Pretty in pink hunters approved, Senate approves tax relief

Pretty in pink hunters approved, Senate approves tax relief

Sen. Addie Eckardt and two young constituents Paige and Brooke testify before the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee. photo.

A bill to allow Maryland hunters to wear “daylight fluorescent pink,” sailed out of committee Tuesday minutes after the two young Eastern Shore girls who came up with the idea testified before the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee.

Sen. Adelaide Eckardt, R-Middle Shore, known for her own fondness of wearing pink and magenta, was the lead sponsor of SB341 that would allow hunters to wear specified pink clothing, or wear daylight fluorescent orange clothing.

The girls, identified only as Paige and Brooke, said research showed that hot pink was more visible in the field than hot orange, and a color blind hunter agreed.

The bill was co-sponsored by nine of the 11 members of the committee, and a majority of the Senate. This contributed to the unusual vote  in favor of the bill while the girls were still sitting at the witness table.

“Just so you guys know, that almost never happens, ” said Sen. Cheryl Kagan, D-Montgomery, one of  the co-sponsors.

Tax bill would alter personal exemptions

A bill altering personal exemptions passed unanimously in the Senate on Tuesday. The legislation, SB184, clarifies that a taxpayer can deduct personal exemptions for themselves, their spouse and eligible dependents for state income tax purposes, even as they eliminated on the federal return by the recent federal tax changes.

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