Action Refund Ltd Review – Chargeback Company Checks Out on All Fronts

Action Refund Ltd Review – Chargeback Company Checks Out on All Fronts

Image by vicky gharat from Pixabay

With online fraud running rampant, many victims don’t know where to turn. Reaching out to their bank isn’t getting them anywhere. They can’t even find their scammer’s basic contact information. Where can they turn? In order to find the best options for these victims, we carried out security evaluations on companies offering chargeback services. Our Action Refund Ltd review delved into why victims can trust this company and what a chargeback can do for them.

Can You Trust Action Refund Ltd?

In any case of online scams, the victim’s trust has been violated. They are probably now very cautious about who they can really trust online. And they should be. There are plenty of organizations out there that don’t have their best interests in mind.

Our Action Refund Ltd review identified the key details that lead us to believe that scam victims can trust this company. First of all, they have an actual physical presence in the country where their business is registered, Israel. Unreliable companies often invent fictional offices, frequently misleading clients about their country of operation. Action Refund Ltd, however, is entirely transparent.

Secondly, this company has actual phone lines. Clients can call into any of several phone lines for the countries that the company most commonly serves. Companies that don’t intend to deliver reliable services often avoid listing phone numbers at all. If you’re a victim of online scams, you might recall being unable to find a phone number for your scammers. Being able to reach out and talk to an actual person is a good sign that clients can trust this company.

User Reviews

Beyond these essential factors that show that establish Action Refund Ltd to be a legitimate company, there are other factors we need to know before trusting them. We check their reputation on popular review websites like Trustpilot. These are the websites people use to voice concerns and complaints about unreliable online services. Try looking up the company that scammed you in the first place, and you should see what we mean.

On the other hand, Action Refund Ltd had very positive reviews from nearly all of their former clients. Now we know that they’re out there helping real clients recover real money. This is a public website where anyone can leave a review, so having such a high ranking is a reliable sign that scam victims can trust Action Refund Ltd.


So far, our Action Refund Ltd review has determined that they are both a legitimate company and get good results for their clients. For any online scam victims, this still might not be enough. Many scams involve stealing private information, so privacy is a major concern. What does Action Refund Ltd do for the privacy of their clients, and is it enough?

Action Refund Ltd is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This set of rules on personal data is law in the European Union and sets a standard that reputable companies adhere to worldwide. GDPR compliance means that Action Refund Ltd discloses data collection to clients and states the explicit purpose of data collection.

GDPR compliance also means that Action Refund Ltd meets requirements for storing client data and how long it is kept. These requirements are mainly technical, but at the most basic level, they ensure that any information they collect from clients is protected from any unauthorized access.

Action Refund Ltd’s Chargeback Services

Our Action Refund Ltd review has us convinced that they are a trustworthy organization. They’ve passed all our tests for client information and security, online reputation, and verifiable business status. Clients can rest easy knowing they’re safe with Action Refund Ltd, but what can the company do for them and their case?

Action Refund Ltd recovers money lost to online scams through the use of chargebacks. Chargebacks are administrative-level tools for reversing transactions with banks and other payment processors. The process of putting through a successful chargeback is complicated. There are very high standards for proving that the transaction was a scam, with specific filing requirements.

Victims are unlikely to have the technical knowledge to file a chargeback that leads to a refund successfully. And so, Action Refund Ltd provides that service. The team there understands what the banks need to see to verify the chargeback. With that insider knowledge, they put together an effective system.

Action Refund Ltd Review of Their Chargeback Process

They offer free consultations and screen cases based on their chance of success. They know if a case won’t be able to succeed, and they’ll tell you. Action Refund Ltd only proceeds with claims they are confident will lead to a successful refund.

After the consultation, they speak with the client and gather the necessary information for the chargeback: bank or credit card statements, records of communication with the scammer, information regarding the scam website, and such.

Before filing, Action Refund Ltd contacts the scammers to give them a chance to refund the money voluntarily. This isn’t for their benefit though, to put through a chargeback, they need proof that the scammers had a chance to do the right thing and refused. Once the chargeback goes through, the scam victims get their money back, and everything is right as rain.

Clients Can Trust Action Refund Ltd

In our Action Refund Ltd review, we carefully evaluated whether clients can trust them or not, and they can. They meet all our standards for privacy, security, and reputation. They also seem to have a very effective and straightforward process that any online scam victims can try out with a free consultation.