work for them, and it doesn’t take much to get it going – no special skills and very little capital.

The Plan Review: Pros and Cons

You will find all the pros and cons you should know about in the table below.

Pros Cons
Hands-off trading. Perfect for busy people. Sometimes, Lack of control may be difficult for some.
Requires no trading skills and very little time to acquire. It can perform poorly if not optimized correctly.
You can profit with The Plan minute-by-minute (Instead of years from now when you eventually sell). Requires additional money for software access, $69-$149 a month.
Minimum emotion trading – sticks to a predetermined strategy.  
The Plan is the safest way to make money with cryptocurrency in 2022.  
This works even when the crypto market crashes.  
Your cryptos stay in your exchange (No need to send them to other places like some lending platforms).  

When Does “The Plan” Training Start?

It starts whenever you are ready, as long as you join before the timer on this page hits zero!

All training modules are pre-recorded and available in the members’ area, so you get access to the entire training at once. No need to wait. This means you can learn as slow or as fast as you wish! 

Approximately 48 hours after you sign up today, you will receive an email with the NDA & Participation Agreement. You should carefully review these legally binding documents before signing. 

After you sign the documents, we will manually review and validate it. This process takes approximately 48 hours. Once we have completed our review, you will receive access to the members’ area, where you will find the entire course so that you can go through it at your own pace. 

You will also get access to all future course updates for Phase 1.

Can You Make Money With Dan Hollings’ The Plan?

Does all of this sound too good to be true? The fact is that the key concept of The Plan—designing and fine-tuning crypto bots to trade for you—has been used successfully for years on Wall Street. The difference here is that we’re doing it in the much more accessible (and safer) world of cryptocurrency.

Does Dan Hollings’ The Plan Work Outside of the US?

Yes! Cryptocurrency is decentralized, and so are the profits. Current students in The Plan training program come from worldwide and from different walks of life.

Do You Need Crypto Experience for This?

Dan Hollings explicitly said you should abandon what you already know about crypto and enter The Plan with a clear mind. The perspective of trading by The Plan principle is different from a traditional approach.

What Is the Minimum Capital to Start Trading by The Plan and Be Effective?

To get started with an Original Bot, you’ll need about $3000 in a crypto exchange. The max crypto bots you can have running at once is 20; however, there’s nothing wrong with starting with just one. You’ll find all the info you need to run and pause your bots in the Members-Only Section of The Plan website.

We would love to say you can start with even less money, but $3000 is the minimum amount needed for grid range (grid trading) to leverage the wiggle of crypto prices profitably. Remember, however, that this is still your money—no one will take your investments to put into a fund or an MLM. You can split the $3000 per bot up between as many crypto exchanges as possible!

Will The Plan By Dan Hollings Work 1-Year From Now?

If you’ve read this far, you probably believe in crypto. You’ve seen the power it has to change the world, and you believe that, on average, over the next ten years, it’s only going up. So we can expect our investments to grow overall; why not also get daily passive income from them?

The first skill you’ll learn in The Plan is designing a balanced portfolio—which you can, of course, adjust down the road. Dan Hollings starts by showing you how to manage risk while aiming for profit in both the short and long term. Remember that The Plan isn’t meant to be just an investment but a STEADY source of income.

Most people should target 20% investment and 80% cash flow initially, keeping in mind that this balance will tip the other way later on.

The Plan By Dan Hollings Verdict (2022)

If it all seems rather simple, like anyone could do it, that’s right—anyone can follow The Plan as a course, and it takes work, but it is straightforward. But remember that Dan Hollings spent years and millions of dollars building these strategies. So the bots you’ll launch are the result of all this hard work, and they’ve been shown repeatedly to outperform bots made without the insights of The Plan coaching program.

For your $3,497, you receive access to 6 live online pieces of training that cover The Plan crypto training in great detail.

You’ll also join a team of crypto enthusiasts and industry leaders who provide exclusive mentorship, live ‘office hours’ and all the trading guides you’ll need to go deeper at your own pace.

It’s hard (impossible, actually) to find another crypto training program that boasts the average yearly return of The Plan: 200% or more. Ready to register, or want to find out more? Sign up for The Plan here.

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