5 Things to Do In the Event of a Car Accident

5 Things to Do In the Event of a Car Accident

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Even if you consider yourself to be a safe driver who takes every necessary precaution to prevent a car accident, the odds of being involved in an accident at some point in your life are fairly high.

Each year, the number of people killed or injured in road traffic accidents continue to rise in cities across the U.S. While it isn’t possible to avoid an accident completely, it is important to know how to react and what to do in the aftermath of such an event. Here are a few tips worth taking note of if you find yourself involved in a car accident, regardless of whether or not you are at fault: 

Collect Information

Following an accident, if your injuries allow, pull over in a safe place and exchange information with the other driver. You’ll need to take down the details of their insurance company too. If there are any eyewitnesses to the event, their contact information could also come in handy.

Call Home

Regardless of whether you think your injuries are serious or not, you should touch base with your family. You’ll likely be feeling a little shaken, so speaking to a loved one may also help you calm down. A phone call home will also help you alleviate any alarm further down the line, such as if your office calls to ask why you are running late. 

Seek Medical Help

Even if there are no obvious signs of injury, it is important to seek a full medical examination. Some injuries will surface further down the line or become apparent once the adrenaline has worn off, so get your doctor to give you the once over. Keep hold of your medical report following the accident, it may be useful for insurance purposes or if the case should go to court. 

Consider Therapy

Depending on the nature of the accident, you might want to consider seeing a therapist. People who have experienced or witnessed trauma often suffer from PTSD and driving anxiety. Seeking some psychological support can alleviate some stress and help you deal with any lingering trauma. 

Contact a Lawyer

In the event that the accident was caused by the other driver, you’ll be entitled to seek compensation. Negligence or dangerous driving on the part of the other could be ample cause to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Approach a reputable law firm such as Duboff, who specializes in personal injury claims, to give yourself the best chance of receiving a sizable settlement. 

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience that we’d all ideally avoid if we could. However, these things do happen, and if you find yourself victim to such an event, it is always best to know how to handle the situation effectively. This will help you in the long-term, both with regards to the physical consequences and legal implications of such an event. Seeking the right help, be it medical, legal or psychological, will also play a major role in speeding up the recovery process.  

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