Do you want to buy an Electric vehicle in 2022? Your questions are answered here!

Do you want to buy an Electric vehicle in 2022? Your questions are answered here!

Image by Lee Rosario from Pixabay

Electric vehicles (EV) are becoming the next big thing in 2022 with many people considering getting their own EV.

There’s so much to gain from owning an EV, including safety, improved vehicle technology, environmental friendliness, and low lifetime running costs. However, people have 5 major concerns about EVs, which we will be discussing here.

Finding a charging station will be difficult

This concern is valid, but you can set it aside because the number of charging stations in the US is steadily increasing.

In September 2021, we had 2,147,070 electric vehicles in the US with 109,307 charger ports. The figures are expected to increase fast because charging stations for EVs are expected to be a part of a $2 trillion infrastructure bill the Biden administration wants to pass.

EVs are not good outside urban areas

If you live outside a metro area, it is important to choose an EV with a battery range that can cover drives to and from your destination without needing charging halfway. You will most likely find a model that suits your location and lifestyle.

My EV might not work as well as my current car

Purchasing an EV doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance. Many EVs these days offer acceleration that is quite similar to those of expensive ICE cars.

Many EVs have powerful accelerations and smooth drive, but it is up to you to decide on what you want. You will find several EVs that meet your requirements.

EVs are expensive and have complicated financing 

Although EVs are generally more expensive than ICE cars, their benefits lie in lower running costs and less maintenance.

Also, we might see purchase prices drop once the competition in the field of EVs continues to increase.

EVs cannot handle road trips

That’s not the case, because many EV models have a high range of 350-600km on a single charge, or something equal to what is obtainable with ICE passenger vehicles.

So, you simply need to plan when working with an EV to choose a model that has the charge time and battery capacity you need for your trip. For instance, some EV batteries can charge for 15 minutes and offer you 187 miles of driving distance.

Good news, Great EV!

The new Five Mullen premium compact sport utility EV offers you a speedy charge that goes from 0 to 80% in 21 minutes, which amounts to 260 miles of range.

Five Mullen also has Multi LED intelligent, LIVE screen technology that can listen and is responsive.

Mullen Automobile Inc., the owner of this EV, is a company is a publicly-traded company that has a great track record. Its shares grew by 11% and reached $2.61, with the EV company saying it expects over $65 million in cash and its equivalents when filing its Form-10Q in the second quarter.

In November, Mullen started trading on Nasdaq in November and has achieved quite a lot since Q4 of 2021, which was the first quarter since the company went public.

The company reports that it has released two Mullen FIVE show car versions, and also bought a facility for manufacturing vehicles located in Tunica in Mississippi.

There are so many operational, cost, and environmentally-friendly benefits to EVs. These benefits and more make an EV a worthwhile investment in 2022.

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