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What is The Plan Rocks by Dan Hollings?

Perhaps, you have already heard of people who make over 20 percent profits per month by trading crypto currencies and others who are already in a panic or dealing with stress after losing 30 percent of their savings. The primary reason people make losses is that they do not know how to manage risks. Luckily, Dan Hollings teaches how you can use cryptocurrency trading bots to minimize risks and increase your profits.

But considering that there are many fraudulent investment programs on the internet, clarifying what The Plan Rocks by Dan Hollings is and is not is important. The Plan is not a fraud that takes the money of investors and promises to invest it in the crypto world. Also, it is not a day trading, binary trading system, or multi-level marketing scheme. It is a trading course.

One characteristic of this program is that it shares a collection of trading rules or strategies that you will have to apply in your trading so that you can start generating a passive income instantly. The creator claims that its ease of use came at a huge cost. He claims that he spent over $5 million and took over three years to perfect the strategies. Therefore, you should expect it to work.

Who is Dan Hollings?

Dan Hollings is a widely known internet marketer who also makes money by teaching other people how to generate a passive income online. He started his cryptocurrency trading journey before the “Bull Run of 2017” and fortunately he made a lot of money. According to him, he only invested $10 but made over $100,000 easily.

Hollings further claims that he jumped on the bull just to ride for a short time because bull markets do not go on forever and after the bull market ended, he rode down to $0. He lost all the money he had taken from the friends who asked him to trade for them because he was doing very well. Further, he states that the reason for the huge loss was that he joined the market due to Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and he had not developed a good trading strategy.

Back then, many people were joining the crypto market intending to get rich but they ended up making losses. Later, the market matured and Dan discovered a method of trading the digital currency and perfected it over 3 years. The method came to be known as “The Plan Rocks” and it has been a game-changer. Dan claims that it is all he will use in his whole life to trade cryptocoins because it has already helped him make over $3 million.

So, What Exactly Will You Learn After Joining this Program?

Here is a breakdown of everything you will learn from Dan Hollings Crypto Training:

Session #1: Digital Gold

This is an overview of the course and cryptocurrencies. Dan will tell you all the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency and introduce you to the popular HODL coins. He will further teach you four ways of accumulating crypto wealth, the portfolio effect, and why you should ignore headlines, moonshots, and rumors.

Session #2: The HODL Bot

In this session, Dan Hollings will introduce you to the user interface of automation software. He will also teach you how to set up a crypto bot and finally, introduce you to the 20-30-50 capital risk management strategy. He will help you invest in a powerful long-term crypto bot.

Session #3: Stable Coins, Exchanges, and Standard Coin Bots

In this session, Dan Hollings will review some of the leading exchanges and teach you what you should look for when choosing one. He will further provide you with the benefits of enrolling in many exchanges and teach you how to identify the “wiggly” coins and invest in them to generate a high cash flow.

Session #4: Standard Coin Bots

Dan teaches something different in every session. In this session, expect to learn how to maximize your earnings by starting your trading bots at the right time. Moreover, you will learn the “dips” and “runs” notion as well as why you should avoid new crypto coins. Dan will lastly teach you how to avoid the fear of mission out (FOMO) effortlessly.

Session #5: The Savings Vault

In this section, expect to learn about bank-like crypto saving vaults and why they provide better interest rates than banks. You will also learn the “pay yourself first” guideline and why you should never keep your crypto assets on one platform. Dan will further teach you how to keep your investment liquid all the time and how to earn 8-11 percent interest without trading.

Session #6: Closing Bots and Bot Re-gridding

Lastly, Dan Hollings will tell you why you should never close your bots in a hurry and why most bots will remain in the “wiggle range” most of the time. He claims that people mostly close bots because they are profitable and not because they are not wiggling. You will learn how to close bots and when to re-grid them.

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Additional Phases of The Plan Rocks

In addition to the main course, the creators of this crypto training program offer additional four phases. Each of the four phases is thorough training. Here is a quick introduction to each of them.

Phase 1:Grid Bot and Advanced Hodl’ing

This is a complete cryptocurrency trading system that will provide you with everything you need to trade online. After registration, you will have access to over 5 educational sessions, which are initially done live on Zoom so that you can get a chance to ask questions. After that, Dan Hollings will add the recordings into the membership area so that you can revisit them.

Phase 2: DeFi Secrets and Mega Returns

Don Hollings will teach Phase 2 (also known as Beta 2) in two live sessions on Zoom – DeFi and BETA sessions. This course teaches the secrets you need to make huge profits without working. People who enjoy Phase 1 also love this phase because all the taught strategies are easy to implement and demand less work. You will manage to perfect your trading skills before this session is over.

Phase 3: Grand Scale Crypto Rebalancing

In this phase, Dan teaches many strategies that are easy to implement. He will show you how to deal with the volatility expected in the cryptocurrency world and how to use your earnings to generate more revenue. All the strategies taught in this phase are easy to implement.

Phase 4: Advanced Grid Bot Platinum

In Phase 4, Dan Hollings reevaluates the crypto trading bots. He will teach you master-level methods that might blow your mind. Further, he will teach you about the high-yield NFTs, DEFI, and Crypto assets, focusing on low-risk methods.

The Plan Rocks Crypto Bot Training Cost

The Plan Rocks is available in two payment options:

You can pay in Full at $3,497 USD or 4 Payments of $997.

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The Plan Dan Hollings Crypto Training Bonuses

Here are some of the official businesses you will get after registering for this program.

Bonus #1: Best 24/7 Support Ever

Dan Hollings offers the best support teams consisting of 52 agents who have already answered thousands of emails and tickets related to The Plan Rocks Course. In addition to providing answers to questions within 1 hour, the customer support team enjoys a customer satisfaction rating above 98 percent.

Bonus #2: Office Hours (Answer Desk)

Students who have benefited more from The Plan course will answer your questions live. The students will post the dates for their live Zoom sessions in advance so that you can have adequate time to prepare your questions. If you cannot attend the live sessions, you will have a chance to submit your questions and access the answers in the members’ area later.

Bonus #3: Crypto Exchange Deep Dive

Buying and selling crypto currencies will be easy after you have learned how to do it properly. Unfortunately, comparing several exchanges is hard because you will not get the chance to battle-test them, read their rules, and demystify the fee structure. Because Dan Hollings has zero financial incentives and he is not beholding to any exchanges, he will provide you with the benefits and drawbacks of each exchange in this bonus. You are unlikely to find the offered information in any other place.

Who Should Go for The Plan Rocks Crypto Training?

The Plan Rocks by Dan Hollings is a good choice for any people who would want to trade cryptocurrencies. You will benefit from the program if you are among the individuals who would want to be responsible for their life and anything that comes with it and those ready to learn new strategies and apply them. The author teaches only tried and tested methods that will help you save your valuable time and avoid making losses. Still, the program is not a good choice for these groups of people:

  • People who would want to make money by gambling because crypto trading is different from waggling.
  • People looking for a profit guarantee or a promise that cannot be kept.
  • People who are too afraid to invest their money in crypto trading or those who cannot afford to lose any of their money.

The Plan Rocks Review: Conclusion

The Plan Rocks crypto training by Dan Hollings has made trading and investing in cryptocurrencies a walk in the park. It provides a comprehensive training system that will work for both experienced and beginner-level cryptocurrency traders. The course takes an educational approach and teaches everything expected in cryptocurrency trading, such as types of crypto pairs, the best places, and ways of allocating your money. Dan will teach you all the steps you have to follow to start making money. Even more, you will manage to ask questions to the support team and get answers within minutes.

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