Arctos Portable AC Review 2022 (Latest): Read before spending a dime

Arctos Portable AC Reviews: AC stands for air cooler and not air conditioner.

Rapid air cooling in just 30 seconds says the manufacturer of the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC. Within a short time, this product has amassed tonnes of buy-outs from different people around the globe.

The weather is gradually getting hot, and it’s about to be that time of the year again when people are desperately seeking ways to get off the heat and uncomfortable high temperatures that occur during that time of the year. One thing I am sure that most people don’t want is a lot of heat or sweat, and that includes you.

Allow me to slide in a bit of a hint about the high temperatures during the summertime. According to Delish, in 2015, the summer temperatures hit a scorching 44 degrees Celsius or around 111 degrees Celsius in Perth, Australia. A man successfully fried some eggs using the heat collected on the sidewalk. It is hot for a country that lies somehow far away from the equator where the sun’s rays are more directed; talk more of the country you reside in and its closeness to the equator, especially during the summer.

Not to say that such heat periods are dreaded for many reasons, but people tend to feel very uncomfortable during the summer season hence the need for a way to make things very relaxed and easy around them. Most people resolve to install the traditional air conditioner. Still, I can tell you that it is expensive in most cases, but there are also associated complications of health issues that people face while using them. This article will discuss them extensively, so stay scrolling and reading.

Also, apart from the fact that you would want something cooling enough, the ARCTOS PORTABLE AIR COOLER does a lot more and better. Most people try to adapt to the hot weather through various means possible. Some often take their bath and wear very light pieces of clothing to allow enough air to get into their bodies or feel calm with the mild wind that blows from time to time. If possible, people find more ways to allow the cool breeze outdoor to get into their homes, and here is the essential part that this pure humidifier comes in. So, pay close attention.

During this heated period, when people tend to leave their doors and windows open to let in more air, the unclean air outdoor grows to find its way in. You may just enjoy enough air coming in from the outside to cool areas and rooms within the home, but at the cost of letting in unclean air that tends to make our health conditions worse with time and sometimes unbearable for individuals who already have health conditions. These symptoms range from eye irritations and upper airways to others suffering from worse diseases such as chronic breathing and lung problems. These and many more cause individuals to consider trade-offs within this period, all in a bid to survive the summer heatwave.

ARCTOS PORTABLE AC is one device that can combine the qualities of providing you with excellent and chilled air to get you off the heat while making it pure and breathable. Not many technological advancements can offer you such dual qualities. Still, here you are with ARCTOS personal portable air cooler and air freshener straight from the manufacturers of one of the best devices in the world. Customers rate this product at over 4.5/5, very rare for other air coolers within that range of quality and ability. 

What is Arctos Portable AC?

Arctos Portable AC is a highly portable, personalized, standardized air cooler and air freshener. This incredible piece of a technological device serves to lower the temperature of the surrounding air and environment and purify the air, thereby making it clean and breathable for its users. Compared to the traditional installed air conditioning systems usually offered on other platforms, the quality of this device is its high affordability for most people, which they don’t have to exhaust their savings trying to get. It presents itself for anyone who wishes to have one and escape the heated temperatures of the summer, especially this coming dreaded summer heatwave like none other.

In addition, the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC can produce such a cooling effect within a brief period, so you don’t have to wait for long to feel the impact of its rapid cooling system. The air freshening ability is second to none. It can make the air pure, especially as the summer comes with a lot of dust and airborne particles capable of causing respiratory diseases to individuals. You would love this, especially if you suffer from health conditions such as asthma, hay fever, rhinitis, or other forms of respiratory illnesses. It does this by being able to humidify the surrounding air, thereby making it wet and much less irritable to our mucous membranes within the eye, upper airway, and lungs.

Further to its supercooling effects, which it performs in various modes, it is straightforward to use without requiring a certain level of expertise and training.

You can efficiently operate the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC through guidelines stated within the training manual shipped alongside its packaging. This comprehensive article also has simple steps to setting up the device and enjoying the tremendous benefits offered without breaking a sweat. The air cooler also runs on regular fan speed without cooling effects should you decide to just get blown with that normal air. All this run at very minimal noise to the environment and people around.


