The different forms of medical marijuana

The different forms of medical marijuana

Marijuana plants (photo by Alexandra Moss via Flickr)

The way we are choosing to heal is being revolutionized and more and more people are looking to more holistic approaches and ditching harmful pharmaceuticals. The interest in medical marijuana is growing and one of the main reasons for this is because people are starting to become aware of the medical benefits that this plant provides.

The truth about marijuana has been hidden however now we know that it can be used to treat anything from insomnia to anxiety to chronic pain. Besides medically, marijuana is also used recreationally by many who prefer this method to induce an enjoyable relaxation. Medical marijuana comes in a variety of different forms and if you are interested in learning more about these methods, keep reading.

But as always consult with your doctor and state laws on whether marijuana is right for you.


Edibles are food and drink products that contain marijuana and can range from candy to cake to fruit juices. When you consume edibles, it gets processed through your digestive system and liver which results in very potent and intense effects. Edibles are very affordable to purchase and they are also easy to make at home. The main difference between edibles and other consumption methods is the level of intensity and potency as well as the extremely long duration of the effects compared to other methods of consumption. The onset time when consuming edibles is roughly 90 minutes – 2 hours and the effects can last upward of 12 hours, with many claiming to still feel effects up to 24 hours later. Overall, this is a very safe and delicious method of consumption.


Vaping is a consumption method that involves inhalation. To consume this way, you need a vaporizer which is a handheld battery-powered device that heats dry herbs and produces vapor instead of smoke. The price of a vaporizer is anywhere between $30-$90 depending on the type of model you want, but you can find out more about pricing by visiting a store like MagicVaporizers. This device is not complicated to use. All you need to do is fill your chamber with a small amount of crushed dry herb, turn the device on, select your desired temperature, inhale, exhale and repeat. Unlike other inhalation methods, there is no combustion involved which eliminates certain health risks associated with combustion. The onset time is just a few minutes with a complete duration of 2-4 hours.


Tinctures are dry herbs dissolved in alcohol to form a liquid that you consume sublingually. Simply place 2-3 drops underneath your tongue and after 2 minutes, swallow. Tinctures can be made at home but if you prefer purchasing them, you will be happy to know that they are very affordable. Tinctures differ from other methods because of the extraction process as well as how they are consumed because there aren’t many sublingual consumption methods available for marijuana. The onset is around 15-45 minutes with a duration of 3-4 hours.


Topicals are lotions, creams, oils, balms, and sprays that contain cannabis. These products can be applied onto the skin’s surface to provide relief from many conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, joint stiffness, and muscle pain to name a few. Topicals are affordable and easy to use and unlike other methods of consumption, you cannot experience any psychoactive effects with topicals. The onset is 0-15 minutes with a duration of 6 hours maximum.


Capsules are marijuana in pill form. They are taken orally and again, very affordable and easy to use. All that you need to do is pop a pill whenever you want to and you will enjoy effects that are much more potent than most consumption methods. The onset is around 10-45 minutes and you will enjoy the effects for a good few hours.


Finally, we have patches that contain cannabis. To consume, you simply place a patch onto any area of your skin and the marijuana properties will seep into the skin’s surface and then into your bloodstream. Patches are not commonly used and are quite rare so you might end up paying a bit more for them however they are still affordable as well as easy to use. This method of consumption is completely unique to other methods and is very convenient and discreet. You can slap a CBD patch on in the morning and go about your day without anyone suspecting that you are consuming marijuana. The onset time is between 0-15 minutes with the duration being around 5 hours long.

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