We’re having some software problems with this article. It has not be fully updated to reflect the results of the election. 

This is an updated list of candidates for local, state and federal offices in Montgomery County as of June 26, 2018. Candidates for county executive, county council and local judiciary offices are listed first, followed by the state legislature, Congress and statewide offices.

The primary election is Tuesday, June 26. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

Click on the links below for previously published public financing stories: 

20 Montgomery candidates approved for public financing system, four hang in balance – 

Dozens of council candidates apply for public financing; five already disqualified

As it stands, $11 million in county funds have been allocated to finance the races for county executive and county council. We include total disbursement amounts for qualified candidates in their profile. (See the general list of approved candidates below.)

Endorsements for organizations are listed below each candidate’s name, individual endorsements are not. If a candidate has an endorsement page on their campaign website, we will link to it. 

Below are questionnaire responses from various Montgomery County organizations.

Montgomery County Alliance – http://www.mocoalliance.org/news/mca-2018-candidates-questionnaire-the-results.

Progressive Neighbors – http://www.progressiveneighborsmd.org/

Campaign finance reports for all candidates are now available on the State Board of Elections website. You can look up any candidate using this link:   


Click on disclosures, view filed reports, click continue and then enter the candidate’s name (last name first) in the “committee name” highlighted box.

Directly below is a list of candidates who have qualified for public campaign financing. Amounts raised are included in profiles.

22 Candidates approved for public campaign financing

County Executive election:  George Leventhal, Marc Elrich and Rose Krasnow.  

County Council At-Large election:  Hans Riemer, Gabe Albornoz, Brandy Brooks, Bill Conway, Hoan Dang, Evan Glass, Danielle Metiuv, Seth Grimes, Will Jawando, Jill Ortman-Fouse, Mohammad Siddique and Chris Wilhelm.

County Council District elections:

District 1 – Ana Sol Gutierrez, Jim McGee and Reggie Oldak

District 2 – Ed Amatetti

District 3 – Sidney Katz

District 4 – Nancy Navarro

District 5 – Kevin Harris

This list is maintained by Glynis Kazanjian and Len Lazarick, who should be emailed about any corrections or additions.

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News – Some Montgomery County Republicans urged to switch parties to vote in Democratic primary

Montgomery County exec race too close to call; winners, losers in other MoCo raceshttp://marylandreporter.com/2018/06/27/montgomery-county-exec-race-too-close-to-call-winners-losers-in-other-moco-races/



Roger Berliner

Roger  Berliner, District 1, County Council President, term-limited; filed 7/3/17

Using traditional fundraising; no public financing

Endorsements Montgomery County Sierra Club, other endorsements https://berlinerformontgomery.com/latest/african-american-leaders-letter-support/https://berlinerformontgomery.com/our-team/, 

Email roger@berlinerformontgomery.com



David Blair

David Blair (filed campaign account with State Election Board on 10/20/17)

Email davidb@friendsofdavidblair.com

Endorsements Washington Post, AOBA, Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats


Marc Elrich

Marc Elrich, At-Large, term-limited; filed 6/28/17

Qualified for public financing 10/2017;  total received matching funds as of 4/30/18 – $503,867

Website www.marcelrich.org

Email info@marcelrich.org

Endorsements MCEA, 32 BJ SEIU, LiUANA Baltimore/Washington, DC Council, CASA IN ACTION, DSA Metro/DC, Metropolitan Washington Council AFL-CIO, Montgomery County Career Fire Fighters, Montgomery County Federation of Teachers Local 01670, Progressive Maryland, Local 500 SEIU, UAW – United Automobile Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, Democratic Socialists of America Metro DC, 32BJ SEIU, SEIU 1199, LiUANA, Progressive Maryland, MC FOP, MC Volunteer Firefighters, UFCW Local 400 and see this list https://www.marcelrich.org/endorsements

http://marylandreporter.com/2018/05/23/moco-exec-race-elrich-deals-with-socialist-label-in-meet-up-with-blair/MoCo exec race: Elrich deals with socialist label in meet-up with Blair



William Frick

William Frick; filed 1/3/18; Majority Leader House of Delegates

Website http://www.billfrick.com/

Email bill@billfrick.com

Endorsements GCAAR



Rose Krasnow

Rose Krasnow; filed 1/12/18 (former Dep. Dir. Montgomery County Planning Board and former Rockville City Mayor)

