RAD-140 (Testolone) SARM Alternatives Rad 140 Results, Side Effects, Dosage Before and After

RAD-140 (Testolone) SARM Alternatives Rad 140 Results, Side Effects, Dosage Before and After

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The popularity graph of the SARM, RAD-140 (Testolone) has never taken a downward shift. However, considering its illegal nature and wide-range of side effects, we often question its safety adding to your overall satisfaction.


This write-up guides you to the natural and safer alternative of RAD-140. To reap the recreational effects of Testolone without exposing yourself to any harm, we suggest you RadBulk by Brutal Force!

Bodybuilders have always struggled to turn into a mass monster in a short period of time. In fact, they have never shied away from resorting to anything that speeds up their progress.

Of course, ruling the weight room or packing on mass is a very strenuous process. Especially in the modern living where we tirelessly juggle to balance our personal and professional lives, dedicating our 100% to some fitness regimen is one challenging task.

Interestingly, professional bodybuilders and athletes face similar dilemmas as well! Seeking an edge over their competitors and upgrading their progressive overload within their natural limit is exhausting. And so, they are always on the lookout for some aggressive shortcuts in the form of steroids or SARMs.

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Anabolic steroids are relatively stronger and have a history longer than SARMs. SARMs on the other hand, are comparatively milder and penetrated the market few years back. Despite having a diverse mechanism and intensity in nature, both these substances support the production of muscles tissues and strength. Some of these tend to possess recomposition effects that also help you cut fat while growing significant amount of mass.

One such SARM is RAD 140 or Testolone!

RAD140 is a novel selective Androgen Receptor Modulator that has some amazing therapeutic effects. However, researchers have found that it can largely increase muscle size and strength for the novice and pros.

Moreover, it is a research chemical by Radius Health Incorporation that is quite common in fitness enthusiasts. Testolone generally serves as a safer alternative against anabolic steroids. However, it is a banned substance for recreational use that too, carries a certain degree of danger.

What are Anabolic steroids and SARMs?

Anabolic-androgenic steroids are substances that were created to treat health-related conditions in 1935. These are artificial hormones that recreate the effects of the male sex hormone testosterone. And so, are highly effective for anabolism entailing the growth of muscle mass, strength, and performance. The use of steroids to slap on size and build herculean strength began at some point in the 1954 Olympics. However, it was discovered that these androgenic drugs were harsh to encourage irreversible damage to the testicles, liver, and heart.

The purpose of inventing SARMs was driven by the intention to avoid the side effects of steroids. These are a type of androgen receptor ligands that possess medicinal properties and were synthesized by the end of 1990. While SARMs too, activate the process of muscle development and fat loss, the compounds are quite selective in their activities. Yes, according to the experts, they target the only androgenic receptors in the muscle and bones. And so, trigger anabolism without interrupting other natural processes of the body.

What is RAD 140?

RAD 140 belongs to the category of SARMs that offers impressive muscle regenerating effects without any deposition of fats. In addition to expanding size and activating fat loss momentum, RAD 140 is also known to upgrade the performance bar.

Similar to other Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators, the synthetic ligand offers remedial effects for health-related problems. It holds the power to reverse muscle and bone-related loss. Thereby, the health experts believe that it can play a crucial role in androgen replacement therapy.

The mechanism of RAD-140 is no different from that of other SARMs. It binds and activates specific androgen receptors that recreate the activities of testosterone in the muscles and bones. Upon activation, these androgens begin to support the development process of muscles, strength, and endurance. This in turn, contributes to your athletic, bodybuilding, or fitness-related goal.

As of now, FDA has not approved Testolone and other known SARMs. These are investigational drugs that may be different from anabolic steroids, but also encompass some threat to your health. Besides, it also shares a spot in the banned substances of WADA and its purchase is illegal for human consumption.

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How RAD 140 works?

Essentially, the mechanism of this SARM enhances protein synthesis in the body. Protein synthesis is a process that allows your body to create protein for the growth and recovery of muscles. In simpler words, it kicks starts muscle regeneration that helps you expand your frame!

Testolone also prevents the utilization of muscles for the making of energy that precludes muscle from unnecessary waste. It tunes the body to burn fats as an alternative that wipes off all the fat accumulation over your muscles.

According to the bodybuilding experts, the orally bioavailable, no steroidal SARM is a great tool for body recomposition. It provokes the muscles to grow while allowing you to maintain dense, fat free gains.

Interestingly, user logs claim that the cycles of RAD-140 build higher strength and endurance.  Moreover, many rave about its tendency to reduce recovery timings after those grueling trainings that otherwise take time.

