Crabs a plenty, candidates few at annual Tawes feast

Crabs a plenty, candidates few at annual Tawes feast

The crabs and clams were plentiful, but the candidates were in short supply at the 39th annual Tawes Crab and Clam Bake in Crisfield Wednesday in this off-election year. The only items usually baked are the thousands of crab pickers, but Crisfield was mid-80s and breezy.

Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Democrat for U.S. Senate, won the sign war on the boulevard entering Maryland’s southernmost town on the Chesapeake. But he along with the rest of the congressional delegation were working on Capitol Hill, as they often are in mid-July.

Republican Chrys Kefalas with a white shirted team pretty much had the run of the show, but former Republican delegate Mike Smigiel, now a candidate for Congress against Rep. Andy Harris, did show up with a bag of “I like Mike” buttons.

Tawes Metzgar Kefalas Larkin Grammer

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chrys Kefalas, in white shirt, talks to. from left Del. Ric Metgar, R-Baltimore County, Tammy Hunt Larkin, and Del. Robin Grammer, also from the Dundalk district which flipped Republican last year.

Tawes Bereano Rehrman

Lobbyist Bruce Bereano greets former Harford County Executive Eileen Rehrmann, now a business consultant. Bereano hosts a pretty good party for someone who doesn’t drink and can’t eat shellfish.

Lobbyist Bruce Bereano as usual had the biggest private tent, able to hold more than 300 people, but attendance overall was thin. The gossip was as thick as usual,

Here’s a photo gallery of the day.


Tawes Boyd Rutherford Mautz Schwartzman

Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford greets Del. Johnny Mautz of the Middle Shore. Rutherford walked the tarmac for most of the four-hour event, filling in for Gov. Larry Hogan, who is avoiding large crowds during his chemotherapy for cancer.

Tawes Kagan Rob Johnson Delores Kelley

Sen. Cheryl Kagan, D-Montgomery, left, Rob Johnson, and Sen. Delores Kelley, D-Baltimore County.

Tawes Hogan sign in well wishers

Many signed a long rolling get well card for Gov. Hogan; next to it was a table selling #HoganStrong wrist-bands, T-shirts and other items. Proceeds go to cancer research.

Tawes Pat McDonough and Val

Del. Pat McDonough, R-Baltimore-Harford, and his wife Valerie.

Tawes Douglas Franchot Foxwell

Comptroller Peter Franchot talks to a woman near the Salisbury University tent. With him are attorney Bob Douglas, left, and deputy comptroller Len Foxwell, right.









Tawes Steve Arendt Diana Waterman Johnny Wood

Del. Steve Arentz , R-Queen Anne’s, talks to state GOP chair Diana Waterman. Former Del. Johnny Wood is at right; he drove the long way  around from  St. Mary’s County in his RV the night before.

Tawes Adrienne Jones Benjamin Brooks Dereck Davis

Dels. Adrienne Jones, Benjamin Brooks, both D-Baltimore County and Del. Dereck Davis.

Tawes Mike Gill Dereck Davis

Dereck Davis, chair of the House Economic Matters Committee, right, talks to Economic Development Secretary Mike Gill.







Tawes Mark Belton Steve Hershey Jay Jacobs

Natural Resources Secretary Mark Belton, left, and Senate Minority Whip Steve Hershey, Upper Shore, listen to Del. Jay Jacobs, R-Kent.

Tawes Antonio Hayes Darryl Deb Rey

Typical of the bipartisan nature of the crab feast, Del. Deb Rey, R-St. Mary’s, sits with Dels. Antonio Hayes, D-Balto. City, and Darryl Barnes, D-Prince George’s.

Tawes Sauerbrey Joe Cluster

Former Ambassador and delegate Ellen Sauerbrey talks with Maryland Republican Party Executive Director Joe Cluster.

Tawes Wayne Norman friend

Sen. Wayne Norman, R-Harford, left with friend. On the last 11-mile leg of the long drive to Crisfield there were several campaign signs along Route 413 for Norman and Del. Teresa Riley who represent a district 150 miles away.

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