Advertise Your Brand Using Personalized Outdoor Signs With These 9 Tips

Advertise Your Brand Using Personalized Outdoor Signs With These 9 Tips

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Distributing flyers, promoting through radio and newspapers, and persuading people have been the commonly used marketing strategies for a long time. Although these modes of advertising have proven their effectiveness in gathering potential customers, there are also other ways to consider for those who would want an effortless brand promotion.

One of the trends in advertising businesses with physical stores today is using custom made outdoor metal signage. If you doubt it, yes, it can do the advertising work for you. However, just because it’s effortless doesn’t guarantee it’s easy to create. In this article, we have compiled some things that you need to note when getting an outdoor sign below.

Keep it short and simple

The words you put into your outdoor sign should not look like an essay or an article. As much as you want to convince people by giving out all the information people need to know about your brand, they don’t need to know everything. Not because they’re lazy to read, but because people digest information quickly when you can summarize all details into simple phrases. Moreover, people have a plethora of priorities to attend, so they don’t have the time to waste reading the outdoor signs.

That’s why you have to use words that would immediately catch their attention despite their current state. Give a beneficial feature your brand offers and shorten those into phrases or even just a single word. Use adjectives and bullets to convey information effectively.

Give impact at once

The saying “first impression lasts” applies to this advertising material because it is a do or die situation. Either you gain a customer, or your sign is just another sign placed on the sidewalk. Proper outdoor signage persuades a customer at once regardless of whether they need the services you offer or not.

This is where specifying your target audience comes in, and this is considered one of the foundations in creating your outdoor sign. You have to relate to them – the common language they use, and their situation or an experience that anyone has felt. Your approach must appear as though you understand what they are going through. Don’t limit yourself with just words – images or drawings that perfectly portray their experiences would entice people.

Make sure the signs are readable

The overall design of the words incorporated into your outdoor signs is a significant factor that will appeal to people. Is the sizing of your words able to convey your information quickly? How about the font style? Does it make your signage appear messy? These are essential things you have to properly decide because once people aren’t comfortable reading your sign, it will automatically reflect in your brand reputation. Most importantly, it has to match the feel of your brand. 

Relevant to your brand

The appearance of your outdoor sign should match the type of brand or service you are offering to the public. If your business concerns about providing food, then your signage should have red and yellow since these are colors known to appeal to people in satisfying their hunger or food cravings. Meanwhile, if you are offering a more formal type of business such as notary or printing services, your sign should lean more on black or gray colors. Furthermore, include your logo, signature colors, or font styles to establish your identity and recognize your brand immediately.

Visible to the eye

Contrast is one of the necessary things to note as it should fit the type or color of the material used to build your outdoor sign. Having a lighter background means you have to go for darker and bolder designs to let words pop out and seen by people. Are the words visible when directed to sunlight and even during nighttime? Lighting is essential too especially for business services that cater to customers at night, such as restaurants and groceries.

Choose the appropriate area.

The location of your outdoor sign is something you have to plan too. You have to determine the area where your sign can be seen by everyone and at the same time, where it should not become an obstruction to their pathway. If it’s in a public place, you have to secure a permit that you are authorized by your local state office to install your sign to the designated area you have registered.

Sign spinner

Sign spinners or human billboards are people holding the outdoor signs as they do the brand promotion for you. Although this may already seem to be an outdated form of advertising, people are likely to be entertained with a person rather than just seeing an outdoor sign. This strategy works primarily for business openings and special offers or events.

Invest in durable materials

If you want a longer brand advertising, you might have to consider a thing that’s long-lasting, sturdy, and applicable to every type of service. The laser cut metal signs can provide characteristics you might need for outdoor signage. The advantageous aspects of metal include durability, versatility, and affordability, which make it the cut among the rest of the materials utilized for outdoor signs. With metal signs, you will never have to worry about replacing your signs from time to time and will surely guarantee that you can save your money for other purposes necessary to advance your business.

Rely on trusted sign makers

You wouldn’t want to risk your money on poorly made metal signs. The outcome of your customized sign heavily depends on the creator, so make sure you do your research before ordering your company sign. You must pick sign makers who have years of experience in the said field and can easily guide you throughout the process of helping you deliver your visions to reality. Check the individual reviews of those who have previously availed of their services. Make sure that it is the type of services they have been offering for several years and see if they have been offering other sign making innovations such as laser-cut and 3D metal signs.

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