Approved for public financing 3/6/18; total matching funds disbursement as of 4/30/18 $287,980

Website https://www.rosekrasnow.com/

Endorsements Montgomery County Chapter National Organization of Women

Email rosekras@gmail.com

www.marylandreporter.com – A lane to victory for only woman running for Montgomery County executive, some insiders say

George Leventhal

George Leventhal, At-Large, term-limited; filed 7/3/17

Qualified for public financing 7/21/17; total matching funds as of 4/30/18 – $426,044

Email info@georgeleventhal.com
Website:  https://georgeleventhal.com/




Robin Ficker

Robin Ficker, Attorney; filed 2/28/17; Winner – uncontested. Will face off against Democratic challenger in the general election.

Filed for public financing; 2/8/17; disqualified from public financing. Filed law suit to contest decision. 

Email robinficker@msn.com
Website http://www.robindeliversforyou.com/

GOP County Exec candidate Ficker may not qualify for public campaign funding –http://marylandreporter.com/2018/05/14/gop-county-exec-candidate-ficker-may-not-qualify-for-public-campaign-funding/ 




County Council At-Large (Four seats, runs countywide)


Robert Dyer

Robert Dyer; filed 2/27/18

Website www.RobertDyer.net

Email robert1999@hotmail.com


Chris Fiotes, Jr.

Chris Fiotes, Jr.; filed 1/22/18

CHRIS P. FIOTES JR. (R) http://www.mymcmedia.org/chris-p-fiotes-jr-r/

Email cfiotes@comcast.net


Penny Musser

Penny Musser; filed 1/19/18

PENNY MUSSER (R) http://www.mymcmedia.org/penny-musser-r/

Email pennymusser79@gmail.com


Shelly Skolnick

Shelly Skolnick; filed 1/8/18

Shelly Skolnick

Email shelly.skolnick@starpower.net



Hans Riemer

Hans Riemer, incumbent; Winner – will advance to the Nov. 6 general election, along with three other Democratic candidates who received the top four vote counts. Filed 7/19/17; first elected in 2010

Qualified for public financing 8/11/17; total received matching funds as of 4/30/18 – $ 163,816

Endorsements Washington Post, GCAAR, Sierra Club, LiUANA Baltimore/Washington, DC Council, AOBA, SEIU Local 500, Montgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett, MCNOW, MCEA, 32BJ SEIU, CASA in Action, MC Volunteer Firefighters, Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association

Email info@hansriemer.com
Website hansriemer.com

Gabe Albornoz

Gabe Albornoz, D; Winner – will advance to the Nov. 6 general election, along with three other Democratic candidates who received the top four vote counts. Filed 9/12/17

Qualified for public campaign financing, 1/30/18; total matching funds as of 4/30/18 – $124,106

Website www.gabeforcouncil.com

Endorsements Washington Post, GCAAR, SEIU Local 500 and Local 32BJ, CASA In Action, MCPS Retirees Association, AOBA, Jews United For Justice, Latino Democratic Club of Montgomery and Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats, Montgomery County Career Fire Fighters IAF Local 1664, Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association, Suburban Maryland Transportation Alliance, Association of Black Democrats, LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County and Montgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett

Email gabe.albornoz@gabeforcouncil.com

Evan Glass

Evan Glass; Winner – will advance to the Nov. 6 general election, along with three other Democratic candidates who received the top four vote counts. Filed 9/20/17

Qualified for public financing; total received matching funds as of 4/30/18 – $179,675

Endorsements Washington Post, GCAAR, Montgomery County Sierra Club, MCNOW, Montgomery County Career Firefighters, Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats of Maryland, LGBTQ of Montgomery County


Will Jawando

Will Jawando; Winner – will advance to the Nov. 6 general election, along with three other Democratic candidates who received the top four vote counts. Filed 8/9/17

Qualified for public financing, 1/31/18; total received matching funds as of 4/30/18 $166,943

Endorsements MCEA, Sierra Club, Montgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett, 32BJ SEIU, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, LiUANA, Progressive Maryland, MCGEO, UFCW Local 400, MCFOP,  Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats of Maryland, Latino Democratic Club of Montgomery County, Greater Greater Washington, The Collective, The Climate Mobilization, Association of Black Democrats,

Website http://willjawando.com/


Green Party Candidates

Tim Willard

Tim Willard; filed 4/14/17; seeking Green Party nomination for the November 6 general election.

