Unlimited internet deals- Should you opt for them?

Unlimited internet deals- Should you opt for them?

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A survey conducted by Statista[1] in 2019 found that many adults in Australia spend more than a hundred hours on the internet monthly. Another report by Statista[2] unveiled what they spend this time doing.

The report pointed out that they engage in activities like shopping, banking, streaming videos, browsing the web, and sending emails.

If you are like most Australians, you are probably engaging in these activities online. If your internet plan isn’t able to address your need, you may be thinking about opting for any of the many unlimited deals offered by the leading internet providers in Australia.

If you are new to unlimited internet deals or haven’t used them before, you may think that they are perfect and can address your needs in every category. Well, if you do a little research, you will find out that they are not as perfect as you think.

Granted, unlimited internet plans have a lot of perks, but they aren’t for everyone.

So, if you are contemplating opting for an unlimited internet plan but aren’t really sure if they are for you, this article is for you.

Do you really need an unlimited plan?

Before visiting a comparison site to find the best-unlimited plan deals, you should ask yourself if you really need an unlimited plan.

If, for example, you have a demanding job and you spend a huge chunk of your time at work, you may not need an unlimited plan, as you may not have enough time to use it. Also, if you only engage in lightweight activities like browsing, checking your email, and shopping online, an unlimited plan isn’t for you.

If any of the above examples describes you, you should consider opting for a metered plan. As you likely guessed, metered plans are a lot less expensive than unlimited plans. So if your goal is to enjoy a strong internet connection without breaking the bank, you should opt for a regular internet plan.

Unlimited plans are for heavy internet users

Do you stream lots of 4K videos, play games online for long hours, or download large files? If yes, you should consider opting for an unlimited plan.

Choosing an unlimited internet plan

As you know, there are a lot of providers who offer unlimited plans in Australia. Choosing the first unlimited plan you found or the one with the most affordable price is by no means a good idea. There are a lot of factors you must put into considerations before making a final decision.

Always remember that most unlimited plan comes with a catch or some sort of trade-off. So be extra careful before making an informed decision. When in doubt, consult an expert to help you sieve the bad deals and narrow down the best deal for your budget.

Final note

Unlimited internet deals are great, but they aren’t for everyone. So if you aren’t a heavy internet user or you want to cut down your internet bill, these plans may not be for you.

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