The ultra-portable humidifier has many features that make it a suitable and much better air cooler than the traditional air conditioning units. These features guarantee high quality with a solid consistency in its trouble-free performance throughout the lasting periods of the longest and hottest days coming this summer. The features of the arctic air cooling ARCTOS PORTABLE AC include, but are not limited to, the following;

  • Simple one-push button: Unlike other traditional cooling devices like the regular fans and air conditioning units, this powerful air cooler does not require complicated remotes or unnecessary controls that scare you to touch. Sometimes you look at all those buttons and wonder what they do and why they are so many, but here with ARCTOS PORTABLE AC, you are welcome to simplicity at its peak. With just a touch of a button, you can set and adjust the device’s power to various modes. You can also control the cooling effect and fan speeds through this same button. Multi-tasking and easy, especially for times when the heated temperatures of the summer have already drained out your energy to deal with the complications of different buttons. Easy control for improved work, leisure, and proper relaxation.
  • Adjustable multi-directional ventilators: The ARCTOS PORTABLE AC comes with a compartment that allows its vents to be easily adjusted to suit your need and chilling effect now. The manufacturers didn’t call this a personalized air cooler for nothing. You can change the vents and direct them to the places you want to enjoy an increased cooling effect. This allows you to run them at your feet, torso, or face depending on the part of your body that needs that extra chill. It will enable you to stay calm and comfortable at your convenience and call, so you can adjust its location and cooling ability and what part of your body wants to be cooled then. That’s a lot of ease, and freedom one device gives.
  • Water storage container: With a storage capacity of about 450ml, it can save significant amounts of water used to humidify the air around. The ARCTOS PORTABLE AC also acts as a humidifier for the hot and dry air that comes with the summer, which aids in easing the irritable nature of the weather on the eyes, nose, upper airways, and the lungs. It adds moisture to the air by converting it to water vapor or steam. It helps prevent your skin, eyes, and nasal sinuses/passages from completely drying out and becoming more exposed to irritants contained as airborne particles and dust within the unclean air.
  • Variable Fan Speed: Installed within the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC is the fan blades that you can set to blow clean air from the cooler at different speeds. Usually, you can select the fanning system to release short gusts of air at low, medium, or high rates, which you can change depending on the individual’s need for air. These arctos air cooler modes can select these modes without the cooling effect because of the ability of the air cooler to act independently from the fan system. Thus, the portable air cooler serves as either a powerful air cooler or a regular fan that enables you to optimize the cooling effect to your suitable personal preference.
  • Replaceable Filtration System: This is one of the most critical aspects of the air cooler that you don’t get from the regular installed air conditioning units. Most, if not all, air conditioners are set to have a replaceable filter that requires specific expertise to change. After some time, they would need cleaning and evolving with the progressive removal of dust and particles within the air, which tend to clog up the filters. You can change the filters without calling for experts or specific people with technical knowledge. You can do this from the comfort of your home and without stress, thanks to its easy build.
  • Mood Lighting Mode: A unique feature that comes with the soft touch of an emotional effect. Different kinds of lights tend to affect our mood and, most importantly, our sleep. The light modes are products of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), which are energy-saving and have the tendency to give a soothing feeling. They can be set to whatever lighting mode makes the user feel comfortable, with its light display situated just at the top of its cubical shape on all sides. It offers colors ranging from as light as blue and grey to dark ones like purple and can be left on while sleeping to make for a more peaceful and cozy sleep.
  • Lithium Internal Battery: If there’s one thing about lithium batteries, they can be recharged as many times as possible and still retain their stability. They also have high energy density and voltage capacity with reduced ability to discharge themselves when placed in comparison with other rechargeable batteries. The lithium batteries installed within the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC can store energy up to 2000-3000mAh with longer charge retention than other power batteries, improving power efficiency. This allows the air cooler and freshener to last hours after charging, even when not connected to a power source.
  • USB Cable Charging: This is a pretty easy and comfortable means of charging most devices these days, and ARCTOS PORTABLE AC will only make it easy for you. The USB cable also ensures the device’s fast charging, so it doesn’t have to be steadily plugged in for use. It can be charged by other devices that allow for connection with a USB cable, so rest assured that you don’t have anything to worry about using this incredibly designed powerful air cooler.