Filed for public financing, 4/18/17  disqualified for public campaign financing

Email dravidic@yahoo.com
Website http://www.timforcouncil.org/

Statement on disqualification – “When we filed our 2018 report with the state we inadvertently checked the box that we were filing for matching funds at that time when we did not have enough donations. The SBE did not let us change the report and disqualified us. I will remain in the race and continue to seek small private donations.  The Green Party does not accept donations from PACs, businesses or unions.”

County Council District 1


Richard Banach

Richard Banach; filed 8/31/17

Filed for public financing, 8/20/17

Facebook https:/www.facebook.com/Banach4CC

Email richardbanach@go.rmc.edu


Andrew Friedson; filed 10/5/17

Traditional financing

Endorsements Washington Post, LiUANA Baltimore/Washington, DC Council, Baltimore-Washington Laborers’ District Council (BWLDC), Run For Something



County Council District 2


Ed Amatetti

Ed Amatetti; filed 3/1/17

Qualified for public financing 10/17/17; $40,170 matching funds received as of 3/31/18

Email eamatetti@comcast.net
Website http://www.edamatetti.com/



Craig Rice

Craig Rice; filed 2/16/18; incumbent

Traditional financing

Endorsements Washington Post, GCAAR, AOBA, MCNOW, MCEA, 32BJ SEIU, METPAC (real estate trade group), SEIU 500, CASA in Action, MC Volunteer Firefighters

Website www.craigrice.org

Email ricepolitics@gmail.com



County Council District 3


No Republican candidate

Democrat candidate

Sidney Katz

Sidney Katz, incumbent, filed 8/9/17

Qualified for public financing, 7/27/17; total received matching funds as of 3/31/18 – $97,968

Endorsements Washington Post, GCAAR, Montgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett, Montgomery County Career Firefighters, AOBA, MCFOP Lodge 35, Coalition Asian Pacific American Democrats of Maryland, MC Volunteer Firefighters, MCNOW, Latino Democratic Club, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 35, Metropolitan Political Action Committee – MD, and the Brickyard Coalition and see endorsements:  http://www.sidneykatz.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Katz-Elected-Officials-Endorsement-Release-3.pdf

Website http://sidneykatz.com/



County Council District 4


No Republican candidate


Nancy Navarro

Nancy Navarro; incumbent; filed 6/29/17;

Approved for public financing 12/12/17; total matching funds disbursed as of 3/31/18 $35,975

Endorsements Washington Post, GCAAR, Montgomery County Sierra Club, LiUANA Baltimore/Washington, DC Council, MCNOW, MCEA, 32BJ SEIU, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, Progressive Maryland, MCGEO, UFCW Local 400, MC Volunteer Firefighters

Email nn@navarrogroup.com
Website http://nancynavarro.org/

County Council District 5


No Republican candidate


Tom Hucker

Tom Hucker; filed 6/19/17

Traditional financing

Endorsements Washington Post, GCAAR, Montgomery County Sierra Club, LiUANA Baltimore/Washington, DC Council, MCNOW, MCEA, 32BJ SEIU, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, Progressive Maryland, MC Career Firefighters, MC FOP, MCGEO, UFCW Local 400, MC Volunteer Firefighters and GCAAR.

Email tom@tomhucker.com
Website http://tomhucker.com/





No Republican candidate

John McCarthy

John McCarthy, D, incumbent, filed 06/26/2017

Endorsements UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO

Email john.mccarthy@johnmccarthy.us
Website www.johnmccarthy.us

The Democratic incumbents at the courthouse are running as a team. 



(7 seats available)

James A. Bonifant; filed 10/27/17; incumbent

Website http://www.electsittingjudgesmcs.com/

Email electjab@gmail.com

Jeannie E. Cho; filed 10/27/17; incumbent

Website http://www.electsittingjudgesmcs.com/

Email electjec@gmail.com

Jill Reid Cummins; filed 1/23/18; incumbent

Website http://www.electsittingjudgesmcs.com/

Email electjrc@gmail.com

Debra L. Dwyer; filed 10/27/17; incumbent

Website http://www.electsittingjudgesmcs.com/

Email electdld@gmail.com

Kevin G. Hessler; filed 10/27/17; incumbent

Website http://www.electsittingjudgesmcs.com/

Email kghelect@gmail.com

David W. Lease; filed 1/25/18; incumbent

Website http://www.electsittingjudgesmcs.com/

Email electdwl2018@gmail.com

Margaret Marie Schweitzer; filed 1/18/18; incumbent

Website http://www.electsittingjudgesmcs.com/

Email electmms2018@gmail.com



No Republican candidate

Barbara Meiklejohn

Barbara H. Meiklejohn; D, filed 6/26/17; incumbent

Email barbarameiklejohnforclerk@gmail.com

Running as part of Court House Team (State’s Attorney John McCarty, Sheriff Darren Popkin and Register of Wills Joe Griffin)

