Fighting Spam: Best Solutions for Any Website

Fighting Spam: Best Solutions for Any Website

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Spam has existed for decades, and it still chafes website owners. The presence of malicious bots is dangerous for users and companies. They harvest sensitive information and cause Google rankings to drop. Keep your defense up to scratch with universal tools for any site, from forums to e-commerce.

Digital marketers, website owners, and webmasters should use effective verification to keep their mailing lists clean. With an email spam checker from, you can weed out fake and fraudulent addresses to protect your reputation and customers. Here is how such systems work.

What Spambots Need

Most users know what spambots do (leave automated comments and fill out submission forms) but their purpose is often misconstrued. First, they gather emails of real visitors for phishing and dishonest SEO. Once a user clicks on the link in a spam comment, their personal data is exposed. Spammers also exploit code vulnerabilities to harvest information.

Secondly, spammers flood your site with data to slow it down. As a result, user experience and Google rankings deteriorate. Analytics is impossible due to a mix of genuine and spam traffic. Finally, if you send emails to addresses left by the violators, your own IP and domain may get blocked.

Why Your Site May Get Blacklisted

To end up on a blacklist, you do not have to use fraudulent methods. The presence of spammers on your mailing list is enough to trigger digital barriers. All mass mailing campaigns are closely monitored by ISPs and Mail Abuse Prevention Systems. Companies sending messages to suspicious recipients are punished. Different scenarios are possible.

  • Spammers may leave emails of other users who will report your messages as junk.
  • The addresses may be non-existent, which makes you look like a spammer.
  • Some inactive and fake addresses are spam traps — they are used by ISPs to catch malicious actors.

As you can see, any legit site may get blacklisted if it fails to check its recipients. Before launching a marketing campaign, scrutinize the mailing list to avoid triggering the watchdog systems. And that’s not all!

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