Tea Burn Review – Exposing the Real Consumer Reports!

Tea Burn Review – Exposing the Real Consumer Reports!

Hello everyone! Are you confused about which review to read in this panoply of promotional Tea Burn reviews, then you have landed the right spot? This Tea Burn review will give you an equitable comprehension of the supplement that has created a place of its own in so little time among people who are trying to lose weight.

One common problem half of the population of the United States of America now facing is unexplainable weight gain. As weight loss has become a necessity, the weight loss supplement industry is becoming more wide and large. But now most weight loss supplements are found to be just a business with little or no effectiveness.

Tea Burn, since its launch is one of the most popular weight loss supplements that many people have tried out. But the popularity of the supplement doesn’t mean that the supplement is effective, right?. There are various factors that make a supplement effective.

So does Tea Burn powder has all the elements that an effective weight loss supplement should have? Is Tea Burn worth the hype or not? Does Tea Burn really help in weight loss? Find out the answers and the truth about this supplement by reading till the end of this Tea Burn review.

Product Name Tea Burn
Category Weight Loss
Manufacturer John Barban
Aim Boosting metabolic rate and removing unwanted fat in the body
Key Feature Can be infused with any type of regular tea
Manufacturing Standards ?      Natural ingredients

?      Gluten-free.

?      GMP-certified facilities

Key Ingredients ?      L-Carnitine

?      L-Theanine

?      Chromium

?      Green Coffee beans

?      Green Tea Extract

Features & Health benefits ?      Increase metabolism rate

?      Boost immunity

?      Enhances cognitive functions

?      Control blood sugar levels

?      help to lower your blood pressure levels

?      Lower bad cholesterol levels

?      help in weight loss

Unit Count 30 packets per pouch
Serving One packet of Tea burn formula in the morning
Side Effects Minimal
Age range 18 and above
Precautions ?      Not meant for people under 18

?      Do not overdose

?      A pregnant or nursing mother should avoid

Alcohol warning No restrictions
Side Effects ?      Minimal side effects reported

?      Only for the under 18 age group

Price 30 day supply- $49 per pouch (1 pouch) 90 day supply- $39 per pouch (3 pouches) 180 day supply- $34 per pouch (6 pouches)
Money-back Guarantee 60 days
Availability Only Through the official Website
Official Website Click Here

What is Tea Burn?

Tea Burn is a weight loss supplement that is created by using natural ingredients which are scientifically proven to be supporting healthy weight loss. The supplement is created for both men and women who are trying to lose weight in a healthy way.

Tea Burn powder primarily works on increasing the metabolism of your body which in turn result in rapid healthy weight loss. Tea Burn is a supplement that is manufactured in an approved and GMP-certified facility. The supplement is non-GMO which means that the supplement hasn’t undergone any kind of genetic modification in its manufacturing.

The supplement does not contain any artificial or chemical substances in it. Tea Burn formula is a purely vegetarian supplement and is also gluten-free.

How is Tea Burn Drink formulated?

The Tea Burn formula has only natural ingredients included in its formulation and each Tea Burn ingredient is given below:

  • Green coffee beans: Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans and are an ingredient that has numerous health benefits. Green coffee beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid than roasted coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid is well known for its ability to support weight loss. The ingredient also can help to lower your blood pressure levels and bad cholesterol levels.
  • Green tea is the most famous and used ingredient for weight loss. Green tea is an ingredient that can boost the metabolism levels of your body. The ingredients also have several other health benefits including cognitive health benefits, lower cardiovascular diseases, and treating type 2 diabetes.
  • Chromium: Chromium is an essential mineral that is usually found in foods like eggs, fish, whole grains, etc. Many studies have been conducted on the health benefits of chromium and most of them found the ingredient to be effective in weight loss. Chromium also has the ability to lower blood sugar levels.
  • L-carnitine: L-carnitine is a chemical that usually converts fat into energy and this way the ingredients help in weight loss. People who have L-carnitine deficiency are often seen to be gaining weight as their body doesn’t have the ability to turn fat into energy. When enough L-carnitine is supplied, the ingredient will regulate the body converting fat into energy.
  • L-theanine: L-theanine is an amino acid that possesses a wide variety of health benefits. The ingredient L-theanine is an ingredient that is rich in catechins compounds and catechins are famous for their weight loss abilities. The ingredient can also improve your cognitive health and also can make you sleep better.

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How does Tea Burn Powder work?

Tea Burn is a weight loss supplement that primarily focuses on boosting the metabolism rate of your body. When you consume the Tea Burn supplement, all of the Tea Burn ingredients will start working on factors that increase the metabolism rate of your body.