Endorsements UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO, Asian Pacific Democrats of Maryland



Delores Reyes; filed 2/27/18

Email theresadnr@gmail.com
Facebook Dolores Reyes


Joseph Griffin

Joseph M. Griffin, D, filed 06/26/2017


Email grif_joe@yahoo.com



Darren Popkin

Darren Mark Popkin, D; filed  06/26/2017

Email darren.popkin@gmail.com

Website darrenpopkinforsheriff.com


Jae Hwang

Jae Hwang, R; filed 1/9/18

Website http://www.jaeforsheriff.com/

Email info@jaeforsheriff.com



All incumbent state legislators from Montgomery County are Democrats. All legislative districts have one senator and three delegates elected at large from that district.

Legislative District 14



Robert Drozd

Robert Drozd, R, filed 5/12/2017




Craig Zucker

Craig Zucker, D; Incumbent. Filed 2/28/17; appointed to Senate February 2016 to fill vacancy; served one term and one year as delegate from Jan. 2011 to Feb. 2016

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, 32BJ SEIU

Website http://www.craigzucker.com/




Kevin Dorrance; filed 2/27/18
Email kadorrance@gmail.com


Patricia Fenati

Patricia Fenati

Patricia Fenati; filed 9/29/17

Website www.patfenati.com

Email D14GOP@gmail.com


Michael Ostroff

Michael A. Ostroff; filed 2/27/18

Facebook facebook.com/ostroff4delegate

Email ostroff4delegate@gmail.com



Anne Kaiser

Anne Kaiser; incumbent. Filed 2/28/17; serving fourth term

Endorsements MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, 32BJ SEIU, Progressive Maryland, Sierra Club, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, LiUANA, AFL-CIO, MCGEO, MC Career Firefighters, MC Volunteer Firefighters

Email delegatekaiser@gmail.com

Website http://annekaiser.com/


Eric Luedtke

Eric Luedtke; incumbent. Filed 2/28/17; serving second term

Endorsements Progressive Maryland, MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, 32BJ SEIU, Sierra Club, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, LiUANA, AFL-CIO, MCGEO, MC Career Firefighters, MC Volunteer Firefighters

Email ericformaryland@gmail.com

Website http://www.ericluedtke.com/


Pamela Queen

Pamela Queen; incumbent. Filed 2/28/17; Appointed by Democrat Central Committee February 2016 to fill a vacancy left by Del. Craig Zucker, who was appointed to fill Sen. Karen Montgomery’s seat upon her resignation in Dec. 2015

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, Progressive Maryland, MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, 32BJ SEIU, Sierra Club, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, LiUANA, AFL-CIO, MCGEO, MC Career Firefighters, MC Volunteer Firefighters

Website http://www.pamelaqueen.com/

Email pamela_queen4107@comcast.net

District 15 




David Wilson

David Wilson; filed 3/7/17

Email votefordavidwilson@gmail.com

Website http://www.votefordavidwilson.com/


Brian Feldman

Brian Feldman, D; incumbent; serving in second term, filed 11/15/17; appointed to Senate in September 2013; formerly delegate 2003-2013

Endorsements MCEA, MSEA, Maryland Sierra Club, Maryland League of Conservation Voters, and Montgomery County Career Firefighters, MCNOW, MC Volunteer Firefighters, MC FOP, MD Farm Bureau, MD Realtors, MCPS Retirees Assoc., AFL-CIO, MCGEO, SEIU 1199 and LiUANA.

