How you can quit using smokeless tobacco

How you can quit using smokeless tobacco

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Now that there is enough evidence to indicate that cigarette smoking can be dangerous to your health, there are some tobacco companies that are promoting chewing tobacco and snuff. These two products were no longer that popular the past few years. Some people believe that smokeless tobacco can be a safer alternative to cigarettes, but this is just as harmful as smoking. This post discusses how you can quit using smokeless tobacco.

Understand how a smokeless tobacco product works

Snuff refers to ground and cured type of tobacco that you can inhale or chew. You can inhale dry snuff through your nose or place it in your nostrils, while you can hold wet snuff between your lips or even between the gum and cheek.

When it comes to chewing tobacco, you can find it in various forms like twists, plugs, loose-leaf, and many more. In most cases, there are chemicals from the smokeless tobacco that get absorbed into your bloodstream via the mucous membrane in your mouth. Since the nicotine in chewing tobacco and snuff is released gradually, and their effects can last longer than you can get from cigarettes. 

Remember that nicotine is considered to be a habit-forming drug, so using chewing tobacco and snuff can cause you to depend on it as cigarette smokers. And, smokeless products can induce higher blood-nicotine levels that can be sustained for a longer time because you tend to chew them over a couple of hours. 

As with cigarettes, chewing tobacco and snuff can also cause heart problems and some forms of cancer. Worse still, these products can also cause other health problems like erosion of teeth, gum diseases, and cancer of the mouth.

Today, many cigarette users are switching to chewing tobacco alternatives because there is a misconception that there is no danger since there is no smoke. If you are using smokeless tobacco you may decide to quit it when you know the dangers of using these products are the same as smoking.

Quitting smokeless tobacco

It can be hard to decide to quit using smokeless tobacco. While many people can encourage you to make this decision, it’s important for you to want to quit. Keep in mind that quitting smokeless tobacco is like quitting smoking, though there are a couple of things of quitting that apply only to smokeless tobacco users. 

For chewing tobacco, there is usually a stronger feel to having something in your mouth that can take the place of the snuff, chew, or pouch. When you use tobacco alternative products or cbd gummies online, you may notice that the mouth sores usually slowly go away and even the gum issues can get better. 

If you are ready to quit chewing tobacco, then it’s a good idea to set up goals and prepare to quit. Simply set a date you intend to quit and stick to this date. Placing this date on a calendar can help to remind you of the date you planned to quit using tobacco products.

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