In general, men follow the individual cycle of this powerful SARM in a given time. However, some like to stack RAD-140 with MK 677, MK-2866, and GW-501516 to multiply athleticism and bulking effects.  All in all, Testolone puffs up beyond your limits and build sculpted set of abs in a matter of months.

What are RAD 140 results?

RAD 140 results are wide-ranging and gym-goers resort to it for a plethora of purposes. For example:

  • Bulking:

Its overall muscle bulking effects record somewhere between 3-5 kg in 1.5-to 2 months’ cycle. Essentially, it boosts protein synthesis that recuperates the micro-tears in the muscle fibers caused during the trainings. This healing leads to the multiplication and strengthening of muscle fibers essential for fat-free, solid gains

  • Cutting:

As much as bulking, users prioritize the use of Testolone for their cutting regimen. Experts believe that its use is significant for the removal of fats stored in the body. Moreover, these fats often cover the muscles and their removal unveils that spectacular, defined build. In many cases, people struggling with scale goals, or say, weight loss issues also find solace in RAD 140

  • Strength:

Oversized body does not come overnight. Any transformation demands consistent, in fact, added level of strength and endurance every day. This SARM enhances the efficiency of energy metabolism that favors your workouts through higher level of stamina.  The increase in stamina equates to added endurance that ultimately keeps you up with the pressure in the gym

What are RAD 140 benefits?

As said, RAD 140 is a multi-use substance that accommodates countless numbers of goals set for your musculature. Adhering to the right combination of diet and trainings throughout the cycle yield the following RAD 140 benefits:

  • Higher muscle growth rate
  • Muscle regeneration for solid growth
  • Higher strength and endurance
  • Reduction of downtime and body fats
  • Burn calories and prevent muscle wasting
  • Quick recovery and easing of pain
  • Increased vascularity and sculpted physique


What are RAD 140 Before and After?

From the overall range of SARMs present in the performance enhancing industry, buyers admire RAD 140 for its versatility. Besides versatility, users believe that the results associated with its use are lasting and not temporary.

A user that has personally followed the course of Testolone revealed that its effects start to become prominent within weeks. He claims that the muscles grow bigger and better whereas the body starts to tone RAD 140 Before and After. Apart from enlargement, there was a difference in pump and he did not lose muscle or hit plateau in between.

He further added that the results of 20mg/ day share great similarities with 300-350mg of testosterone a week. But while there was a drastic improvement in muscle growth and strength, there was no improvement in his sex drive.

Overall, his personal growth after the 10 weeks cycle was 3.5kg. However, the level of growth largely varies depending upon the time, efforts, and dedication invested during the course.

What is RAD 140 Dosage?

Frankly speaking, it is powerful in nature and so; one should avoid taking it in higher doses. RAD 140 dosage ranging between low to moderate will deliver you results significant for your progress. Therefore, it’s always smart to stick to the limits.

The novice bodybuilders and athletes can start with a low 10mg dosage a day. This is to acquire the benefits while developing a tolerance to it.

People at some advance level of fitness or that have followed the cycles earlier can safely take 20mg a day. Overall, the recommended concentration is in between 10-20mg and not higher than that.

The SARM is half-life, as the experts claiming it approximately 20 hours. So dosing it once every day is enough to obtain what you are looking for. Moreover, the duration of the cycle should not last more than 6-8 weeks. If so, you can potentially face higher complications than the usual.

RAD 140 suppresses natural testosterone as a response to mimicking its effects. Thus, the cycle of SARM demands Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) for 4-6weeks to maintain your results.

Is RAD 140 legal?

No, RAD 140 is not a legal substance you can safely go with. Similar to anabolic steroids, using any of the SARMs is illegal and Testolone is no exception.

SARMs are investigational drugs and there is a need for more research to determine their actual potential. By far, scientists have not determined whether or not, these substances can offer safety. Therefore, it’s earlier to say if RAD 140 will ever receive a ‘clean chit’ in this matter!

Moreover, there is some research that indicates its potentially hazardous effects on human health. According to it, Testolone can weaken your vision while leading to liver failure. Besides, there is no medically tested dosage validating any level of protection against its possible side effects. FDA too, has played its role by releasing a warning against RAD 140.

Testolone has been a subject of debate from the time of its launch. Considering its mechanism, lack of research, and objectivity of reliable health-care agencies like FDA, it was rational to question its credibility as an alternative of steroids.

And by far, there are no answers to these questions. RAD 140 remains to be mysterious yet popular at the same time!

What are RAD 140 side effects?

SARMs were intended to serve as a safer replacement against anabolic steroids. However, none can claim that RAD-140 or any other SARM safely substitutes the use of steroids.

