Things to Look For In a Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

Things to Look For In a Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

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What to Consider When Hiring a Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

If you are wondering whether you should clean the air ducts of your HVAC system, the answer is yes. Although professionals advise that you carry out dryer vent cleaning after 3 or 5 years, some signs on the system will indicate that it is time to clean your air ducts even before the end of the said period.

You might notice some dust falling on your furniture, floor, or walls. This is a sign that the air ducts are dusty and need to be cleaned. The system is expensive, and it needs to be taken care of. You should therefore hire experienced cleaners to do the process for you. Before hiring a dryer vent cleaning company, make sure they;

  1. Have A License And Are Insured

A license is a good indication that the dryer vent cleaning company or individual is well trained and is permitted to do the job. If you hire an unlicensed cleaner, chances are they are not trained and not allowed to be operating.

This could mean that you are posing your ductwork to danger since this cleaner does not know how to handle the system. When you hire an insured dryer vent cleaner, you are sure of indemnification in case of any damages. Sometimes minor accidents might happen, and you won’t be held liable for hospital bills if any happens to the workers. You should also check the documents to ensure the dates are not expired.

  1. Their Cleaning Process

Only experienced dryer vent repair Toronto cleaners will know the correct dryer vent repair or cleaning procedure. If you ask a cleaning professional about the procedures they follow and are hesitant to answer, they don’t know how to carry on the job.

Knowing the cleaning procedure a company uses also enables you to understand what might be omitted and what service you can ask them to add to their list.

  1. The Equipment Used

Ensure the team you hire uses professional tools to be sure of good work from the start to the end of the process. Some dryer vent cleaning companies might want to use cheap tools that will not do the job well. If there is mold and the cleaner suggests using a particular chemical, ensure you go through the chemical contents to ensure it does not cause harm to your family members.  In addition, some chemicals might not be recommended for cleaning your dryer vent, so crosscheck everything the dryer cleaners use on your dryer vent.

  1. Which Other Services Do They Offer

Some companies might offer to clean your dryer vent after cleaning the air ducts. Also, ask them if they tidy up the room and remove all the dust after work. Ask them if there is anything you will need to get, like furniture and floor covers to prevent dust. This will help you not waste time.

You also need to know how long the cleaning process takes to help you plan. Ensure you negotiate the price before work begins, and you can write it down to be safe.

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