Website http://brianjfeldman.com/




Laurie Halverson

Laurie Halverson; filed for candidacy 11/8/17

Email LaurieSHalverson@gmail.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LaurieHalversonforDelegate/?ref=page_internal


Harvey Jacobs; filed 1/17/18

Email jacobs4md@gmail.com
Website www.jacobs4md.com


Marc King

Marc A. King; filed 2/9/18

Website www.kingin18.com

Email kingforld15@gmail.com



Kathleen Dumais

Kathleen Dumais, incumbent; filed 11/15/17; serving in the fourth term

Endorsements MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, Progressive Maryland, MC Career Firefighters, MCGEO, MC Volunteer Firefighters

Website http://kathleendumais.info/


David Fraser-Hidalgo

David V. Fraser-Hidalgo, incumbent; filed 11/15/17; serving in second full term,

Endorsements Progressive Maryland, MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, AFL-CIO, MCGEO, MC Career Firefighters, MC Volunteer Firefighters

Website http://www.fraserfor15.org/


Lily Qi

Lily Qi (Asst. Chief Administrator Officer, Montgomery County Office of the County Executive); filed 1/4/18

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, MCNOW

Website www.lilyqi.com

Email qulturematters@gmail.com

Endorsements Ike Leggett, County Executive

District 16 


Marcus Alzona; Filed Regular – 02/27/2018

Email vote@MarcusAlzona.com


Susan Lee

Susan Lee, incumbent; filed 4/5/17; serving first term as senator; served three terms as delegate

Endorsements MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW

Email senatorsusanlee@gmail.com

Website http://susanleeforsenate.com/




Bill Day

Bill Day; filed 2/27/18
Website www.billday.org
Email bill@billday.org




Ariana Kelly

Ariana Kelly, incumbent; Filed 2/26/18

Website https://delegatearianakelly.com/

Endorsements Progressive Maryland, MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, 32BJ SEIU, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, AFL-CIO, MC Career Firefighters, MCGEO, MC Volunteer Firefighters


Marc Korman

Marc Korman, incumbent; filed 3/23/17; serving first term

Endorsements Progressive Maryland, International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1664 (the Montgomery County Fire Fighters), MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, Sierra Club, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, AFL-CIO, MC Career Firefighters, MCGEO, MC Volunteer Firefighters

Website http://www.marckorman.com/

The third winner of the Democratic primary is too close to call between Sara Love and Samir Paul. The Montgomery County Board of Elections will declare a winner on July 6 after the remaining absentee and provisional ballots have been counted.

Sara Love

Sara Love; filed 10/23/17

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, MCNOW, League of Conservation Voters, 

Email SaraLove4MD@gmail.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pg/SaraLove4MD/about/



Samir Paul

Samir Paul; filed 2/26/18

Endorsements MCEA/MSEA, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, AFL-CIO, Progressive Maryland, MCGEO

Website www.samirpaul.com

Email samir@samirpaul.com


District 17



Josephine Wang

Josephine Wang

Josephine Wang; filed 3/1/18

Email josie382@gmail.com



Cheryl Kagan; filed 2/21/18; first term in Senate; served House 1995 to 2003;

Endorsements MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW

Website http://www.cherylkagan.org/

Email info@cherylkagan.org





Kumar Barve; incumbent; filed 1/26/18; serving seventh term

Website http://www.kumarbarve.com/

Endorsements MCNOW, MCEA, SIERRA Club, League of Conservation Voters, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, MCGEO, MC Volunteer Firefighters

James Gilchrist

James Gilchrist; incumbent; filed 2/12/18; serving in third term

Endorsements MCNOW, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, CASA in Action, SEIU 1199, MCGEO, MC Volunteer Firefighters

Andrew Platt

Andrew Platt; not seeking re-election

Esam Al-Shareffi; filed 2/22/18

Email excaliburprime1@gmail.com

Julie Palakovich Carr

Julie Palakovich Carr; filed 7/28/17; current member of the Rockville City Council

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, MCNOW, MCEA, CASA in Action, AFL-CIO, Progressive Maryland,

Website https://www.juliepalakovichcarr.com/

Email julie@juliepalakovichcarr.com


Julian HaffnerJulian Haffner; filed 2/20/18 (previously running for County Council At-Large)

Endorsements MCEA, SEIU 500, AFL-CIO, Progressive Maryland, MCGEO

Website www.julianhaffner.com

Email Julian@JulianHaffner.com



Rebecca Smonkrowski

Rebecca Smondrowski; filed 2/23/18 (previously contender for County Council At-Large); MCPS Board of Education District 2 member

Email rsmondrowski@gmail.com

Endorsements SEIU 500


George Ivan Hernandez; filed 1/26/18

Email george.hernandez3@gmail.com

District 18 (Senate open due to Sen. Richard Madaleno running for governor; two open House seats – Incumbent Del. Jeffrey Waldstreicher running for Senate. Incumbent Del. Ana Sol Guiterrez opens up one seat to run for County Council District 1)

