Opinion: Vaccine passports are behind the curve in this pandemic

Opinion: Vaccine passports are behind the curve in this pandemic

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Leave it to the Montgomery County Council and County Executive to be behind the curve!

Currently pending before the council is a proposal to mandate a Vaccine Passport for gaining entrance and service in designated business across the county.  Bethesda Beat tells us that this policy will single out restaurants, movie theaters, entertainment venues and other similar establishments, some of the hardest hit businesses in the original shut down. Now the county wants to impose further impediments to their businesses.

The local law would exempt those with credible medical or religious reasons, along with many businesses and entities with essential services: grocery stores, medical facilities, government buildings, and numerous others. Houses of worship are also exempt. With the possible exception of the houses of worship, this is the same business sector that was permitted to remain open before.

So, the council debates, the executive is prepared to act and at this point, it should be noted that there is not a doctor or medical professional among them. COVID-19 trends as posted by the Mayo Clinic shows all the trend lines in MoCo heading down.

Are our leaders reading the data or are they just interested in the exercise of power? Bending the masses to their will, despite everything that we see. And what we see is places like the United Kingdom taking decisive and definitive action.

On Jan. 19 Reuters reported from London: “British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of COVID-19 measures including mandatory face masks in England as he looks to live with the virus after a peak in cases caused by the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.”

As things go with this pandemic, we are just a few weeks behind the British in achieving the same status as they have with the virus. Clearly, they have made the decision that this virus is here to stay – they can’t wear masks forever and they cannot deny the business owners the unimpeded right to make a living. It appears that Montgomery County’s executive along with its council are in fact behind the curve. They’re considering imposing passport mandates when others are moving in just the opposite direction.

It’s time for MoCo to recognize that this virus is going to be around forever. It is reaching its endemic stage and life needs to return to normal.

Normal means NO PASSPORTS. The last thing this county needs is to drive more small businesses out of the county. County officials need to stop acting like our parents and get back to work on issues that really matter to the residents of this county.

About The Author

Marc King


Marc A. King was a 2018 Republican nominee for delegate in the Maryland Legislature from Legislative District 15. Marc has continued his political activism by providing blogs related to a variety of political activities at the federal, state and local level. A retired Army lieutenant colonel, he transitioned from the position of President, Ceradyne Armor Systems, Inc., and provides advice and assistance to defense contractors as the President and CEO of KGV Enterprises, LLC, a defense strategies consultancy.


  1. Brikz

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the “Vax” was just one big placebo effect attempt. Because we know it doesn’t actually protect you from getting it or passing it; so not sure what it does, except free donuts…..

  2. Sophie

    It’s all so devoid of logic. The ‘passports’ imply that vaccinated individuals are only safe among other vaxxed. How ludicrous. This has been proven false by the cruise ship and naval ship with 100% vaxxed on board that still had positive cases. Politicians and media have brainwashed the public into thinking that ‘never testing positive’ is the goal, when the vaccine does a perfectly acceptable job of protection from severe illness. And if you survived the actual virus itself, you have acquired immunity! Why do we only hear about cases and deaths and not about how many have survived covid?! For the “Party of Science” to not recognize the science of natural immunity is hypocritical. Even the NCAA has finally decided to allow athletes who have recovered from covid to play without being vaxxed. Lastly, if I were vaxxed and wary of the unvaxxed, I would actually feel safer in a restaurant where movement is limited; in a grocery store, everyone is allowed to touch everything on the shelves! Doesn’t sound safe to me. But there’s more to health than a mask and a vaxx, so I don’t really worry. Frankly, I think most people are worrying themselves sick – literally.

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