Yes, the non-steroidal drug Testolone does possess anabolic properties like testosterone.  And it can successfully build your muscles and strength to the max.  But despite being selective while binding to the androgen receptors unlike anabolics, users have reported some mild-serious side effects.

Some mild RAD 140 side effects reported from its use are:

  • Poor sex drive and extreme anger
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Mood swings
  • Hair loss and nausea
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Headache and abdominal pain
  • Poor focus and concentration
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Nervousness, stress, and anxiety
  • Skin and sleep problems

Some serious RAD 140 side effects are:

  • Liver toxicity
  • Kidney stones
  • Gall bladder stones
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke
  • Man boobs

What is the natural alternative to RAD 140?

We can never keep the craze to bulk up or reach athletic heights from the real fitness fanatics. However, prioritizing health is important to outweigh this obsession that can potentially risk your life!

In a case this complex, you must look for alternatives serving a similar purpose but through safer course.

Market experts believe that Radbulk by Brutal Force is a promising and trustable alternative to RAD 140. According to them, it steps with a safer yet effective approach based on a set of completely natural ingredients.

These ingredients focus on muscle building not through activating any androgen receptors or supplying artificial sex hormones; but by increasing your tendency to grow your own, natural testosterone. This promises you a serious, faster, and natural transformation – minus the side effects!

Interestingly, the manufacturers of Radbulk assert that it is extremely beneficial for muscle growth and strength. It reduces fat levels and prevents muscle wasting while causing no hormonal imbalance like Testolone. The formula is prepared following the GMP guidelines under settings authorized by FDA.

What are the Radbulk benefits (legal alternative to RAD 140)?

By far, Radbulk is the most parallel value you can get against RAD 140. This is because its effects are too comparable to the effects of the SARM.

Now people that have followed the course of this natural recipe express their utmost satisfaction over Radbulk results. As per them, it is a convincing agent that greatly works to enhance muscle building effects and dip fat percentage.

The dietary supplement kicks in a matter of weeks and expands your potential to bulk. It enhances the growth of testosterone, which in turn, boosts protein synthesis and multiplies basal metabolic activities.

However, Radbulk and higher amount of testosterone is not just about leaner muscles. There is more for the fitness enthusiasts. Individuals that have tested the efficacy of this alternative to RAD 140 believe that it:

  • Promotes faster recovery
  • Adds strength, energy, and endurance
  • Enhances muscle performance
  • Supports muscle regeneration
  • Boosts metabolism for fat loss
  • Contributes to fat breakdown
  • Consists of natural ingredients
  • Generates no side effects
  • Ideal for bulking and cutting cycles

How Radbulk works?

The dietary formula aims to boost the production of hormones that promote anabolism. These chemical messengers revolve around Testosterone, DHT and DHEA.

Biologically speaking, this set of hormones is highly productive for any stage of mass building and fitness you stand at. Testosterone boosts growth hormones and neurotransmitters that allow the production of tissues. The sex hormone further networks with nuclear hormone receptors in Deoxyribonucleic Acid that result in protein synthesis.

On the other hand, research has found that DHT is more valuable for bodybuilders than any other hormones including testosterone. It basically provokes the growth process in fast contracting muscles, allowing you the progress you desperately seek from your trainings.

DHEA and athletic performance are directly related. As a matter of fact, sportsmen prefer the ‘testosterone prohormone’ supplementation as an attempt to upgrade their stamina and performance.

The blend of Radbulk further contains meta-boosters that support the adaptation of fat into useable energy. The right dose of energy adds to the volume and intensity to your workouts.

Besides, it also prevents water retention. Thereby, the gains you gain not only feel solid and dense but stay longer than enough!

What are Radbulk ingredients?

Radbulk is a smart fusion of natural constituents that possess the power to recreate the anabolic properties of RAD 140. Every ingredient and its clinical-range dosage is subjected to aggressive, double-blind, placebo-controlled experimentation that successfully matches the international quality standards.

The dietary formula consists of nutrients, amino acids and botanicals including:

  • Wild Yam Root:

The plant extract is one of the most active and powerful ingredients in Radbulk. It basically stimulates the growth of two anabolic hormones DHT and DHEA. Studies suggest that these hormones support muscle growth and strength in mass gainers

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine:

The amino acid is responsible for enhancing basal metabolic activities for the conversion of fat into energy

  • Choline Bitarte:

The nutrient works as a brain booster essential to keep you focused and dedicated to your goals

  • Dimethylaminoethanol:

The amino acid helps with stamina, muscle contractions, focus and oxygen uptake

  • Safflower oil seed:

One of the powerful fat burners, safflower oil goes a long way in giving you that ripped, chiseled physique. More importantly, it is one great agent that regulates testosterone in the body

What is Radbulk dosage?

