Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Review

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Review

is a personal desktop air cooling unit designed to help you with personified cooling for the summer heat.

The Blast Portable AC will serve you as an air cooler, a humidifier, a portable desktop AC and a personal space cooler.

Priced at $89.99 per unit Air Cooler, the Blast Portable AC promises to keep anyone cool, relaxed, and comfortable all summer season. It will be your carry-about portable AC and will serve all your personal room space cooling needs.

In brief summary of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC review, the Blast AC or air cooler doesn’t dry your skin. It serves as a humidifier bringing natural coolness to your personal room space. It has sold in thousands to consumers who have exceptionally reported how the Blast portable  AC solved their summer cooling desires, both for vacations and personal space desires at home and the office.


Summertime has always been seen as a special season for those in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other countries who wait for summer to go on that vacation and ease some work stress. It is a time of joy and happiness. Still, it keeps you frustrated and angry when the scorching sun burns your skin, heat increases at its maximum temperature, and you can’t proffer an immediate solution by using your Blast Auxiliary Portable AC to maintain a cool temperature.

Summer activities include road trips, pool parties, and outdoor celebrations. However, if the weather is nice, you can do all of these things. As the temperature rises, the humidity levels begin to decrease, resulting in breathing difficulties and extreme dehydration during the summertime.

There is no denying fact that no one ever enjoys the summer season without having a Portable Air cooler handy. There is no way you can feel the outdoor fun, party, night sleep, and even travel on vacations around the US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, without carrying this Blast Auxiliary Portable AC along with you.

Yes, many people with a significant budget have already installed a full room air conditioner that works just fine. But this air conditioner won’t save you on an outdoor event or when you plan some adventure vacations to a place where these facilities are minimal. You would definitely not enjoy that trip when the heat becomes so unbearable. So air conditioners are good, but not better than portable air coolers. The Blast Portable AC is lightweight to be carried about your vacations, of excellent quality and affordable for a personal cooling experience.

Buying the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC will save you the high cost of installing air conditioning systems and also save you extra cost on home utility bills as the Blast AC consumes less electricity, unlike other air cooling units.

With this Blast Auxiliary Portable AC review, we shall provide you with every piece of information you would ever wish to know before buying a Blast Portable AC. This review will detail the AC’s features, pricing, usage, company information, and where to buy. Continue reading to find out if it’s worth your money and time before making any buying decision.


What is Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC or air cooler is a personal space cooling unit that brings you a real-life cooling experience with humidification functionalities and innovative cooling mechanisms. This Blast AC keeps consumers cool during the summer and also prevents people from having dry skins during this period.

According to the manufacturers of Blast Portable AC, you don’t need any professional specialty to use the Blast AC; it doesn’t require any technical assembly and makes your personal space cool within seconds of turning it on.

A growing number of consumers are using Blast AC to keep their personal spaces at homes, offices, bedrooms, dorms, and other small private spaces cool all summer long without having to stress over getting an expensive stationary air conditioner.

The Blast Portable AC does not consume the same amount of electricity or cost for maintenance as a full home air conditioning system, nor is it intended to replicate one; rather, Blast is intended to provide simple, portable, and personal cooling wherever you go, exclusively for individual spaces.

Because the Blast AC is lightweight and built portably for easy movement, many people have chosen to buy and use it for several locations instead of mounting a stationary air cooling system that will not only cost them hundreds to thousands of dollars to install but also consume higher electricity bills while only proving cooling for just a single room.

Furthermore, unlike most low-quality air coolers on the market today, the Blast  Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler humidifies the air it emits, preventing your skin, eyes, and nasal passages from drying out and becoming irritated. Rather than that, the air it emits becomes extremely comfortable and receptive to the skin and mucous membranes of the body, including the eyes, nasal passages, and oral cavity, and helps for glowing skin all long summer days.

To get the original Blast Auxiliary Portable AC for the discounted price of $89.99, you would have to visit the official company website and confirm that you are eligible for the purchase.

How Does Blast Auxiliary Portable AC work?

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC operates similarly to other small portable air coolers in that it relies on an evaporation cooling mechanism to humidify the surrounding air. And, unlike a traditional air conditioner, which removes moisture from the air, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC adds moisture to the circulating atmosphere in your personal space, thereby effectively combining the functions of a humidifier and an air cooler.

The Blast cooler has 3 primary cooling technologies that bring you to your optimal cooling desire in summer. Here are the two main working technologies:

The Use of a Water Tank: The Blast manufacturers adopted a water tank feature to make your personal cooling appear like natural air and helps nourish your skin and prevent it from drying out even at the highest temperature. All you need to do is to fill the water tank with an estimated amount of water, turn on the Blast Portable AC and allow it to run. Within 30 seconds, the Blast AC has started circulating cool air using the power of the evaporation technique.