See District 18 candidates profiles at end of “Incumbent delegates called vulnerable with three open seats in MoCo legislative District 18”

Incumbent delegates called vulnerable with three open seats in MoCo legislative District 18


Jeff Waldstreicher

Jeffrey Waldstreicher, D; running for Senate; serving third term as House delegate, filed 8/23/2017

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, SEIU 32BJ, UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO, MCEA, MCNOW, League of Conservation Voters, AFL-CIO, Progressive Maryland,  MC Volunteer Firefighters, and MCFOP

Website http://www.jeffwaldstreicher.com/

Dana Beyer

Dana Beyer; filed 12/5/17

Endorsements SEIU Local 500, CASA In action

Website www.danabeyer.com

Email danamd@danabeyer.com 


Michelle Carhart

Michelle Carhart; filed 2/22/18

Website https://www.michellecarhart.com/

Email michelle@michellecarhart.com



Alfred Carr

Alfred Carr; filed for re-election 10/11/17; serving third term

Endorsements Montgomery County Education Association, Sierra Club, MD League of Conservation Voters, Progressive Maryland, CASA IN ACTION, MCNOW, MCGEO, CASA in Action, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, SEIU 1199, MC Volunteer Firefighters

Website http://www.alcarr.org/

Email alfred.carr@gmail.com

Ron Franks

Ron Franks; filed 12/6/17

Website voteronfranks.com

Email ron.franks@gmail.com

Mila Johns; filed 6/14/17

Website http://milajohns.com 

Email milajohnsd18@gmail.com

Endorsements SEIU Local 500, Run For Something, Progressive Neighbors, and the Moms Demand Action/Everytown Gun Sense Candidate distinction, MCNOW, LiUANA, Asian American Democratic Club of Montgomery County, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland


Helga Luest

Helga Luest; filed 10/20/17

Website www.votehelga.com

Email info@votehelga.com

Leslie Milano

Leslie Milano; filed 12/29/17

Website www.milanofordelegate.com

Email leslie@milanofordelegate.com

Endorsements SEIU Local 500, MCPS Retirees Association, LiUANA, LeapForward, MomsDemandAction, NARAL100% Prochoice, Progressive Neighbors

Joel Rubin

Joel Rubin; filed 12/11/17

Website http://www.rubinfordelegate.com/

Email joel@joelrubin.net

Endorsements MCEA,

Town Of Chevy Chase Council Member Joel Rubin To Enter District 18 Delegate Race

Emily Shetty

Emily Shetty; filed 11/1/17; Vice Chair, Montgomery County Democratic Party

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, MCNOW, 32BJ SEIU, SEIU Local 500, CASA in Action, MCGEO, AFL-CIO

Website EmilyShetty.com

Email emily@emilyshetty.com

Jared Solomon

Jared Solomon; filed for candidacy 11/17/17

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, 32BJ SEIU, Casa In Action, Progressive Maryland, Local 1994 MCGEO, Moms Demand Action “Gun Sense” Seal of Approval, Montgomery County Green Democrats, LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County, Latino Democratic Club of Montgomery County, Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats of Maryland & Montgomery County, CASA in Action, Sierra Club, MCEA, Progressive Maryland and see https://www.solomonformd.com/endorsements

Website www.solomonfor MD.com

Email jared@solomonMD.com



Jon Cook; filed 2/13/18
Email cookjonw@gmail.com


Linda Willard; filed 2/27/18

Email lindajordanwillard@hotmail.com

District 19 (two open one Senate, one House – Sen. Roger Manno running for 6th Congressional District)


Ben Kramer

Benjamin Kramer; running for Senate seat; serving third term as delegate

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, MCEA/MSEA

Website http://www.benkramer.org/

Email benfkramer@aol.com


David Jeang

David Jeang; filed 26/18

Facebook facebook.com/DavidJeangforDistrict19/

Email davidjeang@gmail.com


Alirio E. Martinez, Jr.; filed 3/1/18

Email aliriomcgop@gmail.com


Bonnie Cullison

Bonnie Cullison; serving second term, filed 8/11/2017

Endorsements MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, 32BJ SEIU, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, AFL-CIO, Progressive Maryland, MCGEO, MCGEO, MC Volunteer Firefighters, LiUANA, SEIU 1199, League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club