The purpose of coming up with Radbulk was to offer optimum safety along with convenience. And so, the dosages were set keeping the lifestyle of users in mind.

For ensuring regular intake, the manufacturers have premeditated an easy-to-follow dosage of 2 capsules a day.  These capsules are highly digestible that you can gulp down with water. However, do not forget to maintain a 45 minutes break between the consumption of pills and your meals.

Besides following the cycle religiously, it is essential to follow a regimen that favors your goals. For example, plan a diet that brings you closer to your goals and hit the gym more fiercely and regularly!

What is Radbulk feedback?

The general response from the fitness community is mostly positive. People who needed a legal alternative for RAD 140 articulated their contentment over its effectiveness and safety.

Especially the bodybuilders and mass gainers who claimed that the cycle did not overwhelm their body. They reported improvement in their size and energy that powered up their workouts.

Likewise, the response from athletes and people having an inclination in sports was equally convincing. According to them, Radbulk worked more like a hardcore fat burner to maintain an athletic physique. It cut down their recovery timings while elevated their endurance for an advantage over their competitors.

Overall, Radbulk has been helpful and scored a 4.5/5 user rating on customer portals.

How to Buy Radbulk?

To buy Radbulk anytime and from anywhere, visit the official website of Brutal Force. The brand promises original formula and timely delivery along with guidelines and considerations to intensify your effects.

A single jar of Radbulk consists of 60 easy-to-swallow pills that last for 30 days. This supply costs you $59.99. Considering the quality and safety of the performance enhancer, the purchase is worth every penny.

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Who makes Radbulk?

Radbulk is a product of Brutal Force, a recognized company having it’s headquarter in UK. Essentially, the company is operated by some professional healthcare industry experts that follow a knowledge-based manufacturing process for its products. These experts understand body dynamics, and hence, strive to accommodate all your fitness objectives.

Brutal Force manufactures dietary supplements that mimic the recreational effects of steroids, SARMs and other compounds. These supplements contain 100% natural and handpicked constituents that do not generate any harm. The company delivers its products worldwide offering a range that is safe, effective, and health-friendly.

Why Radbulk against RAD 140?

Radbulk does not supply artificial hormones or tweak your biological processes to support your muscle building and fat loss. It is a simple recipe that upgrades your nutrient profile for the results you want.

The stringent quality formula is a mix of amino acids and herbal extracts wisely chosen for a larger, leaner frame. The amalgamation of these ingredients in clinical-range dosages do not exhaust your body nor create side effects. Thereby, experts believe that Radbulk is the most accurate substitute for RAD140 favoring people prioritizing their health over dangerous SARMs.

Is Radbulk good for cutting cycles?

Radbulk is an all-rounder. You can count the nutritional formula for any fitness-related need including bulking, cutting, and strength.

Can I stack Radbulk for better results?

You can surely stack Radbulk for faster and better results, provided your body is ready for it. This means that stacking Radbulk demands you to have a better tolerance to this formula. If you have followed its cycle earlier, you can safely stack it with Ligabulk, Ykbulk, and Ostabulk for crazy gains!

What is the recommended length?

Ideally, you should continue the course for 12 weeks ensuring regular dosages and needed efforts. After the completion of 12 weeks, you can rightly evaluate its overall effects on your body.

Is there a need for Post Cycle Therapy?

There isn’t a need to follow PCT as Radbulk does not suppress your testosterone like RAD-140. Feel free to avoid post cycle therapy with any of the bulking or cutting SARM by Brutal Force.

What are the side effects of Radbulk?

The manufacturers claim that Radbulk has no side effects nor there are any reported by the users. It is an overall safe supplement containing natural ingredients in calculated measures. Moreover, the producers use FDA and GMP certified settings for the manufacturing process that further corroborates its safety.

How long does it take to kick in?

In general cases, it takes 1-2 weeks to make you active and begin with the fat burning. In few cases, it may take a bit longer to show that the supplement is actually working for you. By the end of 8-12 weeks, the difference in your muscles and weight will be clearly visible.

How long does it take to deliver Radbulk?

In a matter of days! Yes, the delivery actually takes 2-3 working days for orders in the UK and US. In other countries, buyers may wait a bit longer, say, 5-7 working days to grab their goods.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes there is for all the unhappy users. You can further visit the official website to learn more about the Satisfaction Guarantee.

What are the delivery charges?

There are no delivery charges for anyone from any country. You can get your hands on any of the alternatives for steroids and SARMs without paying a penny for delivery.



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