These are the fantastic and mind-blowing qualities offered by the portable air cooler and humidifier to provide you with long-lasting relief during the hottest days of the hot summer weather. These are the qualities you want to be enjoying after having a lot of fun outside and gathering sweat which can be unbearable once you get back inside. You would enjoy these outstanding aspects of the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC at every point in time.

  • Triple Function Effect: The ARCTOS PORTABLE AC can serve as a personal portable and powerful air cooler and air freshener. It also acts as a regular fan that can operate without the cooling effect and work as a humidifier that moisturizes the air. These three functions act independently and in synergy to provide an excellent and comfortable experience with portable convenience. The air cooler helps to give the room and personalized space of the user a chilling effect. In contrast, the humidifier helps to moisturize the dry air and rid the surrounding atmosphere of airborne dust and irritant particles.
  • Portable/Compact/Lightweight: This device was specifically designed to suit users who need a cool and personalized workspace wherever they go during the summer times with regular maintenance of long-lasting cooling effects. With easy movability, you can take it with you from room to room or ride along to your office and ensure a chilled environment to keep you cool wherever you go. These features help ensure that no matter where you decide to go, the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC can sustain just the perfect temperature you’d need to ensure that you can enjoy convenience to your fit preference.
  • Low Noise Operation: It is not very easy to find a lot of devices that act with such precision and variable functions while still being able to maintain an almost noiseless environment. Most times, they produce noise loud enough to discomfort your sleep and neighbors either due to increased fan speed or clogged replaceable filters that form obstacles for the moving air. You can place it right close to you, just a few feet apart, right in your office, room or workspace, and enjoy the uninterrupted activity of work, sleep, or just about anything you want to do. Maximum efficiency at little to nothing! This is a considerable advantage compared to traditional non-portable air-conditioning units!
  • Low Energy Consumption: If you know how many units your regular fan or air conditioner uses, you will notice a lot of saving offered by the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC in monetary terms in every way possible. It costs a lot of energy running those other devices, and during the summer, when you would have increased use for them, the units of electricity you purchase could run low very often. With this beautiful piece of technology, that would not be a worry as its combination of fast charging, a lithium-ion battery, and low energy consumption-ability helps save and conserve energy for you.
  • Internal Temperature Control: Devices with this mechanical ability and use, for which it would have to run through the day and night to provide a cooling effect, tend to overheat after some time or even control their temperature. Surprisingly, this does not apply to the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC as it can regulate its temperature and prevent even the slightest overheating. When devices overheat, they tend to cause water to leak from the air cooler as they heat the cool air/steam produced by the humidifier and cause them to condense into liquid again. The cooling system provided by this portable air cooler does not allow for that with the ARCTOS.
  • Simple to Use/ Easy Setup: This device is built to make your life easier, especially with its easy top-fill pouring into its water container/tank. You have to get your water jar and pour the water directly into the 450ml tank with no worries about a re-fill tank. Once this is done, just sit or lay back and enjoy the pleasant, humidified air. What easier way to enjoy the simplicity offered by the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC, allowing you to stay calm and comfortable with portable convenience, according to the manufacturers? It is simple to use and easily set up within minutes.
  • Personalized Use: You must have always wanted something personal and grown an attachment to it because of its simplicity, comfortability, and cooling effect. The way the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC operates saves and provides you with what you need during the hot summer days in your workspace and room. It can serve perfectly well in small to medium-sized rooms with enough cooling for that space without complaints or worries.
  • Rapid Cooling Effect: It provides high-speed air cooling, which takes place within just 30 seconds. Yes, you saw that right. Once you have the USB cable plugged in and the power button at the top pressed just once, it will turn on and provide that cool air you need within that short period. Depending on which one you need, you can adjust the cooling effect to different modes. It has a relaxed mode, which just basically provides cool air. The chill mode provides a chilled atmosphere, which you need for slightly high temperatures. Finally, the freeze mode sets up for icy air, especially for those dog days of the summer, which will feel quite unbearable and uncomfortable for most people.