When the body’s metabolism rate is increased, your body will start converting any extra fat present in your body into energy. This will result in losing weight without making you exhausted.

The Tea Burn weight loss drink also has an ingredient that has a positive influence on cognitive health. Tea Burn can also help in lowering your blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol levels.

How to consume Tea Burn Supplement?

Tea Burn comes in pouches and in one pouch of the supplement, there will be 30 strips of the supplement. The supplement is in powder form which is colorless and odorless. You can add the supplement to any of your morning drinks and it will instantly dissolve into the drink.

The Tea Burn supplement will not mess with the taste of your drink, so your morning drink will taste the same with Tea Burn powder in it. As per the official website of Tea Burn, the right dosage of the supplement is one packet daily. The supplement should be taken in the morning.

Tea Burn weight loss juice has an expiry period of 2 years from the date of manufacturing.  Since the Tea Burn weight loss drink is made using natural ingredients only and does not have any harmful chemicals or artificial substances in it, the Tea Burn formula is safe to consume. The Tea Burn is manufactured by complying with the rules and regulations a supplement should follow.

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Pros and cons of Tea Burn Formula

We can never say that a weight loss supplement is perfect. Even though Tea Burn is a very efficient weight loss supplement, it has its own minor cons. Let’s weigh both pros and cons that Tea Burn so that you will be aware of both sides of the supplement.


  • Tea Burn supports healthy natural weight loss.
  • The Tea Burn supplement can boost your body’s metabolism.
  • The Tea Burn drink can increase energy and reduce cravings.
  • The Tea Burn Weight loss formula is non-GMO and is also gluten-free.
  • The Tea Burn drink is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility.
  • Tea Burn does not have any artificial or chemical substances added to it.


  • A few customers of Tea Burn have reported that they had experienced minor side effects like fatigue in the first few days of using the supplement.
  • The supplement is not recommended for people who have any underlying medical conditions.

Should you buy this Tea Burn Supplement?

Tea Burn is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that are effective in weight loss. The Tea Burn ingredients offer many health benefits to your body. The supplement can help your body to regulate a higher metabolism process and can aid in weight loss.

The Tea Burn powder does not have any chemical substances included in its formula. The Tea Burn weight loss drink is created to be of high quality and many clinical trials done on the supplement suggest it to be of the best quality. The supplement is also backed by a risk-free money-back guarantee, so you can try out the supplement with confidence.

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How much does the Tea Burn formula cost?

The manufacturer of Tea Burn offers the supplement at the following prices:

  • 30-day supply: As per the official website of Tea Burn, one pouch of the supplement is needed for a 30-day supply. The price is $69 per pouch.
  • 90-day supply: As per the official website of Tea Burn, three pouches of the supplement are needed for a 90-day supply. The price is $39 per pouch.
  • 180-day supply: As per the official website of Tea Burn, six pouches of the supplement are needed for a 180-day supply. The price is $34 per pouch.

The only place you will be able to get the authentic Tea Burn that too at the best discount is the official website of the Tea Burn supplement.

As the Tea Burn supplement is very popular, there are many sellers who are selling duplicate supplements by the name Tea Burn on e-commerce platforms and retail stores. These supplements are nothing like the authentic Tea Burn weight loss drink and would not give any benefits that Tea Burn would provide you.

Final Verdict:

Based on my study of Tea Burn, the supplement looks like a legit solution that supports natural weight loss and also has the ability to increase the metabolism of your body. The supplement has clinically proven ingredients added in its formulation and the ingredients are chlorogenic acid, green tea, chromium, L-carnitine, and L-theanine.

The majority of the Tea Burn customer reviews have shared that they have got satisfactory results from the supplement. From the Tea Burn customer reviews, it is evident that the supplement does help in weight loss, increases your body’s metabolism rate, reduces hunger, and can also increase your metabolism rate.

Furthermore, the Tea Burn weight loss powder is also backed by a money-back guarantee for 60-day. Taking into consideration of everything that the supplement offers, Tea Burn seems worth giving a shot if you want to lose weight healthily and naturally.

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Tea Burn: Frequently Asked Questions

How many pouches of Tea Burn would I need for 3 months?

For 3 months supply, you would need 3 pouches of the supplement.

What are the benefits that Tea Burn would provide me?

The health benefits Tea Burn provides are numerous and the primary benefit of Tea Burn is that it helps in losing weight naturally.

Can Tea Burn be only added to tea or coffee?

No, you can add Tea Burn into any beverages that you like.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Tea Burn is backed by a 60-day hassle-free money-back guarantee.



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