Website http://cullisonformaryland.com/

Email bonniecullison@yahoo.com

Marice Morales

Marice Morales; serving first term, filed 8/11/2017

Endorsements Progressive Maryland, MCNOW, 32BJ SEIU, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, AFL-CIO, Progressive Maryland, MCGEO, MC Volunteer Firefighters, LiUANA, SEIU 1199, League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club

Website http://www.maricemorales.com/

Email maricemorales@gmail.com

Brian Crider

Brian Crider, D; filed 04/19/2017

Website http://www.delegatebrian.com/about/

Email brian@delegatebrian.com

Charlotte Crutchfield

Charlotte Crutchfield; filed 1/10/18

Website www.voteforcharlotte.com

Email charlotte@voteforcharlotte.com

Endorsements MCNOW

Marlin Jenkins

Marlin Jenkins; filed 10/30/17

Endorsements UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO, 32BJ SEIU, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, AFL-CIO, Progressive Maryland, MCGEO, MCEA

Website www.marlinformaryland.com

Email marlin.marlin4md@gmail.com

Vaughn Stewart

Vaughn Stewart; filed 9/14/17

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, MCEA

Website http://www.vaughnformaryland.com/

Email vaughn@vaughnformaryland.com

Carl Ward

Carl Ward; filed 2/12/18

Website votecarlward.com

Email votecarlward@gmail.com

Jade Wiles, Jr., D; filed 2/28/2017

Website wilesfordelegate.com

Email jade_wiles@yahoo.com



Dave Pasti

Dave Pasti; filed 1/10/18

Website www.pastifordelegate.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/david.pasti

Email itspastitime@gmail.com

Helen Domenici; filed 2/2/\7/18

Email hdomenici@gmail.com

Martha Schaerr; filed 2/27/18

Website marthaformaryland.com

Email martha.schaerr@gmail.com



Will Smith

William Smith; filed 2/9/18; appointed to the Senate December 2016 to fill seat vacated by Rep. Jamie Raskin, CD8; Served two years house as House delegate

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, MCEA/MSEA, 32BJ SEIU

Website https://willsmithformaryland.com/

Email williamcsmithjr@gmail.com


Dwight Patel

Dwight Patel

Dwight Patel; filed 3/5/18

Email dwight@dwightpatel.com


Vardly E. St. Preux; filed Declaration of Intent 2/27/18

Email generalnorth@gmail.com


HOUSE (one vacancy – 10-term Del. Sheila Hixson will not seek re-election)


David Moon

David Moon; filed 2/16/18; first term

Endorsements Progressive Maryland, MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, 32BJ SEIU, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, AFL-CIO, Progressive Maryland, Montgomery County Career Firefighters, MCGEO, MC Career Firefighters

Website http://davidmoon.us/

Email david@davidmoon.us

Jheanelle Wilkins

Jheanelle Wilkins; filed 2/13/18; appointed in 2017 to fill Del.  Smith’s vacated seat

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, Progressive Maryland, MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, 32BJ SEIU, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, LiUANA, AFL-CIO,  Progressive Maryland, Montgomery County Career Firefighters, MCGEO, MC Career Firefighters

Website https://jheanellewilkins.com/about/

Email jnelle29@gmail.com

Fatmata Barrie

Fatmata Barrie, D; filed 8/9/17

Website https://www.facebook.com/pg/fatmatabarrie4d20/about/?ref=page_internal

Email fbarrielaw@gmail.com

Lorig Charkoudian

Lorig Charkoudian, D; filed  06/02/2017

Endorsements UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO, MCNOW, CASA in Action, LiUANA, MCGEO

Website http://www.lorigD20.com

Email lorigcharkoudian@gmail.com

Malik Lendzondzo

Malik Lendzondzo; filed 12/26/18

Website maliklendzondzo.org

Email mlendzondzo@gmail.com

Darian Unger

Darian Unger; filed for candidacy 11/13/17

Website http://www.darianunger.com/

Email darian@darianunger.com

Endorsements 32BJ SEIU, MCEA, SEIU 500, MC Career Firefighters

Campaign Manager Fired After Video Shows Him Tossing Opposition Literature Into Dumpster


George Zokle; filed 2/27/18

Email george.zokle@gmail.com

Twitter twitter.com/GeorgeZokle

DISTRICT 39 (one open House seat – Del. Charles Barkley running for County Council At-Large)



Nancy King

Nancy King; filed 5/25/2017; serving third term; served one term as House delegate

