Why Choose Crypto Casinos Over Online Casinos?

Why Choose Crypto Casinos Over Online Casinos?

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Choosing between a regular conventional casino or a cryptocurrency casino might be quite a challenge. Before you decide, you want to know: Which of the two casinos is better and why? You need to be able to point to specific reasons why you made your choice.

In this guide, you will learn all you need to know about making your decision on whether to play at a conventional or a crypto casino and the things you need to consider before selecting your casino.

Why Should You Choose a Crypto Casino Over a Conventional Casino


Betting at a cryptocurrency casino allows you a certain degree of anonymity. Now, let’s get something straight. You might not be able to enjoy 100% anonymity as no transaction can be fully hidden on the blockchain, but let’s be honest. Some privacy goes a long way.

There are indeed some things you can’t control, like the record of your transaction. However, you can choose to hide the identity of your wallet. It is a really important trick and especially a simple hack for players that reside in countries where online gambling is illegal. It is not like we’re inviting you to try something like that, but it is worth mentioning.

Low to No Fees

Conventional casinos deal with FIAT currencies, and FIAT currency deposits (especially bank transfers) usually hold a whole lot of charges. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, feature payment methods that have little to no transaction costs. What’s more? Deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies are way faster than with conventional FIAT options.

Instant Transaction

Yes, you can process deposits instantly with crypto. The fastest FIAT currency options, like e-wallets, can take up to 24 hours to process. However, cashouts with crypto options are often processed within ten minutes of initiating the request.

Same Gameplay and Offers

Most people go into cryptocurrency casinos believing conventional casinos provide better gameplay options than cryptocurrency casinos. This can be no farther from the truth. At cryptocurrency casinos, you can enjoy the same games that you would otherwise have enjoyed at a conventional one.

Top cryptocurrency casinos like Bitcoincasino.io feature games from the same developers as conventional online casinos. These games, in their thousands, exciting and mind-blowing, i.e., table games, live dealer games, instant win titles, video poker, are available at crypto casinos.

Your Choice of Cryptocurrencies

Conventional casinos accept FIAT options. Many top cryptocurrency casinos like Bitcoincasino.io accept both FIAT and cryptocurrency options. This means that you can deposit with whichever option is most convenient for you at any given time. As a beginner, you can ease yourself into the process of cryptocurrency betting by first dealing with what you’re familiar with- FIAT. Eventually, you can continue to deal more with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency casinos like BitcoinCasino.io are the types of cryptocurrency casinos you want to invest your money and your time playing at.


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