Highway Safety is becoming a Number One Priority Worldwide with More Automobiles on the Road

Highway Safety is becoming a Number One Priority Worldwide with More Automobiles on the Road

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Guard rails and Nib bolts need to be of the highest quality to ensure safety. All guardrails must be as secure as possible and Nib bolts strengthen and secure the guardrails especially on sharp turns and busy highways. Without guardrail protection, a head-on crash can be even more devastating, as it can result in an errant vehicle being pushed across a lane into oncoming traffic.

An easily adjustable guardrail is in greater demand than one that is not since varying heights might be needed, depending on location. This leads manufacturers to produce guardrails that are height adjustable and flexible and add security to these with Nib bolts. Intersections, sharp turns, and rather twisting roads. The application of Nib bolts, which are drilled into the guardrails ensures extra tensile strength and stability and prevents the guardrail from lifting and/or shifting even during a violent car crash.

Road Crash Barrier Fasteners manufacturers must focus not only on safety and stability but the needs of each specific customer. All roads are not alike, and all traffic volume and styles of driving are not the same. Roads with many crashes each year need particular attention and only the finest in guard rails and either Nib bolts or button head bolts. The manufacturing process must be completely transparent and flexible enough to suit all manner of customers and roadways.

Intact360 prides itself on the superior tensile strength and flexibility of its guard rails. Barriers protect lives. While an automobile can be demolished, the main point of a barrier/guard rail is to ensure that all passengers walk away from a crash with their lives intact. While many guard rails are made of several types of tubular metals, steel is most definitely the strongest, and Intact360 is an expert on the manufacturing of this high-quality guard rail and Nib bolts.

To prevent rust the guard rails are protected by galvanization, on the fasteners. The galvanization is done by hot dip which prevents corrosion and deterioration. Called HDG, it is standard procedure at Intact360 and provides the longest, strongest barrier protection possible. In addition, fasteners are made to international standards, certificate 3.1 compliance, and complete quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

In addition, Intact360 does provide bulk manufacturing which makes the choice of their products even more affordable for their clients. The manufacturing process is also quick with delivery made as soon as humanly possible.  The high-end machinery which can be programmed to any diagram adds to the value and quality of Intact360 barriers. There are other types of fasteners besides the Nib bolts also and consultation with Intact360 is always advised and welcomed.

Whether a government entity or another organization or private entity, every time a road is highly traveled and has curves and twists, or a large amount of traffic, a barrier is a necessity. But a poorly made and installed barrier is no assistance at all and cheap manufacturers with no experience should be avoided.

There is no price on life and guard rails enhanced with Nib bolts and other bolts save lives each year. Purchase well ahead before a crash occurs that will haunt everyone involved for the rest of their lives. Intact360 does provide a great deal of information on their website and there are many ways to contact the company. Decide to have the safest roadways possible and allow Intact360 to assist in the process. With the main objective of safety above all, Intact360 is the perfect choice of guard rail and bolt manufacturer. Call today and ensure safety on all roadways as high-security painting is also available

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