The Use of a Water Curtain: The water curtain also performs similar techniques as a water tank. You soak the water curtain in the water and put it back into the Blast Portable AC; once turned on, the Blast evaporates water in the water curtain and allows it to circulate for even fresher and cooler air in your immediate surrounding.

These two operative techniques adopted with blast auxiliary portable ac help bring you better cooling to your personal space no matter the heat temperature. By adding natural moisture to your surrounding air, the Blast AC makes your skin glowing and helps you with better sleep.

How to Use Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Review)

The Blast Portable AC is easy to set up and use. Here are 3 practical, easy-to-follow steps to adopt on blast ac:

  • Damp the blast water curtain and Insert it back into the blast portable ac.
  • Fill in the water tank to the required gauge shown on the blast manual and also on the container.
  • Lasting, turn the Blast AC on and allow it to start evaporating and circulating cool, moist air within 30 seconds. You can also regulate the cooling level that comes out from the Blast as it offers you a 3-fan speed regulation.

To enjoy the best from blast portable ac, you should make sure that you keep the portable AC unit in your personal space and allow the blast vent to face your desired cooling location in your personal area. The Blast pushes out natural moist air through the vent and immediately cools the immediate surrounding where the blast vent is pointed in seconds.


Key Features of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

In this Blast Auxiliary Portable AC reviews, we list out the outstanding features of Blast that would sure gladden your love for it. Here are a handful of the features:

  1. Water Tank: The Blast AC features a big capacity water tank of 300ml that is straightforward to refill anytime. The water in the water tank makes your personal space naturally moist when evaporated by the Blast AC. For optimal results, we recommend that you pour only chill water into the water tank for a faster cooling result; otherwise, you allow the blast ac to do the water cooling and then evaporate to your comfort.
  2. Adjustable Vents: Blast portable AC vents look beautiful and can easily be adjusted to point in any desired direction. These Vents are small strips from where the blast ac emits evaporation. Just as it is with car AC vents, you can quickly move the blast vent up and down to redirect cooling to a more concentrated area of choice.
  3. Rechargeable Battery: The Blast AC comes with a 2,000mAH built-in rechargeable battery. This big capacity battery grants you hours of comfort and exceptional cooling before you think of recharging. You sure won’t want to invest your money in a portable AC that will keep sending you to your power surge every few minutes for recharging the battery. The blast auxiliary portable ac review offers you this self-comfort as designed.Also, with the high-capacity battery, you don’t need to fear a drop of light when you want to tour places with minimal electricity distribution. Think of the long-lasting battery; think of getting a blast auxiliary portable AC this summer!
  4. Type C Charging USB: The Type C charging USB enables your Blast Desktop AC to charge quickly. You won’t want to stay hours in heat because you are waiting for your portable AC to complete charging, so you need to get a portable desktop ac that uses the Type-C charging USB. The Blast AC comes with this power charging ability with the TYPE-C USB, and we recommend you go for it.You can also use the blast ac while plugged directly into your power surge and maintain optimum cool weather 24/7 at the home, office, or anywhere you find yourself during your vacations.
  5. Fascinating Mood Lightning for the night: People in the US, CA, UK, AU, and most western countries cherish their love life and don’t comprise intimacy for anything. If you are civilized, you should explore like the western nations. The mood lighting lamp on the top of the Blast Auxiliary AC transitions your mood at night for a time to share intimacy with your partner. The light deems colorful and produces no heat while beautifying the room for the night.The night light also has several light colors you can switch over with just a tap of a button, or you can set the blast night lighting to auto mode. In Auto mode, it automatically changes light color with fascinating mixed colors. You will enjoy the best summer vacation with your partner if you go for the Blast Portable Air cooler with this added mood lightning feature for love-making at night.
  6. Replaceable water curtain: The Blast water curtain can be replaced every six to eight months or more, depending on your usage. These water curtains also contribute impactfully to how purified the cool air that evaporates from the Blast AC becomes. It helps bring you a better cooling condition than ever and leaves you with multiple cooling choices to make using the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC.As we have explained before, you will have to soak the blast ac water curtain in the water before inserting it into the portable device and allowing the ac to do its air cooling job within 30seconds of turning it on.
  7. Three Fan Speed: The Blast Auxiliary AC has the Lo, the Mid, and Hi FAN SPEEDS regulator. In general, it is a 3-fan-speed compact portable air cooler that allows you to choose your optimum comfort level. If you want to use the blast ac for kids, you may want to set it to the Lo fan speed, while for adults, it can be set to the highest level. This is just how simple, easy and fascinating the Blast Auxiliary AC can be.The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC review covers this 3-in-one high in-demand features to help you control your desire for cool weather in summer without you having to compromise your comfort. Individuals have different mood swings for different scenarios. Most times, you may want it very cold, and other times, you just want a mild air freshening; the manufacturers of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC have already made this possible for you so that you can easily regulate the portable AC to suit your immediate desire for speed.
  8. Ergonomic and Portable: You can desire less when going for a portable air cooler. You stumbled upon this Blast Auxiliary Portable AC review just because you desired to get an easy-to-use portable ac for your personal cooling. I am sure my guess is right!The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is ergonomically designed and portable that you will feel good carrying it about any activities this summer. You can travel with it or even hold it by the handle while having a road walk to maintain freshness all through.
  9. Very Lightweight and Compact: The Blast Auxiliary AC weighs less than 2 pounds unfilled. It comes with a handle, so it gets easy to be moved from place to place without inconveniencing you. It is also known as the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC because of its compact nature. You won’t have to spend hundreds of thousands to start enjoying the bliss and comfort that the Blast AC brings along for summer.
  10. Rapid cooling in 30 seconds: The Blast Portable AC guarantees faster cooling for personal space. Many customers who have used this portable ac confirm that it transforms an individual space into a cool and fresh, humidified condition within 30seconds. The Blast AC pumps cool and refreshing air at approximately 2.7 m/s. This is amazing!
  11. Very quiet in operation: This Portable AC also works fine without producing loud noise that may disrupt your sleep or any activity you are on while keeping cool. By using the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC, you stay concentrated on your task while having the best refreshing weather at the peak of summer heat.
  12. Switch between personal cooler to Regular Fan: There is a button in the Blast Auxiliary AC that you tap to switch between using blast personal cooling features or using as a regular fan. This is also an advantage for you as you have all the power to choose the type of air you would prefer to get at any time of the day. Switching between a cooling breeze and a regular fan makes the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC top of the game for your perfect comfort.

