How to take care of your new kitten

How to take care of your new kitten

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Bringing home a new kitten and raising them is a great experience that is loaded with full rewards and challenges. Whether you are planning to bring a new kitten to your home or already have a fuzzy little bundle of joy, then it is essential to become the best pet parent. Here, you will know all about how to take care of your new kitten and how to give them a new start in life.

Raising a kitten offers a different experience from growing an adult cat. Kittens have ample curiosity and energy that require a lot of time. So, to provide affection to your new kitten, here are some tricks to create a special bond with your kitten that will last for a longer period.

Tips to take care of your new kitten

Regular grooming

Regular grooming such as proper brushing of your kitten is essential, especially for long-haired kittens. Start the grooming process of your cat early so that there is an enjoyable bonding activity with your kitten. Add regular grooming as a part of routine care and reward your cat with a tasty treat.

Grooming removes dust, dead skin, and loose hair that prevent your kitten from fur balls. Make grooming comfortable for your kitten by avoiding pulling the hair and tangling.

Proper nutritional diet

It is advisable to feed kittens with a combination of high-quality kitten food to provide a balanced diet. Avoid giving cow milk to your little kittens due to gastrointestinal issues and assure access to fresh and clean water every time.

Give your kitten food at least four times a day and take proper care of overfeeding and underfeeding. Cooked bones should not be fed to the kitten as they cause fatal damage to the internal body. Go through various online websites offering cat food and choose the best pet supplies for your small furry pet.

Let your kitten explore the new surroundings

When your kitten has been cleared by the veterinary doctor, then it is safe for the kitten to become socially active. Let your kitten explore new surroundings with other pets.

Handle and play with your cats at least once a day and create a special bond with them. Introduce your kitten to the other family members and get a positive experience for all of them.

Bedding of your new kitten

One can share the bed with their new family member, the cute furry kitten. But, it is essential to provide the kitten with a comfortable and dry bed where they can rest easily. Try to keep safe bedding for your kitten that can be easily cleaned and dried after washing.

Keep the bed of your kitten at a private and cozy place where a litter tray can also be placed in a quiet area for the kitten.

Provide scratching poles

Cats have a habit of scratching things to keep their nails in perfect condition and show their natural behaviors. So, it is necessary to provide scratching poles to your kitten around the house. This prevents your kitten from scratching items such as furniture, and others.

If your small furry kitten scratches furniture, then it is advised to cover it with protective items and provide alternative things to scratch such as a scratching mat.

Choose the best healthcare practices for your kitten

Choose the best veterinary practice and talk to the doctor about the health check-ups, vaccinations, and worm protection of your kitten. Ask the vet about Desexing process where sexual maturity lets the kitten prevent an unplanned litter.

This process also provides health and behavioral benefits to the kittens and reduces problems like urine marking. Plants such as lilies are dangerous to cats, so it is required to be familiar with these flowers and remove them from your garden area and house.

Litter trays

The litter tray should be kept in a position where there is no sound and the area is private and quiet. Let your kitten use the litter tray to go to the toilet and perform the activities without any major issues.

Therefore, these are the necessary tips to take care of your kitten at home and keep them safe. Follow each tip to keep your kitten safe and healthy to turn it into a big cat.

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