The new all-electric Porsche Taycan just transformed the performance EV category

The new all-electric Porsche Taycan just transformed the performance EV category

Image by Markus Distelrath from Pixabay

Throughout the history of automobiles, there have been various kinds of cars that came and went. Although it’s not possible to remember all the cars that were present in the past, we do remember some cars that were groundbreaking specimens of automobile engineering at that time. Cars like these went on to become the inspiration for future cars to come and as a result, are considered important milestones in the evolution of cars.

Fast forward to the present and the cars today are completely different when you compare with the cars of yesteryear. Apart from the fact that cars still ride on four wheels, a lot of changes have happened to cars inside out and the Porsche Taycan is an exemplary specimen of the advancements in the automotive industry and the future of cars.

Electric cars were initiated as concepts some decades ago and today, they have started taking up some notable percentage of the entire sales in the car industry. With brands like Tesla, Lucid, and Rimac popping up as emerging electric vehicle manufacturers in the industry, existing and leading manufacturers from all across the world felt the need to develop and produce a fleet of electric cars not only for their survival but also to develop the base for their upcoming fleet of cars in the future.

Porsche as always didn’t shy away from displaying their technological and designing prowess in the automotive industry and within some years, brought in hybrid and electric concepts which later on became full-fledged production-ready cars in the form of the Porsche 918 Spyder and the Porsche Taycan.

While the 918 Spyder went on the become one of the greatest feats in automotive history and gained a place between the ‘Holy Trinity’ of cars, the Porsche Taycan went on to become the perfect specimen of what a Porsche electric car signifies. The Taycan displays the true essence of what a Porsche should be while also offering some incredible technology that the automotive world had never seen before.

The Porsche Taycan is powered by an 800-volt powertrain unit which is inspired by the multiple victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Unlike the 400-volt powertrain units that are the industry standards, the 800-volt system is lighter, charges faster, has high-performance capabilities, and decreases the space required for cabling. This powertrain unit not only helped Porsche mark their presence in the performance EV category which consists of names like the Tesla Model S and the Rimac Concept 1, but it also brought dramatic changes when it comes to innovation and technological advancements in the electric car segment.

Not only does the powertrain unit in the Porsche Taycan make it an exceptionally quick and powerful car, but it is also intelligent enough to get the maximum amount of efficiency and range. Porsche also had to design a completely new transmission system just for the Taycan. The Taycan gets a special two-speed transmission unit that helps get the best out of the powertrain unit, both in terms of power and efficiency. The way Porsche has managed to inculcate the best modes of thermal management and powertrain management systems makes the Taycan an exceptional example of a Performance EV. While most of the performance electric cars lose their enthusiasm and torque that helps with their quick accelerations upon heating and reduction in stored battery power, the Taycan impressively continues to give you the same thrilling, ‘smash your head on the head rests’ kind of acceleration until the battery dies. This capability of the Porsche Taycan to not get exhausted and offer you all of its power right when you need it makes it a game-changer in the performance EV category and is also one of the biggest strengths of the Taycan.

As for its handling, Porsche has made sure that the Taycan is a pure Porsche vehicle to the core. That means no matter the kind of advancements that may come in the future, The Porsche Taycan will handle like a true Porsche any day. The handling is nimble yet sharp. The steering gives you tons of feedback from the road and the suspension does a clever job of absorbing most of the shocks while giving you the right amount of feedback and information about available traction and terrain in a true Porsche fashion. In fact, the Porsche AWD system understands what you expect and need from your driving style and manage the power that goes to each wheel exceptionally well. This helps the Taycan to grip along corners and move fast through them while being exceptionally stable in a straight line and give you the incredible acceleration experience that Performance EVs are known for. The fact that you can travel at such high speeds with incredible handling capabilities at your disposal with four people on board is something that only a Porsche Taycan will offer you.

Other performance electric cars might promise you great handling abilities, acceleration, top speed figures, and range. But when you compare their overall build quality and finish inside out, you will realize that the Taycan is worth every penny that you’d spend on it as not only does it drive like a true Porsche, it also offers you the best of interior design elements and features with the best possible standards of fit and finish throughout the interior. When you look at it from a broad perspective, you will be surprised and left with thoughts as to how Porsche managed to pull off a performance EV right at the beginning of their venture into the EV business. The kind of technological prowess and engineering practices involved in the development of the Taycan is second to none and a case study that should be done by all developing EV manufacturers to learn and develop by seeking inspiration from Porsche.

The Porsche Taycan has not only transformed the Performance EV category, but it has also transformed the perception of people towards electric cars. While some auto enthusiasts were against the idea of electric cars taking over the industry in the future, Porsche has assured their enthusiasts that the cars might transition to being powered by electricity, but they’ll still be true Porsche cars to their core and deliver the same design, enthusiasm, driving experience and quality of a true Porsche.

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