Where can you use visa gift cards

Where can you use visa gift cards

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Visa debit card is a very popular way to pay for products and services. The international payment system works in every Nation. Moreover, it gives some bonuses to clients. Many companies are ready to accept transactions via Visa system. US banks cooperate with Visa and every customer can use the feature to make a deposit. It is easy to do and the transaction would be done rather fast. That’s why the visa debit gift card has become one of the popular types of gifts, which is convenient both to give and to receive.

Shop Anywhere

Almost every company is ready to accept Visa debit gift cards. People can purchase different goods or pay for some services. It is rather convenient. So, Visa customers use the feature to make presents easily and without thinking about the product to gift. Money is the best present in most cases.

Unfortunately, some companies are not ready to accept Visa debit gift cards for payment. These are adult websites, Pay Pal, Western Union, and other money wire transfer services. That is so due to the current law. Such transactions cannot be carried out anonymously, but the Visa debit gift card is not personalized. Thus, it can be used in most places, if the law doesn’t require to do verified payments. Instead, most legitimate online casinos accept Visa gift cards and Visa prepaid cards. Online casinos that accept Visa are some of the most popular items among players when they choose an online casino.


Just cards with the logo of Cirrus and/or Interlink can be used for ATM today. If you have the logo, you can use any ATM to get money. Daily limits are $150. So, people can get all money if the balance is below $150. It is necessary to know that the cards demand Personal Identification Numbers or PIN codes. Clients can get it during the getting of the cards in a bank. They are given with registration too.

Note. If you are going to refund money and refuse the product, you will get money back. But the bank commission fee is $3.25 to make the transaction. So, it is necessary to know about it to understand is it profitable for you in the current case. Moreover, there is a $35 fee for all signature-based payments and $50 if you use the PIN code.


Every card owner has to activate it before to use. It means the person should do the following:

  1. Enter the Giftcards.com website or call the phone number that is on the back of the Visa debit gift card.
  2. Write down the card number and 3-digit code from the back side. If you call by phone, you have to tell this information to specialists.
  3. Enter the activation code.

The code should be given by specialists of Visa only. Don’t believe that somebody else can give you the code, they can be scammers! It is impossible to activate the product without the code and Visa specialists follow the security policy strictly to avoid using money by third parties.

PIN Code And Security

Visa debit gift cards don’t have PIN codes.  You can ask to use the options for credit cards to avoid PIN code. If you have lost your card, it is necessary to call asap to 1-877-944-3822 and tell about it. Moreover, it is necessary to tell other information that the specialist will ask. Funds that are credited on the card can be transferred to another bank account. The commission fee is $5.

Fees and Expiration

There are several fees while using Visa debit gift card.

  1. A monthly commission fee is $2.50. Clients can use the card for free during 6 months.
  2. If you want to close the account and get your money by cash or transfer it to another account, you will pay $7.
  3. It is necessary to pay 3% per transaction if you use it internationally. A flat fee is $2 too.

The card is valid for 24 months. The rest funds can be given to the client by cash, transferred to another account, or to a new Visa debit gift card. It is better to use all money before 24 months or you will pay bank commission fee.

How To Check the Balance

People should know the balance to avoid transaction deny. Unfortunately, a seller can’t give the information. It is also possible to ask specialists by phone but you should pass the verification firstly.

That is interesting that a card can be refused by online stores. That is so because the data of the card owner and billing address should be the same. If not, the card will be declined.

If you need to deposit money to online casino, you can send it to the common bank account and then make a deposit in compliance with the rules of a gambling company. Don’t forget about the commission fees.

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