Small business: Benefits of accounting software

Small business: Benefits of accounting software

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

Starting a company comes with about a thousand fiddly things to consider before you can even begin to think about the fun stuff (like choosing a logo and printing your business cards). One consideration that should be at the top of your list is accounting software.

Your income is the lifeblood of your business. With so much focus on making money, you may forget to keep track of your accounting.

Without robust accounting software keeping tabs on your financial comings and goings, you may end up in deeper water than you anticipated when it comes to your taxes. Let’s check out some of the top benefits of accounting software for your small business.

Time-saving automation

The primary benefit of accounting software is time-saving automation (for example, check out this site). As a startup, you are likely the only member of staff. While you could be reliant on transient helpers (such as friends and family) to assist you in different ways, the fact is that the big decisions – and their outcomes – rest on your shoulders. That’s a lot to handle, and your time is precious.

Let’s say you spend 20-30 minutes at the end of each shift going through your finances for the day. You note your expenditure. You note how much revenue came in, including the different sources and how that spending power was directed (in terms of which products and services were in demand that day). And you keep a spreadsheet. All nice and neat.

Now let’s say you have six busy days in a row and you don’t get time to do your accounting. That’s a mess. Now you have six days of figures to catch up on. Your accuracy will suffer and mistakes will be made. With automated software, the hassle is taken care of. You don’t need to find time every day for accounting. It’ll all be there when you need it.


If there’s one thing that all entrepreneurs would say is overlooked – and yet is super important – it’s invoicing. Why is invoicing so important? Because you need to build a loyal customer base while keeping track of your stock and ensuring you get paid. That’s quite the list of demands from one little piece of software. But it’s completely within your grasp.

Invoicing means your customers get to see an itemized bill. There can be no arguing over the price. It’s all laid out for them. You can list your payment details, too, giving the customer an easy way to go online and pay right now. And all of this can be done while helping to monitor stock and build trust with your customers (invoicing looks professional).

Remote access

How many days a week do you spend sitting in the exact same place, with your laptop open and a coffee on the desk? Not moving. All-day. Just sat there. Working on your company.

The answer is probably that you need to be in twelve different places before noon. Remote access to your accounts means updating as you go, right from your device. That kind of convenience cannot be overlooked.