What to Know About Duct Cleaning Oakville

What to Know About Duct Cleaning Oakville

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After How Long Should You Do Duct Cleaning Oakville?

Homeowners install air ducts to transport cooled and heated air around the house. Since they are mostly installed high in the ceiling, these systems could easily be forgotten when doing general cleaning or when you are supposed to do duct cleaning Oakville.

Professional installers and air duct cleaners advise that you should clean your system after three to five years. This ensures the efficiency of the ducts. Duct cleaning Oakville also ensures any build-up dust, debris, and mold has been removed.

Should You Clean Air Ducts?

Leaving your HVAC system uncleaned for a long time poses a danger to your family. Since the system circulates air around the house, dirty air containing dust and mold will be spread all over the place. These pollutants will affect your family and pets and can lead to respiratory complications.

Contact a licensed cleaner to check your air duct for any dirt. If you also notice a change in the air you breathe, call your contractor to inspect the duct system. If they see dust or mold, they will advise you to get a cleaner.

Signs It Is Time To Clean The HVAC System

Moving Houses Or Renovations

During a renovation, there is a lot of dust inside the house. This dust will rest in visible places, and some will find their way into the least expected places like air ducts. When you switch on your system, air with dust will be blown into the room, making people uncomfortable.

Another reason to clean your system after renovations in your house is that the contractors might shake the system during the process. This makes any dust settled in the duct loose and can easily be blown to the rest of the house.

After moving houses, you should consider duct cleaning services in Oakville because you don’t know how the previous owner maintained it. It will even worsen to continue using the system if the previous owner was a smoker or a pet owner, or if they had stayed for more than five years after the last duct cleaning Oakville process.

Mold And Odors

Mold mainly grows in hidden and hard-to-reach places, and it will not be a shock to find some in your ductwork. Mold and bacteria are dangerous, and breathing air contaminated air with these two can cause harmful infections to the respiratory system.

When cleaners come, they use a particular chemical to clean the mold and prevent its growth. Ensure you check the chemical components on the detergent to ensure they won’t cause a bad reaction to your family.

Odors are a sign there is dirt and debris in the system that has built up and in most cases started to decompose hence emitting that bad odor. Contact a trusted duct cleaning services Oakville provider to check and ensure no insects have died and rotted inside your ductwork. Regardless of what is causing the odor, an expert will eliminate it and decontaminate your ducts.

Allergic Reactions Among Family Members

Dirty ducts will supply all the rooms in the house with dirty and contaminated air. Air with dust and debris can cause allergies and other respiratory complications to your family. People with conditions like asthma are also very sensitive to dirty air.

If you notice allergic reactions among your family members and shortening of breath for people with asthma, you should consider duct cleaning Oakville for the entire ductwork.


Small insects and pests will find their way into the duct system. When they die, these pests rot and produce an odor. Other pests leave their droppings inside the system, which pollutes the air you breathe.

If you notice pest infestation in your duct system, the best remedy is to get a cleaner to clean up the ductwork.

Change In Performance

A system does not always decline in performance because it is old. Your heating and the cooling machine will overwork when things like dust and debris are not cleaned. If you notice a slowdown in performance, you can check if the system is clean.

Another indicator of this is when you are paying more for energy. Overworking the system means it will use a lot of energy, and this could break it.

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