7 Reasons To Switch from Drip Coffee to a Coffee Capsule Machine

7 Reasons To Switch from Drip Coffee to a Coffee Capsule Machine

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For years the easiest way to make coffee at home was the drip pot. You know what we’re talking about that typical coffee pot that was in your parents’ house and always full in the afternoon. Then there was the massive Starbucks movement and all the coffee shops and stands that followed suit. But still, while everyone jumped onto those fancy expensive drinks making them at home used to be a pain. Not anymore. The invention of coffee capsules has made making great coffee at home a whole new experience. Here are seven reasons you should ditch the drip and convert to capsule coffee.

It’s fast

If you’ve ever gotten up a few mins late and managed to stumble into the kitchen to get that drip coffee pot going, you know it seems like an eternity before it is done, and you can get your hands on that much-needed morning boost, not so with Coffee Capsule Machines. These little magic machines can have a morning shot of espresso ready for you in seconds. Then, for a more drip-style cup to go, you’re still looking at less than two minutes. Coffee capsules will beat drip brew machines every single time when it comes to speed.

It’s Fresh

It’s a shame to waste coffee, but if you’ve ever reheated a cup of coffee out of a traditional pot, you’ll know it’s awful. With Coffee Capsule machines, you brew each cup individually as you want it, so no more going to the kitchen and realizing the coffee has been cold for hours. Instead, it’s like always getting the first cup out of a freshly brewed pot.

Tons of Options

Before, we had to buy a bag of coffee beans and a coffee grinder and go through the painstaking process of grinding enough for the day or week. You were stuck with whatever coffee you choose until it ran out. It’s a whole different world with coffee capsules. There are literally thousands of options.  From your favorite brew basics to that must-have fall pumpkin cappuccino and everything in-between, you can find a flavor to suit everyone. If you love hazelnut in your coffee, but your partner thinks it’s blasphemy, no more having to fight about who gets what they want.

There are different roasts, flavors, and even options like hot cocoa and chicken broth if you want to get wild.Coffee Capsules are a first-rate option for entertaining because you never know how people like their coffee. Just keep a good selection of options and show them where your machine is and let them enjoy it their way.

It’s Actually Not Bad for the Environment

So If you’ve avoided coffee capsules because you’re watching your carbon footprint, have we got some good news for you. New research is proving that it’s a better option than the other ways we consume expresso. When they first came out, people thought it would be the worst thing coffee could do to the environment. Their plastic disposable nature may not be great, but other factors contribute to our caffeine carbon footprint.

Because they are pre-measured, most people use less coffee, which takes a ton of resources to grow. They also have the advantage of being newer machines making them more energy efficient. Capsule coffee machines also only brew one cup at a time, meaning you aren’t making a whole pot to throw most of it down the drain later. You’re skipping the plastic cup and straws from your local to-go coffee shop, and now that these machines have been around a while, there are also programs to recycle plastic capsules.

If you’re extra environmentally conscious, you also have the option of finding reusable capsules. With reusable capsules, you can pop them in the dishwasher to clean between uses, and because they are a fixed size, you aren’t likely to overfill them and use more coffee than you need.

Counter Space and Design

Coffee pots can look quaint, but by the time you’ve got your coffee pot, your container with coffee nearby, and a grinder to make sure you’re getting the most for your dollar, your countertop is half-full. There are convenient storage systems designed to save you space with coffee capsules so that you can keep them organized and save room.

Coffee Capsule makers are also an excellent resource for the workplace. Most offices have a break room, but space can be limited. These machines fit almost anywhere and are great for the afternoon pick-me-up. It saves you a trip out for coffee and keeps you going through the rest of your workday.

Seriously High Quality

It’s also about the quality of coffee. With these coffee capsule machines, you don’t risk burning your coffee or letting it sit on the heat all day and turn into dark sludge that isn’t drinkable. Instead, they are pre-measured, and the machines do all the hard work. They know how long, how fast, and what temperatures need to be to give you the best cup of coffee you can get. So much so that even some Michelin-starred restaurants are adapting them for professional use.

Easy to Clean

Okay, you can’t just throw them in the dishwasher, but you shouldn’t the old-school coffee pot either. You should always clean your coffee capsule machine regularly and thoroughly, and it’s pretty easy to do. Just follow the directions, and you will help ensure you’re getting a great cup of coffee every time. Descaling is another part of the maintenance process that will help extend the life of your coffee maker. Descaling your device helps to remove any buildup of the minerals from tap water.

So if you’re addicted to those fancy expressos you grab from the local barista at least once a week, it makes more sense for you to switch to a coffee capsule machine for your pocket and the environment. Coffee Capsules offer you one of the easiest ways to get your daily dose of caffeine, fresh, fast, and eco-friendly.

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