Discover Your Dream Ride and Feel the Thrill of the Open Road

Discover Your Dream Ride and Feel the Thrill of the Open Road

Image by Salvatore Rubino from Pixabay

Many people dream about owning and riding a motorcycle, but not everyone understands what’s involved in choosing a dream bike. While would-be riders often assume finding a great bike is easy, that’s not always true. There are numerous bike styles with many features that may not be right for every rider. Before buying a bike, there are several things bike experts encourage would-be riders to consider.

Know Your Needs and Abilities

Motorcycles and riders have something in common—they’re all different. That means what’s “ideal” for one rider won’t be for another one. When shopping for a bike, ask the experts at American Motorcycle Trading Company for help finding a perfect match. Here are a few things to discuss.

  • Bikes Come in Many Sizes. Like riders, bikes come in all sizes. A short rider won’t be happy with a bike that’s too tall, and tall riders may not feel comfortable on bikes that hug the ground. Weight is another issue to consider. Lighter bikes are usually easier to handle, and they’re certainly easier to pick up if they’re dropped. New riders may opt for a lighter model like a 462-pound Harley Nightster, while experienced riders may feel comfortable on an 897-pound Road Glide Limited. Bike experts explain different size and weight options and work with new riders to find the perfect bike.
  • Experience is Important. New riders don’t have experience riding on different types of roads and facing the wind, rain, and other weather issues. Since smaller, lighter bikes are generally easier to handle in most riding conditions, most experts recommend starting out with a smaller model that’s more manageable.
  • A Rider’s Budget Matters. Not everyone feels comfortable spending $30,000 for a motorcycle. The price of bikes increases with their size and added features. Using the same Nightster and Road Glide examples, riders can expect to spend far more for the features offered by the Road Glide. When shopping for a bike, know what price range is realistic. Struggling to make payments takes away from the fun of motorcycle ownership, so don’t overspend.
  • New or Used? While new bikes are nice, some riders would prefer to spend less for a pre-owned bike. That’s a viable option, but riders are more likely to need repairs if they opt to purchase a used bike. Ask the dealer about used bike warranties before making a major buying decision. New bikes have a factory warranty and rarely need significant repairs during the first years of ownership.
  • Understand a Bike’s Maintenance Requirements. All motorcycles require maintenance to keep them operating at peak performance levels. When shopping for that ideal bike, take the time to review the recommended maintenance schedule. Keeping up with maintenance is crucial to ensure a bike is always reliable. Some riders are comfortable taking care of minor maintenance themselves, but few have the skills to complete major services. Take the time to visit a shop’s service area and get to know the shop personnel when buying a new or used bike.

Of course, some riders will have other concerns or needs, so don’t be afraid to ask questions when shopping for that ideal motorcycle.

Focus on Fun!

Bikes are more than machines that get riders from one point to the next. Experiencing the thrill of the open road is hard to describe to non-riders, but even new riders quickly find they want to ride every day because bikes are far more fun than the cages other drivers are trapped in.

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