Top 10 Promo Video Makers

Top 10 Promo Video Makers

Image by Claudia Dewald from Pixabay

With the development in the technology field, video marketing is becoming an effective method to promote and attract customers. Video marketing gets much attention from across the globe. Promo videos are more appealing than a blog post. Promo Videomaker always looks for software and apps which has a seamless interface, inexpensive and is safe to use. If the promo videos are made exciting, it engages traffic to one’s brand; thus building a potential customer base.

Here is the list of the top 10 promo video makers:

  • FilmoraGo: This video editing app lets one edit and makes videos in HD resolution. It is completely free for Android users. It is best suitable for beginners as it is effortless to use. It offers a plethora of presets, effects, fonts, stickers, and filters. Many innovative features like picture-in-picture, speed adjustment, noise reduction, and voiceover are added. Even in the free version, it does not add any watermark. The videos can easily be shared.
  • Clipchamp Create: This is another user-friendly video editing app without a watermark. This app is perfect for beginners who are trying their hands on YouTube videos. With this, one can easily crop, adjust, or flip their videos. The free version offers a limited webcam recording to 5 minutes, and it extends up to 30 minutes with the Premium version. Videos are exported in 480p resolution.
  • VideoCreek: This online video editor, along with the necessary editing tools offers many more creative editing tools compared to other apps. There is a wide range of templates and graphics to use to create the intro videos whichever resonates with one’s brand message. Audios and other things can be chosen from the library itself. Even the free-version platform gives a professional look to the video. Visit for more information. 
  • InVideo: This is one of the most famous video content creators. It helps users to create attractive and exclusive videos with a professional touch. This platform is straightforward to operate, and the interface is user-friendly. The best part is it allows one to use video clips from Shutterstock. It becomes very flexible for users to create videos as they have full control over the picture, font, filters, graphics, and background audio. This is a very affordable option. 
  • Typito: This editor is most preferred for promo videos which almost are text-based. It offers innumerable pictures, audio, videos from their in-built library, users can add their brand banner on the video, and transitions between shots are made smooth and above 200 templates are available. The drag and drop, resizable, and no limits on the duration features make it easier and more famous. It can support 1080p resolution.
  • Adobe Spark: This platform gives a professional look to the videos created by users. They have unique variations in themes, layouts, graphics, pictures, audios, fonts, design, and icons. The animated videos are made stunning using this platform. It lets one stand out from the crowd by creating unique promo videos for themselves. The free version leaves a small watermark, but the premium version allows one to remove it.
  • Biteable: This online video creator is effortless to master and gives quick results almost within minutes. This is perfect for non-tech-savvy users. It contains an exclusive and extensive library of promo templates. The two cons of the free version are that it leaves a watermark and does not permit one to upload their videos. The paid version consists of around 85,000 footage clips and animation in stock. 
  • Animaker: This cloud-based video creation app is famous for animated videos. The drag and drop feature makes the work quick. Its library is rich with over 1000 templates and numerous photos, audios, videos, clips. It lets one create high quality and great videos with customizable characters for their use. The free version leaves a watermark in the created videos; the paid version allows one to remove it. 
  • Shakr: This promo video making and editing app are the best for social media uses, mainly for Facebook ad campaigns. It offers one over three thousand template designs, pictures, and video clips to choose from to create professional-level and superior quality videos. One can use different variations in a single video. Its drag and drop feature and quickness make it famous. Though it is a little costly, it is worth it.
  • Flixpress: It is perfect for making promo videos for beginners as it is very only designed. It is suitable for all types of videos for editing. High-quality video and 3D animations are very quickly created in a matter of a few minutes. They do not offer a free version. This platform lets one create stunning videos without burning a hole in the user’s pocket.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the appropriate duration for a promo video?

The length of it sometimes decides the reach of the video. According to a study, a human being’s attention span is only eight seconds. It is advised to make promo videos of not more than two minutes. The videos should be short and should contain all relevant information required to promote the individual’s brand. 

  1. Why are promo videos essential?

Most people use social media these days. The video form is a very innovative way to educate and efficiently inform the viewers about the individual’s brand. Nowadays, it has become essential for brands to maintain an online presence and promo videos are the best way to keep it active.

  1. Are the free promo video makers safe?

They are safe to use. The only disadvantage is the free version limits the users to use the exclusive features available in the software to make the video more attractive. 

The users should unleash the creative beast inside them and keep on exploring using one of these promo video making software.