Pass Your Driver’s License Test with Confidence

Pass Your Driver’s License Test with Confidence

Taking your driver’s license test for the first time can be a little intimidating. It may help you to remember that many people pass their exams and get their driver’s licenses every week. When you know what to expect and you prepare well, you can be the proud owner of a driver’s license. 

What Does the Data Say About Passing Road Tests?

This article at offers the results from a survey by where they drew questions from state driver’s license practice tests that gives us some idea of the potential pass/fail ratio. Here’s what the survey found:

  • Only 56% of the respondents were able to achieve the 80% score that was required to pass the test.
  • Women got an average score of 78%.
  • Men got an average score of 71%.
  • People over the age of 40 got an average score of 79%.
  • People under the age of 40 got an average score of only 67%.

It’s important not to take it for granted that you’ll pass your road test on the first try. Drivers can and do fail their tests. A road test is somewhat subjective. Some of whether you pass it is up to you and some of it is up to the examiner. Each examiner and testing facility have their own culture and approach to testing. Since you can only control your portion of the test, it’s important to prepare well for it. Remember that the whole goal behind driver testing is to ensure that you are a safe driver on the road for the protection of others and for you.

Depending on where you live, you may have a choice of where to take your test.

The first thing to do is to get a driving manual for your state. Read it through and start studying. You may assume that you already know a lot about driving, but there are lots of rules that you might not be familiar with. You’ll need to know about the color and shape of road signs, rules for traffic laws, rules for driving, and other driving and safety rules. You’ll also need to know the specific driving laws in your state such as rules for mobile phones in cars, driving in construction zones, and pulling over for emergency vehicles. 

There are many resources online where you can get practice questions and practice tests online. Some will have a fee and some are free. The questions will be similar to the ones that will be on your written driver test.

Study your manual well and you should be able to pass the written test on the first try.

Practice driving as much as possible before you take your road test. Lots of practice will boost your confidence and calm your nerves when you take your test.  

Arrive at the testing center at least 15 minutes before your appointment unless it is first come, first served, in which case you might want to get there sooner. Be sure to have your driving log, driver’s education certificate, learner’s permit, the required personal identification for your state, and any other required documents with you. Also, be prepared to pay any required fees if you pass. 

Be aware that your examiner will inspect the car that you will be taking your test in. The car registration and car insurance must be current, and your examiner may ask for proof. Before you go, make sure that all tires have the right pressure, all lights are working, your windshield wipers and horn work, and there are no cracks in the windshield. Also, check your gas tank. You don’t want to run out of gas during your test!

The most important thing to remember about taking your driver’s license test is to prepare well. Put in the time for studying and take advantage of practice questions and online driver’s exam tests. Spend as much time practicing driving as possible before you take your tests. Putting in extra time will serve you well. Good luck — and safe driving! 

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