Buying Clothes for a Toddler: Online Vs. Offline

Buying Clothes for a Toddler: Online Vs. Offline


Nowadays, there is nothing surprising that people prefer ordering outfits online. Users know their sizes and can easily use charts with measurements. Besides, shopping from the comfort of one’s home has plenty of benefits.

While adults already know their sizes of outfits and shoes, the problem of buying toddler clothes online is that kids grow very fast. So, is it worth browsing the web in search of great deals on items for kids or is it better to go to a mall? Let’s consider the pros and cons of shopping for toddlers online and offline.

Going to a Mall With a Toddler

When it comes to buying outfits for kids, choosing the correct size is important. When an outfit is too large or too tight, this may lead to your kid feeling uncomfortable and, as a result, your little one may become capricious. In this respect, buying outfits for a kid in the mall gives an opportunity to correctly select the size. However, offline shopping with kids has some pitfalls:

  • Behavior: Toddlers have too much energy, and it is difficult for them to behave well in public places. Besides, when their parents are busy with something, e.g., choosing outfits, they tend to draw attention to them by misbehavior. Thus, shopping becomes a real challenge.
  • Age crisis: At the age of three, lots of toddlers have a so-called NO period. So, it is too hard for parents to try outfits on. Hence, the approach to buy a matching size is failed.

Online Shopping

If you have already had a negative experience of going to a mall with your kid, you will definitely like the alternative option that implies a calm process of browsing the web while your little one is asleep. Unfortunately, the disadvantages also exist:

  • Shopping online, you won’t be able to select the correct size.
  • Your little one may refuse to put this outfit on because of the wrong print or color.
  • An online store or a social media profile can be fake or can provide a low-quality servicing, hence, the experience will be spoilt.

What Is the Solution?

Some people cannot substitute real shopping with online purchases. While others cannot stand crowds and prefer staying at home. If you are in the first group, ask a friend or relative to join you for a shopping tour. You may also choose a mall with kids’ interactive rooms where your little one will be able to spend some energy. Then, kids tend to behave better when you ask them to sit in the stroller for a while.

If you are the one who prefers home shopping, always make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy vendor and check return and exchange policies before making an order. Enjoy the benefits of offline or online shopping for your toddler and do not miss out on attractive deals and seasonal sales.

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