Technical Specifications of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

(Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Review)

  • Brand: Blast AC
  • Material used: ABS/Silica Gel
  • Working Wattage: 1w to 5watts
  • Working Current:2A to 1.0A
  • Weight: Less than 2pounds unfilled
  • Input: 5V
  • USB Charger: Type-C
  • Water Tank Capacity: 300ml
  • Engine Speed: 3 fan speed (Lo, Mid, Hi)


Safety Tips While Using Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Review

Here are some best practices to ensure that you are using this Blast portable AC device properly:

  1. Keep away from pets and underaged kids.
  2. Keep your Blast AC away from fire sources.
  3. Maintain the provided specifications on the Blast AC user manual.
  4. Keep AC surface clean and out of dust always.
  5. Do not repair the Blast AC yourself. When you suspect any defect in operation, contact the Blast company for a fix or direction on what to do.

Benefits of using Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Review) 

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective

Most individuals can afford Blast Auxiliary Portable air coolers because they are less expensive than room air conditioners and many other portable air cooling units. With the Personal Desktop Air Coolers, you can save a lot of money on electricity bills because they use less energy than traditional air conditioners, which occupy extra space in your home.

This Blast AC unit is less expensive to repair and maintain than other portable ac models. Because Blast Auxiliary air cooler has fewer engine components, it is less likely to malfunction than its competitors.

Portable and Uses Less Space

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC uses less space because of its portable nature. You can easily take the Blast with you anywhere. You can keep it on the desktop, tabletop, beside the bed, the kitchen cabinet, your library desk, and any other surface you deem best without taking up additional space.

Humidifies your immediate Surrounding Air

Keep your personal space surrounding humidified with the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC. The Portable AC prevents dry skin, encourages good breathing, and helps keep you strong all through the summer.

Enjoy a Long-lasting Battery life

The Blast 2000 MaH battery capacity can last you for hours of straight use. You don’t have to worry when your electricity is down because the blast ac can keep you cool for a more extended period before recharging.

Simple to use, and no installation is needed

The simplicity of blast desktop ac performs the magic for you, instead of going for a bulky ac while not sticking with a simple-to-use blast portable ac. This will save you cost and also save you the stress and time of installation.

Price of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

With the discount, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC prices range from $89.99 for 1 Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC and $ 246.99 for 4 Blast Coolers. Below is the complete breakdown of Blast AC discounted price:

  • 1x Blast AC costs only $89.99
  • 2x Blast AC costs only $179.99
  • 3x Blast AC costs only $201.99
  • 4x Blast AC costs only $246.99

Please note that this price cost here is the current discount price we saw on the company’s website as of publishing this Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Review. So do check the company’s store to confirm the current price for the day you saw this review and make your buying decision.