The ARCTOS PORTABLE AC has a straightforward setup for which individuals do not need to stress themselves trying to enjoy once purchased. It comes in an assembled state within its package and does not need further putting together or complications to want its rapid cooling effect. Kindly follow the steps below and enjoy chilled, purified air within 30 seconds.

  1. Take out the carefully wrapped and packaged air cooler and humidifier from its casing once delivered from the manufacturer.
  2. Set up your portable AC on a flat and dry surface for easy operation, not a few feet away from a stable power source.
  3. Pull out the USB cable charger and attach it to the power adapter into the port while you plug the other end of the cable into a wall outlet containing electrical energy.
  4. Once this is done, gently remove the replaceable filter from its drawer located at the front end of the portable AC just behind the adjustable vents.
  5. Slowly soak it in a jar of water to provide adequate moisture and cleanliness, then insert it back into its drawer where you took it.
  6. Locate the water tank at the top just after the one-push button
  7. Fill the water tank with clean, warm water until it reaches the brim mark at exactly 450mls
  8. Select or carefully choose your preferred setting to enjoy the rapid cooling air instantly


I am sure that this question runs through your mind on seeing this product and thinking about whether you should get it or not. The ultimate wonder of this product makes it easy and comfortable to use, especially in summer temperatures. They include

  • When there are specific unexpected changes to the weather in terms of humidity and temperature, it can cause severe affectation on the individual’s health, especially the respiratory system. Usually, this occurs by drying the skin and mucous membranes, which are exposed to the air. These conditions render the body’s protection mechanism useless or less effective, making the individual prone or susceptible to diseases like chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, hoarseness, and throat irritation. It can also worsen certain eye conditions like inflammation of the conjunctiva and eyelids, resulting in serious problems, especially for those wearing contact lenses. The ARCTOS PORTABLE AC stands out because the air is quite humid and can keep the membranes wet enough to perform their function without irritation to any part of the body.
  • The traditional air conditioner is known for its ambient noise, which in most cases leads to noise pollution and the production of excess heat at the other end of it. Sometimes this noise can be discomforting to sleep with or even work comfortably and efficiently. Here is where ARCTOS PORTABLE AC is just what you need. It operates with very low or minimal noise to the environment and the users themselves. You can comfortably work with it by your side and even sleep with it by your side, and you will not be affected in any way. Advantages offered at a very affordable price.
  • Talking about clean air, the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC offers that. It provides clean air for you to breathe in and stay safe. The traditional air conditioner does not clean the air. It can even transmit infectious respiratory diseases with the carriage of other things like dust, airborne bacteria, and fungi which can cause allergic reactions. ARCTOS PORTABLE AC prevents all of that and even makes the environment habitable for such individuals. You will not need to bother about coming down with common chronic symptoms like nasal issues, headaches, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, or dizziness. The cooler cleans the air and prevents diseases like pneumonia and asthma attacks. Is there anything else you can ask for in a device this efficient and affordable?
  • More importantly, many people tend to suffer from heat intolerance with continuous use of the traditional air conditioner. When they move from their rooms to the outside environment, people feel very uncomfortable or sweat more often when they go outside or step out of the rooms where these air conditioners are not available. On the contrary, this is different from the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC, which allows you to change the environment without intolerance to heat or cold. Arctos can do this due to its method of cooling air, which takes place through humidification.


This portable air cooler and air freshener can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer through the official website. To successfully purchase the ARCTOS PORTABLE AC, you would have to fill out the form containing certain specific details and specific information, select your mode of payment through PayPal, or pay with a credit card, depending on which you choose, with a guaranteed safe checkout. Your information provided will be kept secure by the manufacturer and not shared with any third party whatsoever.

You will be required to fill out a shipping form to allow the manufacturers to deliver the portable AC straight to your home without hitches.


You can buy this air-cooling device in multiples. Acquisition of three air coolers is the most common purchase via statistics and the most recommended because it comes at even a lesser price.

It also offers a special introductory 50% discount on the regular price offer when you order now. There is limited availability to this discount may be taken down any moment from now, so hurry!

