How Zoom Is Revolutionizing Family Life

How Zoom Is Revolutionizing Family Life

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We’ve seen Zoom rise into a popular culture very quickly over the last year. From helping workplace meetings take place to see long-lost friends meet up.

So, it’s not hard to see how families have been benefiting from the application recently.

International Travel

As a first point, the main way we saw families use Zoom before COVID, was to see each other when a parent was on a work trip.

This was especially incredibly useful for long-lasting business trips that were over a week, as it’s hard not just for the parent being away but for the child.

These zoom calls are of great quality and free unless you want to go premium. The main bonus with going premium is having longer-lasting calls.

The same can be said for families who live internationally, they can enjoy longer calls and see each other more than ever.

Custody And Support

Another unexpected rise of video messaging services such as Zoom, is the support it can offer parents and children experiencing a divorce.

Divorce is tough for not just children, but parents too. Usually, there will be an agreement with parents for sharing custody with their children, with the structure around weekdays to weekends.

This where the benefits of Zoom come in, parents can see their own children much easier than before. Back in the day, if a divorced dad wanted to see his child, he usually would have to wait until the weekend or have a phone call.

But now, they can see each other over Zoom throughout the week if they both wish to. Giving each other way more access than before.

If you feel like you’re still not getting enough access to your children, then consider reviewing your custody agreement. You can contact a law firm who specializes in issues such as this. Fullenweider Wilhite, a Houston family law firm, have entire departments and lawyers who only will deal with custody agreements.

Courts are generally open to agreement modifications, especially when there is a change in circumstance, whatever is best for the children.


Of course, we can’t talk about Zoom without mentioning the impact of COVID. Without lockdown, Zoom would still be a tool for businesses rather than used within wider society.

There are, to be fair, dozens of other video contacting services. But somehow, Zoom managed to rise to the top. Downloads increased by over 30x from 2019 to 2020, both for mobile and web applications.

Daily users even spiked to 200 million during March of 2020, compared to only 10 million from December.

Extended Family

Zoom has helped bring a lot of families closer together this year, as we’ve said. But something that’s added to the conversation, has been the bonus to extended family.

Especially in the last year, it’s been very difficult to travel and see your family. With Zoom, that has changed everything.

It didn’t matter if your family were in the same state or across the country, you had the tools to see each other.

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