Pros and Cons of Blast Auxiliary AC Review


  1. It is sold for a very affordable price.
  2. It has strong quality and can last the test of time.
  3. No installation experience is required.
  4. It can be used as an air cooler or a regular fan for personal cooling space.
  5. The company offers you buyers protection with a 100% Money-back guarantee.
  6. Special one-off discount available to early buyers on promo.
  7. Offers feature values for the money you paid.
  8. It can be used for several personal cooling needs, both for kids and adults.
  9. It prevents dry skin that occurs with regular cooling systems and heat from the summer sun.


  1. There is limited stock available for the blast ac.
  2. It is only made for personal cooling space and can’t cool the entire room.
  3. Not available to some countries at the moment.

Where can Blast Portable AC be used?

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is the best air cooler for:

  1. working out at gyms.
  2. any personal space in your homes.
  3. a recording room or garage.
  4. a workspace or private office space.

What is included in your package?

Here’s what you get when you order the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC:

  • Blast Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC.
  • Type-C charging cable.
  • Blast AC user instructional manual.

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Customer Reviews

Here are consumer reports and what customers who are currently using the Blast Auxiliary portable AC have to say:

“Not only did I save money with Blast, but what I liked most about this was that it could be set up virtually anywhere. The battery lasted a long time, and the device was always cool to the touch. Never again would I have to wait for the large, noisy air conditioner!” – by Daniel O, from United States (US)

“I’m terrible with technology, but this was a million times easier to use than an air conditioner with a million buttons.” I simply filled the water tank and, on scorching days, added ice to keep cool. My husband is constantly dragging with me, so I might as well get another!” – by Anabel F. from United States (US)

“The only con I get using the Blast Portable AC is that it doesn’t cool my entire room as much as it does to my personal space. You can enjoy the Blast while in bed, but if you move a bit far away to other corners of the room, the cooling intensity reduces unless you turn the air cooler to face the corner. However, my wife and I have enjoyed bedtime using this blast portable air cooler at night” – by Jon S. from Canada (CA)

“I have a powerful air conditioning unit installed in my home, but the cost of running it was insane. I received a Blast Auxiliary AC from a friend during an office gift exchange, and because it worked so well on my desk, I purchased several more for use throughout the house. Quite a bit of money saved. “Many thanks, Blast.” – by Alexandra I, from United Kingdom (UK)

“Felt I should drop my one-cent review of blast auxiliary portable ac from my experience last year. I got this blast ac late July 2021 when the summer heat was becoming more intense and unbearable. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough budget then, and I was also skeptical, so I got only one for my entire family. Although, at first, it never served me as expected because I was hoping to use it in place of an air conditioner for the entire sitting room. But when I contacted the blast company and realized that the ac is for personal space cooling, everything worked out best for my wife and me. I later had to reorder an extra 2 for my kids and my wife at the workplace. I highly recommend it only for those wanting to use the Blast as a personal air cooler and humidifier.” – by Hendrix O. from United States (US)


Where to buy Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

The blast auxiliary portable ac is available for purchase directly from the official company’s website here. When you buy blast ac from the official store, the company sends you an order number to your email, which will serve as your buying identity for future disputes.

Blast AC doesn’t have any official store on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart; therefore, buying from these marketplaces would deny you the buyer protections for easy refund as offered by the company. We recommend you stick with buying directly from the official company store.

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Company Support

  • Company Name: Complete Performance BV.
  • Company Address: Postbus 7218, 3109 AE SCHIEDAM, the Netherlands
  • Contact form:
  • Company website: com

Final verdict on Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Review

We have covered everything about the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC in this review, and we hope you get the best. Overall customer reviews of Blast Portable AC rate it 4.6 out of 5 among other portable AC in the market.

Summer is here, and you don’t have to get trapped before getting ready for the heat ahead. You can’t really enjoy the fullest of summer without having a portable air cooler to help you regulate the temperature to your desire. (Blast aUxiliary Portable AC Reviews)

With numerous scam reports online for different low valued portable air coolers, people fear not being scammed, and thus choosing a portable ac during this time can be hectic and confusing, but we believe that with our honest opinion on this blast portable ac review, you should be able to make a better buying decision. You can also check out the Arctos Portable AC review by Techbullion if you prefer to go for blast AC alternatives.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is user-friendly, reasonably priced, feature-packed, and offers excellent buyer protection. You don’t need to start looking for other blast AC alternatives on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and any other online marketplace when you can get it directly from the company’s official store at the best price with buyer protection.


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