What You Should Know About Customer Feedback Kiosks

What You Should Know About Customer Feedback Kiosks

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Today’s customers no longer base their loyalty on great products or attractive prices alone. 73% of them say that customer experience is an essential factor when making purchase decisions. The best way to know how customers feel about your business is through collecting feedback. 

While online and telephone surveys have been around for quite a while, a new method of surveying customers has emerged – feedback kiosks. Combined with the right offline survey software, a feedback kiosk will get you insight that will help you make significant improvements.

What’s a Feedback Kiosk, and How Does it Work?

A customer feedback kiosk is a digital stand that has a user-friendly touchscreen displaying a survey. It’s placed in a strategic place within the business premises, and customers use it to input feedback. With it, you’ll gather valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels, needs, requests, and overall experience.  

Since this survey occurs within the business area, the customer’s experience is still fresh in their minds, allowing you to capture a more accurate response. Unlike web-based surveys, this option is less intrusive and safer for the customers, as they aren’t required to give away too much personal information. The customers voluntarily approach the kiosk and fill out the survey without being pressured to give feedback – it means they are less likely to withhold information.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From a Feedback Kiosk?

If your business has a physical presence and interacts directly with customers, a survey kiosk is for you. Retail stores, restaurants, spas, and salons are just a few examples of the businesses that benefit from feedback kiosks. Remember, you can also transfer your feedback kiosk to outdoor events such as exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences.

Creating an Effective Kiosk Survey

If you are ready to start measuring customer happiness using a feedback kiosk, use the following best practices.

1. Keep the Survey Short 

No customer wants to spend their time filling an endless survey. When creating the questions, remember that the shorter the time a respondent takes to fill a survey, the happier they are and the more accurate the answers. Ask 3-4 priority questions and leave room for comments.

2. Keep the Questions Simple

The survey questions should be easy to understand and easy to answer. Frame the questions in simple language to ensure everyone completes the survey. Complex and brain-teasing questions will make some customers abandon the survey halfway. Preferably, use multiple-choice rating questions to help them go through the survey quickly.

3. Place the Kiosk in a Strategic Area

To capture as much data as possible, many customers need to interact with your kiosk. Place it in an area where the customer will quickly discover it. You can position it in bottleneck areas such as near the entrance, exit, queueing area, or where there is significant foot traffic.

4. Include a Visible Call to Action Poster

Even if you’ve placed your feedback kiosk in a highly visible area, don’t assume everyone notices it or knows what to do with it. Use signage to encourage customers to take part in the kiosk survey.

5. Make Sure You Get Email Alerts 

Customers want to know that you are listening to them, and the faster you respond to their concerns, the higher the chances of doing business with them again. To easily follow up on customer feedback, invest in a kiosk that instantly alerts you when customers give highly negative feedback. These notifications will help you quickly respond to pressing issues and promptly notify a customer you are addressing the problem.

Convert Unhappy Customers Into Life-Long Fans

Feedback kiosks offer multiple benefits to a business. They help you learn what people love or dislike about your business and capture real-time feedback without appearing intrusive. The kiosk will also boost your brand image as it shows that you care about what your customers think about your business.

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