1 ARCTOS PORTABLE AC costs $89.99 and 35% savings

2 ARCTOS PORTABLE Air Cooler costs $179.98 at $89.99 each and 35% savings

3 ARCTOS PORTABLE Air Cooler costs $201.99 at $67.33 each and 51.35% savings

4 ARCTOS PORTABLE AC costs $246.99 at $61.75 each and 55.31% savings

Unsatisfied customers can always have this air cooler unit returned within 60 days of purchase and get a full refund without any hassle whatsoever.


“I love the weather that usually comes during spring, but those of August are generally hell. I find it difficult to sleep and end up sleeping without clothes. Thanks to the ARCTOS PORTABLE Air Cooler, I feel comfortable even under hot weather conditions.

W – NewYork

“It was always difficult for me not to sleep with a fan beside my bed. The only problem I had was the amount of noise from the fan. It made reading a bit difficult. I had to lay my hands on arctos after seeing some reviews online. The unit gives off cool air without the whole problem that I faced with my fan. It is great!

Geoff L. Shreveport, LA

“I enjoy the heat, but sometimes it can be overwhelming inside on the hottest days, even with the blinds closed shut. I love ARCTOS PORTABLE AC. Although it’s easy to move around, I prefer it next to my reading chair. It keeps me happy.”

Ryan D. Saginaw, MI

Living under heat is something that I don’t pray for anyone. I lived under heat for a very long time. I was helpless, got a fan but it didn’t help so much. I settled for some other options that all turned out to be a perfect waste of money. When I first came across this, I was quite scpetical. I didn’t want to buy the Arctos Air Cooler but after remembering my ordeal I had to give it a try. To be honest, this is the best buy you can get for such an affordable price. It works well and blows well. Great one from the manufacturer

Brown C.T, LA



  1. How often should I clean and service this air cooler unit?

The filter should be replaced every 3 to 6 months to work optimally. Cleaning should be done using a soft and damp cloth.

  1. Is Arctos Air Cooler an air conditioner?

NO, the Arctos Air Cooler is simply an air cooler and not an air conditioner.

  1. Does the Arctos Air Cooler make use of electricity?

It can run on both batteries and make use of a power source through the provided USB cable.

If you stay in the United Kingdom or the United States of America and would want to purchase the arctos air cooler , simply visit the official website and make your order there. Shipping and handling charges cost $4.95 and the delivery time is between 8 to 12 days.

It takes roughly 1 to 2 business days for your order to be processed. It is worthy to note that during holidays or limited-package launches, this time may change. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee policy that gives you the leverage to return this product and get a full refund, 60 days from its date of arrival.

However, this offer is strictly for persons who got their own air cooler from the official website of the manufacturer. Vendors do not give this offer. Beware!

If you stay in Australia and would want to purchase the arctos air cooler , simply visit the official website and make your order there. Shipping and handling charges cost about $4.95 and the delivery time is between ten(10)  to fourteen (14) days.

It takes roughly 1 to 2 business days for your order to be processed. It is worthy to note that during holidays or limited-package launches, this time may change. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee policy that gives you the leverage to return this product and get a full refund, 60 days from its date of arrival.

However, this offer is strictly for persons who got their own air cooler from the official website of the manufacturer. Vendors do not give this offer. Beware!

For persons living in Cananda who want to purchase the Arctos Air Cooler, simply visit the official website and make your order there. Shipping and handling charges cost $4.95 and the delivery time is between 12 to 18 days.

It takes roughly 1 to 2 business days for your order to be processed. It is worthy to note that during holidays or limited-package launches, this time may change. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee policy that gives you the leverage to return this product and get a full refund, 60 days from its date of arrival.

However, this offer is strictly for persons who got their own air cooler from the official website of the manufacturer. Vendors do not give this offer. Beware!



The ARCTOS PORTABLE AC is a highly portable air cooler and air freshener which provides a rapid cooling effect within just 30 seconds. It can also act as a regular fan and humidifier to moisturize the air and prevent airborne particles. These irritants tend to cause mucous membranes to worsen in the eyes, nasal passages, and the upper respiratory airways. Thanks to this powerful air cooler, they can even get worse enough to get into the lungs and make breathing difficult. Get this portable AC at a meager and affordable price. Hurry!

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