Is It Safe to Use CBD Oil Every Day?

Is It Safe to Use CBD Oil Every Day?

Image by Erin Stone from Pixabay

While CBD use was once something that few people used frequently. However, with the growth of the CBD industry and the gradual acceptance of all things cannabis in the western world, more people than ever use CBD oil.

One concern that many people have is about the frequency that a person should use CBD oil. There are many people, for example, that use CBD oil every day, sometimes even multiple times a day.

So, is it safe to use CBD oil every single day? Are there any dangers?

What Does CBD Oil Do to You?

When a person takes CBD oil, it has the ability to affect a myriad of different bodily functions thanks to its effects on the endocannabinoid system.

This health system utilizes natural cannabinoids within the body to trigger a variety of different responses. When a person takes external cannabinoids, such as CBD, they have the effect of mimicking the release of your body’s natural cannabinoids.

For example, a study by Nagarkatti et al. for the Journal of Future Medicinal Chemistry found that, after imbibing CBD, patients with inflammatory conditions experienced an anti-inflammatory effect similar to taking regular anti-inflammatory medication. This occurred as a result of the inflammation response’s link to the endocannabinoid system.

All of the various different effects and hopeful benefits of CBD oil make it seem like a hugely beneficial supplement. Since it is so great, should everyone be using it every day? Or are there risks of things like overdoses and addiction?

Is There a Problem with Using CBD Oil Everyday

Many drugs conventionally prescribed these days have a tendency to create adverse effects as a result of overuse. Whether through direct damage to body functions, like acetaminophen’s effects on the kidneys or just through making a person experience the drug’s effects for too long, everyone should be careful about the drugs they are taking.

In some cases, such as with typical pain medications, they can actually seriously harm the body through physiological addiction. If the body becomes so used to the effects of a drug, it might end up craving that drug as part of its normal bodily functions, inducing horrible side effects if the addiction is not satisfied.

CBD, however, doesn’t seem to create these same adverse effects. A study by Kerstin Iffland and Franjo Grotenhermen found that, while there still needed to be a great deal of further research, CBD does not seem to create a physical dependency like other drugs can cause, nor does it have particularly significant side effects.

Besides a reported frequency in bowel movements, alongside a change in a person’s appetite and sleep pattern for a short while after first using it, CBD doesn’t really have many side effects to speak of.

This makes CBD oil quite safe to take every day, not really posing many risks of damage or addiction.

In fact, there is even some evidence that people should be taking CBD oil every day, rather than just infrequently as and when the need arises.

Why You Should Use CBD Oil Every Day

Alongside CBD oil being generally safe to imbibe daily, there are actually a few studies that point towards CBD being more effective when used frequently.

Christian Larsen and Jorida Shahinas’ study for the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research found that CBD’s effectiveness increased when used consistently every day over a long period of time.

This means that, for the best results from CBD, people should be taking it at the same time, every single day.

Final Thoughts: Is It Safe to Use CBD Oil Every Day?

Not only is CBD oil safe to use on a daily basis, but it is also actually likely to be beneficial in the long term.

So, for those people looking to get started in the world of CBD, it is important to try and find some CBD oil for sale that is both affordable and easily accessible. After all, if CBD is better when taken frequently and consistently, one also needs consistent access to CBD as well.

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