Crime in Baltimore drags us down like crabs in a bucket

Crime in Baltimore drags us down like crabs in a bucket

Baltimore city is now raising concerns about crime after a 70-year-old woman was found shot to death outside of her home early this month. What is wrong with the residents of Baltimore? Who shoots an elderly black woman? It’s cowardly to shoot our seniors, brazen to do it at all.

A 49-year-old woman was also killed days ago after she was shot in the chest in West Baltimore.  I ask again:  What is wrong with Baltimore’s residents? I want to scream from the rooftops, THIS IS NOT THE NEW NORMAL!

The majority of murders in Baltimore City are Black men murdering other Black men, and this now seems normal enough that there is no outrage, even among the Black population.  I don’t mean outrage like, “Somebody DO something.”  That isn’t outrage. It’s lazy expecting others to do that which WE ought to do for ourselves.  Outrage is when people initiate change that results in residents showing the best of our society.

Don’t donate $50 to a charity this month, instead spend an hour a week for the next several years helping homeless people with their resumes or their cooking skills or literacy or parenting skills.

Quit starting nonprofits and then spending the money taking your kids to Europe:

Quit asking for money to renovate poor historically Black neighborhoods and then misspend it:

Quit feeding the poor one day a year and patting yourself on the back for doing charity when all you are doing is keeping the poor beholden to other people for their food:

Accountability is a word which politicians throw around.  Real accountability is measuring outcomes.  If you took money to help “poor inner-city children” which is a trope in and of itself, and then you used that money to take your own kids to Europe, you aren’t accountable.  What you should have done with the money is use 100% of it help “poor inner-city children” in whatever manner you said you would when you advertised for people to donate to you.

If $130 million of a $135 million in spending on a neighborhood can’t be tracked or found, but lots of so-called community organizers and men of God are driving really nice cars (where did they get the money?), then they aren’t accountable.

Baltimore residents have given new meaning to the effect known as crabs-in-a-bucket where one caught crab prevents another crab from clawing its way out of the bucket. That’s a syndrome where one group of trapped people in a poor community drag down others in the community attempting to get ahead. Often this is applied to people in poverty, this mentality is best described by the phrase: “If I can’t have it, neither can you.

We’re tearing our city apart with this crabs-in-a-bucket mentality.  Other ethnic groups are becoming successful as African Americans are falling further behind. Maybe the answer to their success of those other groups is simple, Their own people don’t kill their own or steal from them.

About The Author

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a third-generation Baltimorean, a father of three, a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, and a lifelong community advocate. He is currently a member of the Baltimore City Republican Central Committee. He has run for Congress and the Baltimore City Council.


  1. Heather Berlett

    Dear Christopher Anderson & Jovani Patterson do not give up your fight & your faith. Most of the City will support you when they acknowledge that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  2. MD MD

    You are, of course, exactly right and I share your sense of outrage and grief that this could be true. I would add only that it is the liberal Democrat rejection of self-responsibility that allows this carnage to continue. Conservatives generally want to do something about it, stronger policing, better judges and prosecutors, but again liberals oppose this because they would “disproportionately” impact the black community, nevermind that 90+% of the shooting is black-on-black crime. And parallel to this problem, the black-administered Baltimore public schools don’t deserve their name. What chance do we suppose “students” who can pass only three classes in their first three years of high school and STILL rank in the middle of their 160 kid class will have in the real, non-criminal world? That both of these conditions exist without real outrage, that they are just accepted as the norm is a human tragedy for everyone, not just black people. I so hope we see black leaders rise up who are willing to address these problems – have even encouraged some friends to do so. But to date, Baltimore is still moving backward and the criminals there are doing a far better job of crippling the black community and its future than any white supremacists could ever dream to do.

  3. Michael Hairston jr

    You make one or two good points but overall you don’t have what it takes to change Baltimore. #1, crime in Baltimore is a direct result of white supremacy maintaining control over black people with the 2nd Amendment. If you care about stopping black people from killing each other then you go after politicians and gun makers that allow easy access to guns. If you take any group of poor people and give them an ease of access to dangerous weapons then you will have carnage. A lack of opportunity mixed with frustration and guns is like adding lighter fluid to a house fire. If you want to represent the citizens of Baltimore then you need to help create CAREERS (not jobs). How many black men do you plan on employing, where are the receipts that document the fact that you will employ hundreds of black people born in America (not people of color, not minorities)? If you are not challenging America giving billions of dollars to foreign nations like Israel and Afghanistan then you can not comment on black people. It is embarrassing when you have to punch down to black people, black people are the most oppressed people in America. I am creating positive change for Baltimore, I hate all of the talking, do some work. What are you doing to challenge white supremacists that allow guns to flow freely across the country. Stop lecturing black people and stop wagging your finger. Any group of oppressed people are going to harm those in their vicinity, white supremacists know this. It would not be so easy for black people to get guns if there were 300 murders of suburban white people committed by Baltimore City residents. You should try to challenge this entire system before talking down to people who look like me. America is racist and they pay self-hating people to post articles like this one here. It’s time to think deeper and go after the billionaires that allow the violence while profiting off of it. America asks that we pray for Ukraine while there are white supremacists out here now patrolling black neighborhoods looking for a reason to kill someone. The entire American system must be torn down and started anew as soon as possible, thank you!

    • Marc

      What a load of raciest horse crap! Other cultural and ethnic groups succeed because they don’t whine about history or the color of their skin or any number of grievances you whine about. Get off the grievance train and do for you what needs to be done for you. And stop blaming White people for your failures.

    • Chris Anderson

      The stolen investments is just one problem I mentioned, glad you touch on my article but it’s a subculture of crime glorified by our citizens (they think it’s normal) that’s the issue. Until we say enough is enough we’ll continue to be look down on & won’t ever make any progress as a people. Can’t blame game the whites, the whites, the whites Boogeyman out of this one

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