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, MCEA/MSEA

Website http://www.FriendsofNancyKing.com

Email njk107@aol.com


Al Phillips; filed 2/13/18

Email alphillips207@comcast.net


Kirill Reznik

Kirill Reznik; filed 5/25/17; serving in third term

Endorsements MCEA/MSEA, MCNOW, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, Montgomery County Volunteer Firefighters

Email delegate.reznik@gmail.com
Website http://www.Reznikformaryland.com

Shane Robinson

Shane Robinson; filed 5/25/17; serving second term

Endorsements MCEA/MSEA, Sierra Club, League of Conservation, CASA in Action Voters, SEIU 500, SEIU 1199, Montgomery County Career Firefighters, MCGEO, Montgomery County Volunteer Firefighters

Email Shane@delegaterobinson.com
Website http://www.Delegaterobinson.com


Gabriel Acevero

Gabriel Acevero;  filed 4/05/2017
Email gabriel.acevero@gmail.com
Website http://www.gabrielacevero.org

Endorsements MCNOW, 32BJ SEIU, MCEA, CASA in Action, SEIU 500, SEIU 32BJ, SEIU 1199, LiUANA, AFL-CIO, Progressive Maryland, MCGEO

Bobby Bartlett

Bobby Bartlett;  filed 6/26/2017
Email bobby@bobbybartlett.com
Website http://bobbybartlett.com/

Endorsements AFL-CIO, Progressive Maryland

Andy Hoverman

Andy Hoverman; filed 10/10/17

Website http://andyhoverman.ngpvanhost.com//

Email andy@andyhoverman.com

Leslley Lopez

Lesley J. Lopez; filed 6/21/2017

Endorsements Maryland Sierra Club, MCNOW, League of Conservation Voters

Website http://www.lopezformaryland.com
Email lesleyjlopez@gmail.com

Clint Sobratti; filed 1/2/18

Email clint.sobratti@gmail.com
Twitter twitter.com/csobratti


Verelyn Gibbs Watson; filed 2/23/18

Email verelyngibbswatson@gmail.com


Congress 3rd Congressional District

Rep. John Sarbanes

Rep. John Sarbanes

John Sarbanes; filed 1/25/18

Website http://www.johnsarbanes.com/

Adam DeMarco

Adam De Marco; filed 1/2/18

Website www.electdemarco.com

Email info@electdemarco.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/demarco4rep/

John Rea; filed 2/9/18

Email johnrea15@yahoo.com

Eduardo Rosas

Eduardo Rosas; filed 1/17/18

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/eduardorosasforcongress/

Email info@electeduardorosas.com


David Lashar

David Lashar; filed 3/12/18

Email david@lashar2018.us
Website www.lashar2018.us


Charles Anthony; filed 2/14/18

Email crownambassad3@hotmail.com

Rob Seyffreth

Rob Seyfferth; filed 2/23/18

Facebook Facebook.com/robseyfferthforcongress

Email robertseyfferth@yahoo.com

Congress 6th Congressional District – (Open seat due to Rep. John Delaney running for President in 2020)

FUNDRAISING totals for all candidates. 


Andrew Duck

Andrew Duck; filed 6/7/17

Email Andrew.Duck@DuckForCongress.org
Website http://duckforcongress.org/

Endorsements Public Interest Podcast

George English; Filed 2/22/18

Email georgetenglishjr@juno.com

Chris Graves

Chris Graves; filed 2/27/18

Website chrisgravesforcongress.com

Email chris.graves@chrisgravesforcongress.com

Nadia Hashimi

Nadia Hashimi; filed 1/5/18

Website http://nadiahashimi.com/

Email NadiaHashimiforCongress@gmail.com

Christopher Hearsey

Christopher Hearsey; filed 1/25/18

Website hearseyforcongress.com

Email chrismd6@hearseyforcongress.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/HearseyforCongress/

Aruna Miller

Del. Aruna Miller; filed 1/4/18; serving second term as delegate

Website https://www.arunamillerforcongress.com/

Endorsements MCEA, NEA Fund for Children and Public Education, MSEA, Sierra Club, Emily’s List, 314 Action, Coalition of Asian Pacific Democrat Americans of Maryland, APPI Victory Fund, Impact Fund, Latino Democratic Club of MC, Association of Black Democrats of Montgomery County

and please see this list – https://www.arunamillerforcongress.com/endorsements)